How To Make Your Own Chalkboard Photo Prop, by Erin Hung of Berinmade…

I loved making this DIY as it’s such a fun and whimsical way to add a
bit of a flair to your photos, not to mention, a great way to
incorporate your wedding photographs into your Thank You notes
post-wedding! Plus, it’s super easy, meaning you can whip up 10 of these
for your photobooth props, and leave them blank as an interactive way
for guests to write you a message when snapping their own photographs.

Fun, right? Are you ready?

Let’s go!

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What You’ll Need:-

Heart Chalkboard spray paint
Heart Spray Mount
Heart Chalk Pen (or chalk)
Heart Craft Knife
Heart Pencil
Heart Foamboard


Step 1

Trace your desired shape with a pencil and cut through the foamboard with a craft knife.
When cutting through, first trace around your shape, then cut through the thickness of the board carefully until the blade reaches the back. Then carefully pop the board out, and clean out the edges so that it’s smooth.


Step 2

Spray one coat with chalkboard spray paint, wait for it to dry overnight. Then spray again to ensure full coverage and that the side of the board is also sprayed black.


Step 3


Step 4:
With a chalk pen, draw in any details needed to define your shape. Ta-daa! Now that’s a banner!


You can use this as a photobooth prop. Make a bunch of these and leave them blank, and set up your photobooth with a box of chalk so that your guests can write their own messages and take a photo. For a more permanent look, draw with your chalk pen.

Chalk pens are water-soluble so you can always wipe off your message and change it up if you want!




Click here to down load a PDF version of this tutorial.  

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