Peter Langner Elegance ~ A 1930s Emerald Green Inspired Wedding…

Lady luck has a beautiful ebb and flow about her; she'll come and go, dipping in and out of your life day to day, influencing that natural order of things.  From the moment I woke today, lady luck rushed right into my house and brought with her a whole lot of loveliness.  Today is a GOOD day over at Love My Dress H.Q.  Three things have happened one after the other that have me so excited about what's happening for Love My Dress over the next few months and I can't wait to share my excitement with you all. I hope that today it's turning out to be a good day for you too 🙂

This latest wedding was photographed by one of my favourite UK wedding photographers, the wonderful Eliza Claire – yes, she who shot this little number a couple of weeks ago, and all these pretty affairs too.  This time, Eliza was lucky enough to be present to witness Hugo and Tanya on her trusty camera, tie the knot on 1 October 2011 with a ceremony at St John the Baptist in Kingston Vale, followed by a marquee reception at Tanya's parent’s house nearby. 

I send a questionnaire to all Brides who feature on Love My Dress, and I just loved reading through Tanya's…

"Love My Dress was the first blog I found and seemed to have lots of ideas that were in tune with what I imagined I wanted.  So this and Brides Magazine were my main sources of inspiration.

My dress was by Peter Langner and I bought it from Browns Brides. It was the New York dress.  I dragged my extremely patient bridesmaids round many dress shops as initially I didn’t really know what I wanted besides something that was not A-line traditional. I finally decided on something that had a 1930’s feel to it (as my engagement ring is from the ‘30’s) that was quite simple but still bridal, with a train etc…"

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Eliza Claire Photography

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"The inspiration for the day came mainly from my 1930’s engagement ring and the emerald colour of my grandmother’s jewellery which I knew I wanted to wear. Everything seemed to grow out of this including our beautiful invitations designed by Sarah Graveling of Franklyn and Vincent which you can see here.  Sarah designed an amazing logo for us which we used throughout the day on the orders of service and tables as well which combined the colours and 30’s feel we wanted perfectly. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

My hair clips were vintage from Fur Coat No Knickers in Carnaby Street.  They came attached to a brooch clip and detach into two slides, you can then reattach so I’ll be able to use it in the future. The shop will also make any brooch you choose into a clip for you which I thought was great…"

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"My shoes were Rachel Simpson Mimi  bought at the Bridal Rogue Gallery.  I found out about Rachel Simpson via Love My Dress..."

Rachel Simpson wedding shoes

"I really wanted a thrown together, bright, meadow flowers kind of look for the day but had no idea how to marry this with the 30’s element. I met several florists but Mairead at Rebel Rebel was the only one who immediately understood what I wanted and also had lots of great  ideas to contribute.

Rebel Rebel specialise in seasonal British flowers so after an initial consultation I went down to the shop two weeks before the wedding and picked out flowers in the colours we had discussed from what was available then. I also got to pick out the flowers for my bouquet on the morning of the wedding which was really fun.

We were thrilled with the flowers on the day- they really captured the feel and colours I had wanted. Mairead’s idea of having the bridesmaids each carry one flower from my bouquet looked beautiful. She also made my bouquet beautifully scented with herbs, lavender and tuberose.
She and her team also made a mad dash after the service so we could reuse the pew ends and church displays in the marquee for the reception which saved us lots of money as well…"

orange and blue wedding bouquet Eliza-claire-bucks-wedding-photographer (115 of 72)

"My bridesmaids dresses were very hard to find as everyone had their own ideas and all the girls were very different shapes. We finally found a solution in the brilliant Peter May who makes beautiful, one size fits all dresses out of parachute silk in a vast array of colours. You can tie the dress in various styles so all the girls could have their own look. In the end we choose 3 shades of green to go with my jewellery.

Peter was incredibly accommodating and I would recommend him to anyone looking for something unusual for their bridesmaids…"

TanyaHugo-1064 copy 

"I didn’t have a definite “this is the dress” moment but ended up choosing between this and an Amanda Wakeley dress. I chose the Peter Langner in the end because of it’s beautiful cut and the detail of the buttoned back and train. It felt like it really captured the feel of the 30’s and was completely bridal at the same time rather than being something you might wear as an evening dress.

