Introducing Wedding Photography Select – An Easy Way To Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Hello again and I hope you’re starting to look forward to the weekend. Have you got lovely things planned? Let’s cross our fingers for good weather so that we can all kick back and relax a little bit. And, whilst we’re talking about taking things easy, then I might well have the perfect thing for you today if you’ve got some things on the wedding to-do list awaiting you this weekend. I’m really happy to introduce you to Wedding Photography Select – the easy way to find your perfect wedding photographer.

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Choosing your wedding photographer is definitely one of the most important parts of planning your wedding – these images are the ones that you’ll love for years and they need to capture absolutely everything about your relationship and your wedding day. You need to trust your photographer, love their style and be sure that they’ll deliver images that you’ll adore.

wedding photography select

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I’m thrilled to say that the wedding industry is so full of incredibly talented and amazingly committed photographers that finding ‘the one’ can sometimes be tricky. However, Wedding Photography Select is here to make that process simple and enjoyable.

wedding photography select

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“At Wedding Photography Select, we just love inspirational and original images,” says Darius, one of the team behind the concept. “We’re an association working with the very best wedding photographers in the UK and the world and we’re proud to showcase the most stunning images in the wedding industry.”

Originally created as a UK directory, Wedding Photography Select has gown internationally and now, as well as international photographers and videographers, you’ll also find information on wedding photography techniques, planning tips and much more.

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But rest assured that Wedding Photography Select has remained true to its aims of helping everyone to find a great photographer, whatever budget you might have for photography. The UK wedding photographers are categorised by area so it’s super easy to narrow down your search, view the photographer’s portfolio, find out more about them and get in contact. I have to say that when you visit each photographer’s individual page, I love that the images are so well sized and you can also see immediately the starting prices for photography packages. Hurrah for clarity!

“An ideal budget for photography would be £1500-£2000,” says Darius. “In this price range, you’ll get an amazing wedding photographer who will be experienced, professional and dedicated to you, your needs and your day.”

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Pixies In The Cellar (top) + Amy Faith

“Whilst we have definitely noticed that more couples seem comfortable covering photographer fees, I would urge those thinking about saving money by asking a friend of family member to take photos to really consider if this is wise. You don’t get a carpenter to fix your electrics or take your dog to a builder when he gets sick and the same goes for wedding photography. If you want good pictures, then please hire a professional.”

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Credit: Photography by Vicki

“You need someone with experience, who knows the flow of the day, how to control a crowd and work under pressure and who completely understands light and most of all, the camera. Wedding photography is a skill that takes years to master. New wedding trends come and go but one thing that always looks great are fantastic wedding photographs and they are the only thing that lasts forever.”

wedding photography select

Credit: Fabio Souza

To start the search for your wedding photographer, find out more about Wedding Photography Select, check out their informative articles or view the photographers honoured in the Wedding Photography Excellence Awards, simply take a look at the website. You can also connect with Wedding Photography Select on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.

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