South London Wedding Photographer, Fiona Kelly…

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I’d like to introduce you to one of my wonderful and very much loved Sponsors today, Fiona Kelly.  Fiona is the lady behind Fiona Kelly wedding photography, whose photography work covers weddings and portraits, along side dipping a toe into the world of fashion photography…

“Obviously photography is the product, but its so much more than simply taking the pictures. I always make sure the couple feels slightly spoiled by the experience of having me as their photographer. Its the small touches that mean a lot and the time and care to get to know the people who’s wedding I am shooting. Being a support, not an added stress to the day and making everything as fun and easy as possible…”

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South London wedding photographer, Fiona Kelly

Where are you based and how far will you travel?
“I live in South London. The little part of the big city that I call home is West Norwood, an area very near Crystal Palace that has a lovely feel of a small community while being in the middle of the hectic hubbub that is London.

This is my base to work all over London, Surrey, Kent and, to be honest, most counties around London. I am more than happy to travel, this year I have two weddings in the Lake District, which I am very excited about as its where I am from…”

How would you describe your signature style?
Modern, relaxed and candid. Its all about telling the wedding day story, being a fly on the wall and watching and waiting for those fabulous moments and reactions. Capturing all those little moments as the day unfolds is what makes the photography special. Showing the personalities and reactions of friends and family is priceless. I do love the time with the bride and groom on their own, doing some portraits, as it is a very special time. They have just become husband and wife and its normally the only time when they are alone in the day. To be a part of that and capture how they feel at that moment is wonderful. I love to show the real relationship so tend not to over pose, that way reactions are true and natural…

South London wedding photographer, Fiona Kelly

One of the biggest complements is being told that I have made the whole experience of being photographed easy and fun and the pictures bring back all the memories of the day.

What got you in to wedding photography?
My journey into photography took a bit of a round about route, but one which has given me a wealth of experience that has proved invaluable in photographing weddings. After leaving University with a BA(tons) in Graphic Design I made my way down to London to get a job. That job was as a graphic designer for Freemans catalogue. Not the most amazing design or inspirationally creative work but it threw me into the world of photoshoots and taught me how to art direct and organise photoshoots. This was where my knowledge and love of photography took off.

Eventually I left Freemans and went freelance and for 12 + years I travelled all over the world with amazing fashion, lifestyle and interiors photographers organising and art directing shoots for a huge number of retail clients. I watched what they did, learned loads of tips and tricks of shooting and became a great team player, diplomat and learned people skills like you wouldn’t believe. The turning point for me to finally pick up the camera for more than just my own pleasure was my own wedding. My husband and I married in Las Vegas and had the most amazing 3 weeks travelling round California. I was so excited and realised what a great opportunity to get some great photos so I bought myself a Nikon D90 and got practicing.

I had learned how to use a proper film camera, process film and do my own prints back at school so had a basics, but this honeymoon trip kicked the photography obsession into new realms. The thing that pushed me in the direction of wedding photography was actually getting my own wedding photos. They were, unfortunately, rather average and uninspiring. They were functional and I think out of all the photos we looked through a couple of days after the ceremony we only walked away with only a dozen. Thankfully I had a really talented friend who took loads of candid photos and those are mainly the ones we have framed at home. This really made me realise how much the natural photos meant and how, not only could I do better than the guy who took ours, but how wonderful and important it is to tell a wedding day story and not just snap the ‘essential’ images.

South London wedding photographer, Fiona Kelly

What do you love most about wedding photography?
There are so many things; spending my days indulging my passion for photography, being surrounded by happiness and love, meeting fabulous wedding industry people, travelling to stunning venues, the creative challenges and the buzz of knowing you have got that perfect shot. Above all of that though, the biggest thing has to be the brides and grooms I work with. They make my job what it is and spending time with such wonderful people who let you into their lives for a truly special day is an honour and so much fun.

What is the best advice you can give to a couple in advance of their wedding day, about their wedding photography?
Find a photographer whose work and style you really love. You have to be happy that this is the way your wedding will be captured. The other thing is to make sure you get on with them. Its not always possible to meet in person so make sure you chat over the phone or set up a skype chat.

You will be spending a lot of time with your photographer, after all they are there from the very start of the day right through until the dancing time, so you have to be happy to have them around all day. Its something that many people say, but is so true, you’re photos are the one thing that will be the lasting record of your wedding day. You cant go wrong with beautiful, natural style and simple clean album design.

If you weren’t a wedding photographer, what would you be?
It would definitely be something creative. I would probably still be art directing and working on photoshoots. It is still something I really enjoy doing, which is why I like to put together and work on creative styled shoots and fashion or lifestyle shoots.


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To find out further information, please visit the Fiona Kelly wedding photography website.  Fiona Kelly can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember too that Fiona Kelly is offering all Love My Dress readers a 10% discount on their wedding photography as well as a beautifully presented print gift box with 20 6×8 professional prints of their choice from either their wedding or engagement photography.

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