I am thrilled I decided on it in the end as it was perfect on the day in what ended up being the hottest ever recorded day in October. It was also really easy to dance and move around in and made me feel beautifully elegant all day (even when dancing in my bare feet at the end)…"

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"Hugo and I had been at the same university but managed never to meet until years later at a music festival in Spain through some friends. After the holiday Hugo went back to Lisbon where he was working for a university and I went back to London not knowing when we would see each other again. Two weeks later I flew to Lisbon for the weekend and a couple of weeks after that Hugo came over to London. Skpe, Easyjet and Luton airport became close friends until Hugo moved to London a year and a half later.

On that first weekend my flight was delayed and as we waited we planned a trip to India as Hugo had never been, 6 months later we made our first trip and then returned for our honeymoon this autumn…"

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"We really wanted a swing band to go with the 1930’s feel and felt that it would be music all generations would have fun dancing to. We found the Sax Pastilles and they played our first dance and then entertained the room for the first couple of hours, before a friend took over DJ'ing for the rest of the evening…"

I can vouch for how fabulous this band is, I've seen them perform live myself here

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"Our marquee company Berry Marquees suggested the stunning chandeliers…"

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"We wanted to find something inexpensive in terms of accessories for the bridesmaids, and in the end went for Lipsy from Asos – which tied the girls look together as their dresses were all slightly different colours.

As a thank you gift I bought each bridesmaid earrings from the 30’s which they wore with their dresses…."

TanyaHugo-1050 copy

TanyaHugo-1055 copy

"I was very lucky to find hair and makeup artist Sam Norman – she immediately knew the kind of look I wanted and had lots of suggestions and even came back for a second trial so she could perfect everything.  I’m not used to wearing much makeup and Sam knew how to make me feel perfectly comfortable while still looking polished all day…"

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"Hugo wanted a traditional Morning Suit and found some great and reasonably priced ones at Neal and Palmer…"

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"The car was found by Hugo and was amazing original 1920’s Sunbeam 20 driven by the very lovely Mike Lunch from Vintage Sports Car Hire.  who had brought chilled champagne for our trip which he managed to keep cool even in the 30 degree heat. The car was called Edward which was particularly appropriate as that’s Hugo’s real name.  I found out later that Hugo and the groomsmen decided to take the bus to the church much to all the passengers amusement!"

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"I wore my husbands family veil which had been passed down for several generations and all the women in his family have worn…"

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"Our rings were from Berganza a small vintage jewellery supplier where Hugo had found my 1930’s engagement ring. They were so lovely and the service was so good we decided to go back for our wedding rings.

They did both traditionally made rings from recycled metals and vintage rings. I really wanted something from the same period as my engagement ring but it proved very difficult to find. On the day when I had given up and was going to order a plain modern one the perfect ring arrived with deco engraving all round the outside- I absolutely love it.

 As men’s vintage rings are hard to find Hugo’s was made by the jeweller from recycled metals…"

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"Hugo and I love making jam so decided it would be a fun and coast effective solution to make everyone mini pots of jam with blackberries we knew we could pick on Walthamstow Marshes nearby for free. My mother also helped out and managed to provide a huge haul from Richmond Park.We doubled up the favours as place settings with friends helping out with all the painstaking work of cutting, writing and tying the many tiny labels!"

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"We chose to have the wedding at my parents home, as it meant a lot to my parents that we were married in the house I grew up in. It was lovely to have a venue that meant something to us and it also meant we had the freedom to use whatever suppliers we wanted and keep the party going until late. 

We also had a Zoroastrian blessing the day before the wedding as my mother is a Parsi.  During this type of ceremony, you plant a fruit tree to symbolise how your marriage will grow.   Lots of my family had come for India for the wedding so it was great to have a bit of both parts of my life as part of the wedding…"

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"Jo from Piglets has known my family for a while so was the obvious choice. The dinner of Beef Wellington followed  by three mini autumn desserts was a big hit with everyone.

