A Guide to Bridal Separates With Designer Charlotte Balbier

If there’s been one bridal fashion trend that we’ve all fallen for of late then it absolutely has to be bridal separates. I know that I love the individuality, the flexibility and the downright gorgeousness of the stunning separates collections that are available now. And, having spoken to lots of brides-to-be of late, I know that there are oodles of readers who feel the same as I do.

Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome designer Charlotte Balbier to Love My Dress to talk about bridal separates and to answer some of the questions that I know brides have about these styles and pieces.

Charlotte’s collection of separates has been a huge hit since the moment it was launched so she’s most certainly the best person to ask! So, without further ado, let’s hear from Charlotte Balbier and indulge with beautiful bridal separates…

Tell us a little bit about your bridal separates?

Charlotte Balbier Separates have been super popular with our brides. Bridal separates are an amazing way for us to fuse the boundaries between bridal and fashion.  We have a beautiful range of toppers, skirts, overlays, slips and sashes. Brides can select the pieces they love to express their own style and, when everything is styled together, their personality really shows through. It’s so much fun!

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Why do you think that separates have become so incredibly popular?

Separates can be an incredibly playful way for a bride to dress and create a unique look. You can mix and match your outfit and style and you can create a whole look that is incredibly tailored to the bride. Our brides love the fact they can combine all the different pieces together to find the perfect combination to suit them, their wedding day, style and personality. Separates also provide an easy way to swap and change into more than one bridal look for your wedding day.

Can you wear separates for any style of wedding?

Absolutely! For example, the Fawn lace topper with beautiful French lace is simply divine for a winter wedding with the longer sleeves. The Flynn is also a perfect winter longer sleeved lace overlay which fits perfectly with the long Harper satin slip. For an alternative winter wedding look you could also layer the topper with a fur white gilet. The gorgeous jewelled lace of our Nova topper is just perfect for a summer wedding. The Balbier Separates skirts differ in thickness and fabric and are therefore can be suitable for almost any look. This is the fun of the Separates Collection – you can really mix and match everything to achieve any style of wedding.

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Are there any rules when youre mixing and matching your separates? What do brides need to think about when it comes to styles and fabrics?

Not really and that’s what I love most about the Balbier Separates – you can break all the rules and have so much fun! Obviously there are pieces that work together better than others but each piece looks different on each bride and by combining various sashes and pieces together, the number of looks that you can achieve is literally endless. We get so excited when we receive the orders from our stockists for separates and we can see what pieces our brides have chosen to style together.

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What are your top tips for creating a really individual look with bridal separates?

To create a totally individual separates style, top marks must go to a bride who changes her day to night pieces and look. For the day I love the Harper slip with a lace topper styled with a sash and a long veil. For the evening it’s fun to change the topper to something more free spirited like the Nova and team it with some oversized jewellery pieces, heels and a fierce clutch bag. Or change the look completely and slip into a skirt and crop top combination with your lace topper from the day styled with jewellery, a hair change and some more evening glam style make up.

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What would you say to brides who might be concerned that separates arent quite bridal enough?

Our elegant collection of bridal separates does offer quite an alternative look to a traditional wedding dress. But, if a bride wanted to make sure her selection of separates look traditionally bridal then I’d suggest the Harper slip with one of the lace toppers, a sash and a beautiful long veil. This is super stylish and is a totally modern take on tradition.

On a practical note – for brides looking at separates, are the ordering lead times still the same? Will brides still need to allow time for alterations at their boutiques?

All the pieces in our Balbier Separates collection are made to order so you do need to allow a lead-time for them to be made and then for them to be altered to fit perfectly with the seamstress. However we do hold small stock on some pieces to accommodate for short lead times – just speak to your boutique when you visit if time is an issue.

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Do you think that bridal separates are here to stay?

Separates are one hundred percent here to stay! The great thing about them is they are definitely investment pieces to be treasured. A bride can wear elements from her bridal look long after her wedding day. For example, the Sparrow and Hester fur white gilets can be lovingly worn following a wedding day with jeans for a luxe winter look. Our beautiful lace toppers can also be worn once again meaning a bride can embrace her wedding look long after the wedding day! The lace toppers are an incredibly popular choice with the celebrities we dress at Charlotte Balbier and we’ve seen them looking super stylish on and off the red carpet.

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I hope that you’ve enjoyed our exclusive interview with Charlotte. If you’d like to spend a little more time with Charlotte Balbier, you can view the current collections online, including the full Balbier Separates range.

Don’t forget to connect with Charlotte on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest for plenty of sneak peeks into her beautiful world.


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