The Oxfam Wedding Shoot and EBay Wedding Auction {Post 1 of 2}…

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“We hit 100 donations this week, with a collective retail value of over £70,000, which is such a staggering amount that I literally jumped up and down!

The value was made even more special by the fact it is Oxfam’s 70th Birthday this year and so it is a really humbling moment that shows people are more dedicated to fighting poverty than ever…”

Kate Kellaway-Moore, Oxfam

Good morning my lovelies. Welcome to the first day of a wonderful new week.  Today is a special day on Love My Dress.  Today is all about Oxfam and sharing with you full details of a project I’ve been involved with for some months now. {By the way, part 2 of this feature is here}.

Oxfam first approached me around August last year and asked if I would support them in raising the profile of Oxfam Weddings – who were planning to do something to celebrate Oxfam’s 70th year.  The idea was to run a project that coincided with the 1st anniversary of the Royal Wedding…

“As we approach the anniversary of the Royal Wedding, Oxfam is preparing to launch a fantastic online weddings auction, offering future brides and grooms the chance to bid on exclusive items for a fraction of the normal retail price…”

Love My Dress Wedding Blog, Photography Copyright © 2012, Mintyslippers

Isn’t that ‘behind-the-scenes’ film above from Mintyslippers just gorgeous?  I adore how it captures the team behind this photoshoot working so hard for such a wonderful cause, and it takes me back to a day that holds a very special place in my heart.

Let’s learn a little more about the auction the photoshoot is supporting…

“The online auction will run from Sunday 29th April to Wednesday 9th May on EBay. The auction will feature up to 100 one-off gifts with a total  value of £70,000, including a John Nassari wedding photography and celebrity hair-styling package worth £15,000, wedding gowns by designers such as Claire Pettibone, Charlotte Balbier, Suzannah, , Joanne Fleming, Sassi Holford and House of Tammam, a fabulous eco-chic Sawday’s honeymoon to the Lake District, a decadent hen party afternoon tea at Fetcham Park, with Idyllic Days crockery and Cakes by Krishanthi cakes and much much more**

The exclusive auction also includes a private consultation with Ian Stuart and a pick of any of his Killer Queen collection, flowers from florists such as By Appointment only Design, Hayford and Rhodes and Philippa Craddock, free venue hire at Senate House and a luxury marquee worth £5000.

This is the perfect opportunity for couples to get their hands on items that may normally be out of reach and help raise vital funds to help support Oxfam’s work with people living poverty around the world.”

Love My Dress Wedding Blog, Photography Copyright © 2012, Eliza Claire + Annamarie Stepney
Beauty & Fashion Retouching by Chanelle Segerius-Bruce  at Retouch Me


Image Credits: Stationery design by Sugalily, dress by Caire Pettibone via Blackburn Bridal Couture

Having heard of their exciting auction plans, I suggested it might be nice to organise a photoshoot to assist with the promotion of the auction and before I knew it, I was pulling together a dream-team of suppliers to help turn my idea into something real.

Skip forward a few months, and one cold and rather foggy Friday morning in London, Phil – my husband and I, found ourselves in a taxi on the way to the shoot venue to meet up with Stylist Tiffany Grant Riley, photographers Eliza Claire + Annamarie Stepney, hair stylist Severin Hubert, Makeup Artist Lucy Baker, my Intern Franky and a whole room full of beautiful Models that included the rather lovely Jack Rooney. 


We had an amazing day. As far as photoshoot experiences go, it was something very special to everyone involved. For a start, everyone had spared their precious time to attend and work a very long day on behalf of Oxfam, but we had such a giggle too. It was a real bonding experience for everyone.  I’ve fond memories of hair stylist Severin Hubert making us all fall apart in fits of giggles towards the end as he improvised a wind machine using his hair dryer – hehehe 😉

The photoshoot was styled by the ever-talented Tiffany Grant Riley and focused on six different era inspired looks; 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s {yep, all in one very busy day!}.


1920’s Inspired…

The important thing to note is that almost all of the items used in the shoot are actually going to be available to bid for at the Oxfam Weddings auction. And I think that’s pretty darn amazing actually.

The images you see just directly above and below you now featuring model Jack were inspired by the 1920s.  The dress is a Sally Lacock design. I adore Sally Lacock, she uses the finest lace in the world is is a true artisan and master of her craft.  The floral headpiece the model bride is sporting was created that morning by Tony from By Appointment Only Design, and Jack is wearing a suit from Tweedmans 

Paul Antonio, the master scribe, assisted the styling be writing on a mirror, one of his specialities and a beautiful way of styling your own wedding…




A simply beautiful cake designed especially for the occasion by Janet Mohapi-Banks

Janet Mohapi-Banks wedding cake with gold rope and white icing...


