Wedding Readings ~ Rock and Stone (Author unknown)

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This is a story of a rock and a stone
And a stream, and a rainfall, and not being alone.
In the land of this tale, in a mountain’s shadow
Was a stream brisk and bending the swift water’s flow.
On the bank of the stream, just beyond a great birch,
Was a rock, strong and sturdy, holding back clay and dirt.
Just below with the edge of the stream as its home,
Was a glimmering beauty, a shiny smooth stone.
To the rock, with its pride of supporting the earth,
A stone was not useful: it was without worth.
To the stone, with its beauty and lustering glory,
A rock was not pleasing and belonged in a quarry.
Yet the fear of the rock and the stone were the same.
Each dreaded the future, the day of great rain.
The rock might be dislodged and roll to stream’s bottom.
The stone might be pushed into mud and forgotten.
The rainfall came quickly, as sometimes storms will,
The rock was dislodged, it rolled down the hill.
Stopping not under water, and without one moan
The rock came to rest upon the fine stone.
Stream became river; though waters enraged
The stone was not pushed to a dark muddy grave.
The rock safe yet wetted, the dirt now sprayed loose,
Still formed the bank, still had a use.
As sunshine returned the river to stream
Rock and stone together were seen.
Savior each was, and after that fright
Each saw the other in a new light.
The rock saw the stone as a rock ever more,
With beauty and strength supporting the shore.
The stone saw the rock as a stone from that day,
With strength and beauty under robe of clay.
Together they stayed, more shiny and strong
Than either had been by itself all along.
The story is told; the message you see
Is that you and I will be better as we.

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