Wedding Favours ~ Yes or No?

Wedding Favours.  You know, the little gifts given by the Bride and Groom to their guests on their wedding day, as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude – a fabulous little something for guests to take home to remember your big day by or maybe tuck into on the day itself {think cakepops and pretty cupcakes wrapped in cellophane bags and ribbon}.

The history of giving wedding favours actually goes back many years, when European aristocrats would give bonbonniere's {small trinkets} containing sugar cubes or delicate confections, which symbolised wealth {sugar used to be a very expensive commodity you know!}.  Over the years and as sugar became more affordable, the sugar cubes were replaced with sugared almonds – which have come to represent the traditional wedding favour here in the UK.  The idea of a wedding favour has moved on since and many couples are using the notion of a wedding favour to share a much more personalised gift with their wedding guests.  But the issue of whether to give wedding favours at all continues to divide and I'm keen to address this one with my readers to gage opinion…

Is the idea of giving a gift to every member of your bridal part on your wedding day a step to far when the wedding budget is already overstretched?  Or are the favours an important part of the day?

Are wedding favours really necessary?

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wedding favour ideas

 1. Forget me Knot Seeds, 2.  Hessian cracker full of sweets, 3. Fairy in a Jar, 4. Vintage tea wedding favours, 5. Penguin books, 6. Love heart coasters, 7. Vintage inspired fabric bookmarks

I recall asking myself these same two queries when I was planning my wedding.  In the end, when I tied the knot 2 and a half years go, I ended up treating all my female guests to a little glass perfume bottle – a mix of purchases from Accessorize and Lovely Favours – that I  wrapped in tissue and bound with twine and placed on the chairs of all my female guests to suprise them.

But they weren't cheap, and whilst I wanted to show my gratitude to my guests for being there on my big day, did I need to spend almost £300 to do that? True friends don't expect that type of 'bought' thanks do they? And wasn't the fact we were already forking out for a day full of fine wine, food and entertainment enough?

wedding favour ideas

1. Chocolate party spoons {via @BeyondBeyond365}, 2. DIY coffee bag favours, 3.'Speak to me of love' Handmade wedding favour buttons, 4. Succulent Favours, 5.Custom CD wedding favours, 6. DIY Lollipop Favour, 7. DIY Jam wedding favours 

I personally take great pleasure in giving gifts, but this is an issue that would still cause me to think hard if I were to marry all over again {by renewing my vows to same man, I hasten to add!}. Maybe next time I'd like to do the DIY favour thing, or have something created that is a much more personal kind of gift to share.

I'd really like your feedback on this.  Consider the following…

Wedding favours -  yay or nay -and why?

Are you having/did you have wedding favours? If so what were they?

Have you any wedding favour ideas/resources to share?

Did you/on you planning on providing favours for all guests or just your female guests?

Do you know of any fabulous wedding favour resources?

Let's get some mid-week chit-chat going on Love My Dress 🙂 Leave a comment, and I'll owe you the favour! 😉

Much love all,

Annabel xXx


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