The dress the model bride wears below was designed especially for this photoshoot by House of Tammam who specialise in using eco-friendly materials and produciton techniques…

“I was delighted to design this exclusive dress for Oxfam. We have incorporated many traditional crafts done by our fair-trade producers in India to create this spectacular gown in various peace silks, organic and sustainable fabrics. We are sure the bride who wins this will be overjoyed.”

Lucy Tammam, ethical bridal designer, House of Tamman


1930’s Inspired…

The 1930’s inspired look featured two beautiful dresses by Caire Pettibone {via the wonderful Blackburn Bridal Couture} and Sassi Holford, with that stunning veil by Vivienne Sheriff and shoes by Emmy….



Beautiful coral wedding shoes by Emmy








_DSC1705 Annamarie Oxfam-1178


1940’s Inspired…

Our 1940’s inspired look featured a stunning Jubilee inspired coronetheadpiece, especially created by the Oxfam shoot by Cherished Vintage. using elements that were found at Oxfam shops.  How wonderful is that?

It also featured a dress by Suzannah and bunting by Vicky Trainor via ‘The Vintage Drawer’, as well as cakes and sweet treats by Olofson Design and stationery by Dottie Designs and florals by Hayford and Rhodes.

The vintage crates used to style the shoot were provided by Vintage Style Hire


Annamarie Oxfam-1036





1950’s Inspired…

Our ’50’s inspired look featured writing {yes, on the model’s back} by Paul Antonio, lingerie by Gilda & Pearl, the most glorious petticoat by Doris Design and gowns by Ian Stuart’s and Charlotte Balbier







1960s Inspired…

The ’60s inspired look featured such a cute dress by Minna.  Model Jack wore an original vintage suit by Tweedmans and buttonhole by Hayford & Rhodes. Don’t you just adore those daisies?

The cupcakes and Oxfam branded biscuits hanging from the tree {which were utterly delicious!} were by Olofson Design, and the gorgeous vinage bicycle was donated for this shoot by ‘LuvHandles’.

By the way the coat the model is wearing is my own – from a vintage clothes store in Whitby…










_DSC1612 Annamarie Oxfam LMD Shoot extras-1009



_DSC1642 _DSC1638



1970’s Inspired…

Our gorgeous 1970’s inspird look featured dresses by Joanne Fleming, shoes by Harriet Wilde and a stunning gold bouquet by By Appointment Only Design


Beautiful cake by Cake Maison….





Isn’t this Buttonbelle dress a beauty? Donated by Luella’s Boudoir. And thos 70’s glam rock shoes were donated by the wonderful Harriet Wilde

4 OXFAM-SHOOT-024ret

The fabulous Rosette dress, donated by twobirds bridesmaid



The Oxfam Wedding Auction…

Almost all of the items used in this photoshoot can be bid for in the Oxfam Weddings auction, listings for which will start to go live on EBay this week and the full list of items that can be bid for will be available from 23rd April.

Further details of how monies raised from this auction will go to directly assisting those less fortunate than ourselves will be included in this afternoon’s blog post, with a neat set of info-graphics supplied by the talented Alexis, of the OMG I’m Getting Married blog.

There were so many wonderful, generous, talented donators involved in this photoshoot and many donators have since come on board {including, I believe, a certain Jenny Packham!}. A full list of items that will be at auction and available to bid from will be included in this afternoon’s blog feature.

This just leaves me to say, an immense thank you to all and everyone involved in this project, from the creative team you see credited below you there to all the donators. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  We would not have achieved success with this project without you.

So many people worked so very hard on this shoot – freeing their precious time and working their socks off to create these images to support Oxfam and inspire you.  It would be amazing if you could show them your support by leaving a comment and a little blog love.  I’d also love to know if any of my readers fancy bidding at auction!  And finally, which era is your favourite? I cannot decide between the 30’s, 40’s or 60’s…….useless! 😉

Come back this afternoon for part 2 of the big Oxfam Weddings project.

Lots of love all,



Creative Team Credits

Photography Copyright © 2012, Eliza Claire + Annamarie Stepney
Beauty & Fashion Retouching by Chanelle Segerius-Bruce  at Retouch Me
Film Production – Mintyslippers
Stylist – Tiffany Grant Riley
Photoshoot Curator – Moi, supported by my Intern, Franky
Venue – Drapers Hall, London
Models – First Model Management
Male Model – Jack Rooney
Hair Stylist – Severin Hubert, Hepburn Collection
Makeup Artist – Lucy Baker
Make-up (for 70’s look) Frontcover Cosmetics, via PR agency Gloss Communications
Nails – Gemma Timms

** Full list of donated items will be featured in this afternoon’s blog post on Love My Dress


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61 thoughts on “The Oxfam Wedding Shoot and EBay Wedding Auction {Post 1 of 2}…

  1. I felt so privileged to be involved in this shoot. There was so much talent and creativity in that building that day it blew my little intern mind. The images look spectacular, I’m not sue I can pick a favourite decade! Maybe 30s, no wait 40s… Oh I just love them all!
    Everyone who participated should feel so very proud of themselves.
    Franky xxx

  2. I don’t always comment but I think this was a stunning job, and beautifully professional as well as charmingly for a good cause. I just hope it also encourages people to donate their beautiful dresses (if they can bear to or can afford to) to Oxfam so even more brides can benefit.

