Introducing Fizz & Groove: A Brilliant Wedding DJ for Events in London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent & The Home Counties

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Everyone remembers the wedding party – the disco, the dance, the moment when your guests hit the dance floor in wild abandon to join you in unreserved celebration.

Perhaps its the life-changing events we’ve all been through in recent years, when we learned what it felt like to have celebrations restricted and parties banned, but for an increasing number couples, I’m finding, their wedding day focus is all entirely about the party, making the entertainment element a top priority.

And so, it’s my huge pleasure to introduce you to Fizz & Groove – a wedding and events DJ company based in Surrey and London, that is, in their own words, ‘unlike anything else out there’. I got chatting with Fizz & Groove founder Gary to find out more.

Please introduce Fizz & Groove…

Fizz and Groove is a wedding and events DJ company unlike anything else out there. We provide DJs for weddings and corporate events as well as selfie pods, flowers walls and event photography.

We absolutely LOVE what we do and are never happier than when we’re amongst the wedding crowd, watching guests make their way to the dance-floor. We bring our passion to the party. We revel in the energy our music brings to the weddings we work at and love to see our couples and their guests having the time of their lives dancing in celebration.

We’re located in London and cover the whole of London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and all of the home counties.

What makes Fizz & Groove so fab?

When I started the company, I decided to look at every step of the process of hiring a Wedding DJ. I wanted to make sure that we were the best in every category.

I bought the very best equipment I could – from our sound system to our lighting to our DJ booth, which, by the way, has been handcrafted from solid oak. It’s one of a kind, custom made just for us. Clean and classy. It’s our pride and joy. Detail matters but so does the tech and your ability as a wedding DJ to deliver not just a solid playlist on the day, but to do so effortlessly with the best sound quality possible is key.

Classy DJ booth by Fizz & Groove wedding DJ. London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex & Home Counties.

We have the best team. We have four world class DJs on the Fizz and Groove roster and between us, we’ve DJ’ed at the best clubs and festivals across the world, in locations including Ibiza, Costa Rica, Chicago, New York, London and Turkey. Collectively, we have DJ’d at thousands of weddings.

I personally have over 16 years of experience alone. It’s what I love and my team and I deliver our services from the heart. It’s our life passion! We bring the best energy we can to every single wedding we work at. It’s our mission to lift the room to joyous heights through music and we know how to do that well.

We provide all our clients with access to an online playlist system which helps us build up tracks we know they’re going to love, and that will guarantee guests really want to get on down to the dance floor as soon as they have the opportunity.

Communication is also incredibly important to us too; we respond to all emails within 24 hours.

“We know our music, we know when and which songs to play at the perfect moments, and we absolutely smash dance floors week in, week out.”

 Fizz & Groove wedding DJ. London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex & Home Counties.

Tell us all about your Wedding Selfie Pod hire service?

We’re so proud of our Selfie Pod service! It brings so much interactive fun to the scene and really encourages guests to participate in the spirit of joy and celebration.

Our Selfie Pod produces GIF’s and Boomerangs – you can add filters and digital props and even transfer the images to your phone there and then. All ready to upload straight to Instagram!

Find out more here

We know you offer a photography service to capture all those brilliant dancefloor and evening fun moments. Tell us more about this.

Claudia, my wife and business partner, is our event photographer, she gets amongst the party and captures some brilliant shots of people having the night of their lives. We started providing this service as we noticed that most wedding photographers go home after the first dance, so this means these really fun moments aren’t captured.

We usually end up with hundreds of these brilliant dance-floor photos, which then go through a process of selection and editing, before the finished album is sent to the client. These are the kind of images that will create belly laughs and smiles for days – years after the wedding itself.

What advice do you have for couples planning a wedding and thinking about entertainment for the first time?

We understand that planning your special day can be both exciting and overwhelming, but, we can’t emphasise enough that choosing the right kind of entertainment – and the right kind of DJ, if you’re hiring one – is a crucial aspect to making sure the occasion is memorable for all the right reasons. Here are some key factors for couples to keep in mind as they consider their wedding entertainment:

  1. Personalisation: What music do you love? What tracks from movies or moments in your life have left a mark or trigger lovely memories for you both? What kind of music makes you want to get up and dance?
  2. Versatility: There are likely going to be guests of all ages at our wedding day – think about music that will appeal to them all. Don’t be afraid to mix genres and eras – guests LOVE a good mix of everything thrown in and tracks that will encourage everyone to the dance floor.
  3. Experience and Reviews: Research the entertainment providers thoroughly. Check their track record, reviews, and testimonials from previous clients to get a sense of their professionalism and ability to deliver a fantastic experience. Taking time to review Google reviews is always worth while – we’re really proud of ours.
  4. Interactive Elements: Consider incorporating interactive elements that involve your guests. Our Wedding Selfie Pod is a fantastic way to get your guests up and interacting with one another and participating in the fun in the evening.
  5. Communication and Collaboration: Once you’ve chosen your entertainment, maintain open communication with your DJ/supplier. Share your vision and any specific requests you might have. A collaborative approach will always help ensure that DJs like ourselves can meet, if not, hopefully exceed all your expectations on the day.
  6. Timing and Logistics: Be mindful of the schedule and logistical arrangements for your entertainment. Coordinate with your venue, or your wedding planner if you have one, to ensure a seamless flow of events, avoiding any potential hiccups.

Ultimately, our mission is to leave a lasting impression on both our clients and their guests, making their special day a truly unforgettable one.

Hit us up with the best tracks to guarantee a filled dance floor

I always have a few ‘go to’ tracks that I will pull out of the bag, so to speak, whenever I want to kick off the party and fill the dance floor. Usually it depends on the time of the night too. But here are some absolute crackers…

Freed From Desire’, by Gala. This song literally never fails, I have never witnessed anything other than an explosion of people dancing and singing along to this at every event I have ever DJ’d at.

‘Insomnia’, by Faithless. Same as above to be honest. This one raises the roof every time.

Show Me Love’ – the Robin S, Stonebridge edit. An absolute timeless party classic.

And finally, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, by Queen. Towards the end of the night, this song makes people go wild. Everybody turns into Freddie Mercury.

But truly, we have a vast, vast library of absolute floor-fillers. If you’re not sure and need some help building an incredible playlist, let’s chat!

A dancefloor filled with dancers at a wedding. Fizz & Groove.

Make an Enquiry with Fizz & Groove

Gary and his team would love to hear from you. Get in touch using the details below:

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @fizzandgroove


Phone: +44 755 160 8572

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