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Happy Saturday lovely readers.  You might well have noticed a distinct lack of anything valentines related around these parts – it isn’t that I’m not the romantic kind (I am), I just get a little uneasy about the whole crazy commercial aspect of this time of the year. I figure I don’t need to pay this much for roses or that much for a card to remind my husband how much I love him – it all feels a little forced and fake for the sake of spending money to have to say it!  But then, that’s just me 😉

I do however, want to remind you how much I genuinely love  you and all our readers today.   I love you for visiting Love My Dress, for leaving kind comments, and for generally helping make this a beautiful place on the interwebs. I truly mean that – you make a big difference to the success of this blog by participating and engaging and just being a part of everything.

up balloons wedding day

Image by Dragan Zlatanovic
Full incredible wedding due on Love My Dress soon

We’ve been aware for a while now that a significant number of readers continue to visit Love My Dress after they have become married, and that due to the all-round beautiful nature of the blog, we attract already married readers who enjoy reading through our real wedding features.   It occurred to me recently that there’s a whole resource right there, rich in potential wedding day and marriage advice, that we simply haven’t tapped in to. At least, not yet.

We’ve always included a ‘Words of Wedded Wisdom’ section at the end of our real wedding features – where we invite the bride to share her best words of advice.  These sections contain invaluable pieces of honest advice that the bride has learned through experience and wants to pass on to you.   So I started to wonder, what if we explored this concept further and asked our readers to more fully reflect on their wedding day from a ‘what the would and maybe wouldn’t do’ if they had the chance again?  I was also keen to find out how our readers perspective of weddings and indeed marriage might change after they tied the knot.  And right there and then, a brand new blog post series was born.

To help us kick start this new series, we need you. We need our already married readers to share their reflections, thoughts and pass on their precious words of advice so that we can share it with others. To do this, we would like to invite you to complete the form below, or fill in this Word Document version at your leisure.  All we ask is that you have been married for a minimum of 3 months – there is no maximum time limit – if you’ve been married for longer, even years, then please don’t be discouraged from participating – we really want to hear from you.  

We actually trialled this series last year, you can read our very first Words of Wedded Wisdom feature here – you might find it quite useful in completing your own form too.

I’m really excited about developing this new series for Love My Dress and hope that it will offer even more honest, heartfelt, inspiring and thought provoking content for all of our readers.  We love you – it’s the least we can do.

Happy Valentine you lovely lot 🙂

Love Annabel xx


Please note – this page does not save progress on incomplete forms, so please read through fully first and make sure you have all the info, images and content to hand and ready to go before you get started!  Please also pay special attention to the image sizes and guidelines, as uploading oversized images will take longer and in some cases cause the form to fail. If you’re unsure as to the size of an image, a good indicator is the filesize. If this is larger than 1.5mb, its likely to be too big! Either open it in Photoshop to change the image size, or try a website like to resize it down to 1000px



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