  3. Totally gorgeous photo-shoot, refreshingly different and absolutely in love with the sixties style images. Well done to the whole team involved. I will definitely be looking up this auction as I still have so much left to purchase!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I’m in love with the amazing gold bouquet, the writing on the back + the cutest of them all… the 60’s inspired shoot. Congratulations and well done to everyone + I cannot wait for Part 2 now! Most of all, lots of luck for the auction for a fantastic charity too x

  5. Wow – Annabel, such a high flyer at the best of times, this is really really something special – good for you!
    Stunning shoot (what a fabulous team!) and I can’t get over how amazing the list of things to bid for is.
    Good on ya!

  6. Thanks lovely – part 2 is actually all about information and how this photoshoot and auction are going to go to supporting such a good cause. We’ve had a little help from Alexis over at OMG I’m Getting Married on some super-duper info-graphics 🙂

  7. Well thank you so much Amelia for your comment today. We truly appreciate it, so much love and hard work went into this, we are all so delighted and really want to see Oxfam do well 🙂 xXx

  8. Thanks Isabel, I only pulled the team together – the whole creative team are responsible for producing this magic, they are brilliant, each and every one of them 🙂
    Huge thanks for taking the time to support this shoot and leave some kind words.

  9. Oh my goodness I simply love it all… I love the step through all the themes and I love all the wedding flowers done by some of the top florists i adore.
    So much time and effort has gone into this and is shows

  10. Well done to all. It’s always a fun shoot with Sev involved 🙂
    As I was editing I had all these ideas about what I could have done with the bike shots if we had more time. Camera in the basket, more running with the models. Oh the ideas.
    We also have a version shot on a new 3D camera coming up at some point (no idea when).
    Photos look cosmic.

  11. Gorgeous shoot, so inspirational, beautiful photographs. The whole team have done brilliantly.
    My have look is definitely the 30’s, such elegance!

  12. Oh Danny, each time I work with you, you just exceed yourself creatively. You guys are amazing. Have you any idea ‘quite’ how amazing? I am not sure!
    Thank you SO much for crafting together such a gorgeous film to accompany our shoot. You brilliant people you 😉
    Now let’s see the 3D version please! ;))

  13. What a gorgeous shoot! I went to my friends wedding end of march and she had an Oxfam bridal dress, she looked stunning. I love the idea of things being resold/reused! WEll done for highlighting this!

  14. Aww, thank you so much Nicola Wellard! But please note, ALL the items that have been donated for this auction are brand new, never been used before! Which kind of makes it even more amazing, doesn’t it? 🙂

  15. I have bought myself an Oxfam wedding dress, and it is one of the best things i think i have done for my wedding. I am not ashamed of where it has come from and in fact I am very proud. I am sure I will be returning it to an Oxfam when I am done with it in August. I cannot think what is better than to give money to Oxfam in buying it and then returning it for it to happen again. I really hope this event does raise the profile of oxfam weddings as I was very unsure as I had not really heard of it, but it is the best thing I have done. Many thanks for spreading the word.

  16. Annabel – Just beautiful! Absolutely love the Joanne Fleming dress and the gorgeous By Appointment Design gold bouquet. Congratulations to everyone involved in the wedding shoot and the auction- some amazing wedding items for such a great cause!

  17. Thank you. We were trying to create a distinct look for each shoot that would also appeal to most. I think we, or should I say the cretive team pretty much nailed it 🙂
    Thanks again Valerie xXx

  18. So well done to all involved and what brilliant images to encourage brides to bid at the auction.
    So nice to see you doing this for charity Annabel and team, really impressive. Others should follow your brilliant lead.
    Kim x x

  19. I love this shoot! All the pics are amazing and it’s even sweeter that it’s for such a good cause. I am going to make a list for all the stuff I want to bid on! xxx

  20. Just WOW – lovin’ the 60s shoot in particular…this is the decade I want to nod to at my own wedding. Beautiful images – brilliant sentiment. Jx

  21. A remarkable set of images – each telling a really captivating ‘story’ – for a truly remarkable project. Good luck Oxfam Weddings xxx

  22. Oh I hate that I’m always so late to the pretty party now…this is absolutely bloody AMAZING!!! I just loved scrolling through all the different eras, so beautifully styled and for such a wonderful cause. Well done to you and all the talented people involved in the shoot xx

  23. I love the the selection, perfect timing from me, I’m brimming with inspiration now! Thank you! I have a wood panelled room and wasnt sure what could be done, I love the hanging stars in the first shoot- I assume they werent home made? Where were they from? Thanks! xxxx

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