After dinner we organised our own cheese table and sweets table with big jars of sweets and pick and mix bags that everyone could help themselves to. This was very popular with kids and adults alike…."

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"As well as the stunning chandeliers, our marquee company Berry Marquees also suggested that due to space issue in my parents garden we also had to have a small apple tree inside the marquee which we covered in lights. This was the tree my parents had planted on their wedding  years previously. The tree has never really had much fruit but for some reason this year it had it’s first ever bumper crop of apples!"

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"Our first dance was “When You’re Smilin” by Billie Holliday.  We met at a music festival in Spain and music has always formed a big part of both our lives and our relationship. Unfortunately it wasn’t the sort of music you would want for a first dance (Iggy Pop’s “I want to be your dog” being the song we met during!) So we decided to find something new we could make a new memory from and this piece felt really right. We had been doing swing lessons with Swing Patrol for a while and our teacher choreographed a dance for us which though nerve wracking was really worth it in the end…"

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Words of Wedded Wisdom…

"Try not to get so wrapped up in the worry of all the details that you don’t have time to enjoy the process of getting married and the day itself. There were certainly times when I felt overwhelmed by all the things there were to do but everything came together beautifully on the day mainly due to the incredible support of my husband, friends and family  all of whom helped out with different elements of the day, something that also made it even more special.

The day goes so unimaginably quickly, make sure lots of people are taking pictures. Part of the fun coming back has been seeing everyone and looking at the pictures and hearing hilarious stories of things that happened that we didn’t even see on the day…"

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"Our main wish for our wedding was to have as many of our friends and family involved as possible and lots of people got involved in different aspects of the day from helping with music, organising the guestbook and table plans, setting up the sweets table, making the cake and many more.

We really wanted a day that brought everyone we loved together with elements from our life but also from both our families so having things like the Parsi blessing, Cremant from Luxembourg (Hugo’s home town) and being able to wear something from both families as well as having the music we love and lots of other details made it a real coming together of all aspects of our life.

In the end it was everyone who was involved, our parents and all of our friends and family who came as well as all of the suppliers who worked so hard who made the day everything it was…"

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Just so beautiful….

Tanya and Hugo, so many congratulations to you, and Eliza, thank you once again for sharing your wonderful work with Love My Dress…

"I found Eliza on Love My Dress, as I really didn’t really know where to start with photographers.  I looked through lots of weddings featured on the blog and picked out the photographers who's style I liked the most.  We actually met several photographers but Eliza was the obvious choice both from her portfolio and her really friendly and practical approach. She had lots of ideas about how to approach all the elements we wanted to include and also offered to bring an assistant to cover our 200 guests

She also included an engagement shoot which not only gave us some beautiful pictures but also helped us become more at ease with being photographed (something neither of us are naturally good at). On the day Eliza was great having Marie there as well meant she could take pictures of Hugo and the best men getting ready while Eliza stayed with me. They miraculously handled getting 200 people into one shot outside the small church resulting one of the best pictures of the wedding! We are thrilled with how the pictures have turned out particularly the portraits of us in the park…"

Oh Tanya, you have no idea how that makes my heart sing!

I'd love your feedback on this most beautiful wedding guys, what is your favourite part about it all? I am not sure where to start, that glorious Peter Langner dress, that exquisite emerald green jewellery or those flowers?!?

Be inspired by more green and 1930's style weddings, and see more from photographer Eliza Claire here.

Much love all,



Photographer – Eliza Claire Photography
Venue – Bride's parents home with Berry Marquees
Brides dress – Peter Langner via Browns Brides
Brides veil – Groom's family heirloom
Brides shoes – Rachel Simpson Mimi via the Bridal Rogue Gallery
Brides accessories – Grandmother's jewellery + hairclips from Fur Coat No Knickers
Groom – Neal and Palmer
Bridesmaids – Peter May dresses + Lipsy accessories from Asos
Florist – Mairead at Rebel Rebel
Transport – Sports Car Hire
Entertainment – Sax Pastilles
Catering Company – Piglets
First Dance choreography/classes – Swing Patrol
Hair and Makeup Stylist – Sam Norman
Stationery – Franklyn and Vincent {links to actual design}


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