A Long Sleeved Jesus Peiro Dress for a Cool, Modern, London Pub Wedding

jesus peiro bride london pub wedding 56 1

Good afternoon lovelies! It’s my wedding anniversary today – eight whole years since I tied the knot, on the first day of Spring 2009 – an event that not only changed my status from single to married, but that would go on to completely change my career and life. .Love My Dress is a very lovely by-product of my wedding – named so after a forum username I created back in 2008 (when no wedding blogs existed, and myself and a number of other brides to be would use online wedding forums to share our wedding plans). I still pinch myself, eight years after my wedding, that that beautiful day led to so many wonderful changes in my life, not least the creation of this beautiful wedding blog!

This morning’s featured wedding was set amidst the beautiful English countryside, but we’re moving to the city for this afternoon for the wedding of Jo, an Event Producer/Account Manager and Bob, a Senior Marketing Manager.  The couple exchanged their vows on 9th January at Stoke Newington Town Hall, Jo looking splendid in a delicately long-sleeved Jesus Peiro gown (by the way ladies, have you seen this competition we’re currently hosting to win a wedding dress?). Click on the box below to visit Jesus Peiro in our Style Files pages (our Style Files offer an opportunity for you to view a designers various bridal collections all from a single page right here on Love My Dress).

“Luckily for Bob and I, we both love the same things – which meant planning our day was a lot easier that we thought. Our day had a retro feel, punctuated by some of the things we both love, so a little bit of taxidermy, grand but traditional pubs, foot stomping music, wild floral decoration and a few vintage touches etc. However, it was still a wedding and we wanted to make sure we kept some traditional elements too. Something we never lost sight of was that we wanted to make sure everybody had fun, and there was always something to entertain or amuse our guests. We basically wanted to host the best party for us and our guests, that we just happened to also be getting married at.”

Photography by Yellowbird Photography

jesus peiro bride london pub wedding 56 1

“I went to Morgan-Davies with the intention of ordering a completely different dress, when I tried it on again, something inside me wasn’t 100% convinced. On arrival at the shop I had noticed a completely different dress in the window by Jesus Peiro, so I tried this one on. It was stunning, but the material was too thick and I was worried about being too hot! Katie (my wedding dress advisor) disappeared and came back with an alternative option and suggested I try it on, when I did, I knew then straight away that I had found ‘My dress’. I felt incredible.

I’d been on the hunt for this exact dress and there it was. It was everything I wanted, lace, fitted, long sleeves, a high neck, and with button details all the way down the back of the dress – this was it – SOLD. Not only did I feel this way, but when I looked at my mum and my aunt’s reaction, they both confirmed what I was feeling.”“Bob used to live in Highbury and knew the venue. It has a great ascetic both inside and out. The Council Chamber is a great intimate setting with a balcony to accommodate all of our guests. Also, being near Clissold Park, there was a great opportunity for some distinctive photos. The location was ideal too, allowing for a quick journey to our reception venue.”

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“Our florist was Lynne of You Don’t Bring Me Flowers. Lynne runs a vintage florist/café just around the corner from where we live. I have always admired her window and flower displays, her choice of flowers – wild and natural. Given that Bob had a rather unique button hole we thought Lynne would be able to apply her style to our requirements. When we met her and discussed what we wanted, she was super keen to get involved.”

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“I love my dark eyes and red lipstick, so I knew I wouldn’t want to tone down on this. Some make-up artists were advising me that I should have a softer look, but that wasn’t me. I met Sara Leyser by total chance, it was meant to be. I called Mac make up in Spitalfields before the turn of the year late 2015 in a last attempt to get a last minute make up lesson – luckily for me Sara picked up the phone.”

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“We chatted and I explained I was getting married in 2 weeks and needed help! Sara suggested I pop into meet her the following day, which I did – she was lovely and by total luck was available on the 9th January. I booked her immediately. Sara came over to my house the following week for a trial, I had sent her lots of vintage looks I liked – dark red lip, dark eyes and flawless skin and she loved them.”

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“I have known hair stylist Grace Lawrence for years, so she was the obvious choice for me. The process was a lot of fun, researching styles for both myself and the girls.”

“When we had our trial we did a couple of different styles, but it was a fairly straight forward process.”

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“I didn’t want to wear a long veil as such, but I did want to wear something. The Lily Bella, polka dot birdcage ivory veil was perfect. It complimented my dress, hair, make up perfectly.”

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“I wanted the girls all looking the same; they are all of a similar build so it was easy to shop for a dress that would work for all.”

“In the end we opted for navy blue sleeved embellished maxi dresses from ASOS, they all looked hot hot hot, and they all loved the dress which was a bonus.”

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“The girls all wore simple silver stud earrings and delicate silver bracelets (if they wanted to). As the dresses were high neck, there was no opportunity for a necklace. The girls had silver handbags, but they just used their own.”

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“We hired a ‘wedding special’ Routemaster bus to transport all out guests, family, bridesmaids and groomsmen from the hotel to Stock Newington.”

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“Bob looked totally delicious, super smart and very handsome in his suit, what a total babe! He went for a three-piece slim-fit suit in teal by Ted Baker, with a Ted Baker blue Jakamo floral shirt, navy blue wool tie and Ted Baker suede derby brogues. He also wore a Crazy Pig Designs skull bracelet – a gift from me on the day.”

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“My dad accompanied me into the ceremony – he was proud as punch that we both walked down the aisle together. My dad is a total legend, so there was no question about who would be giving me away. We walked in to the sound of Robert Plant’s ‘Rainbow’. It took me ages to choose a song to walk into, I found it a bit of a struggle if I am honest, I didn’t want a traditional song, a love song, a slow song or a party song. In fact I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, but when I heard Rainbow, I knew I had found my song. I’ve always loved his voice and I hadn’t heard it used in any of the other weddings we’ve been to, or in my video research. It felt unique to us and struck the right tone for our unforgettable ceremony.”

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“Jewellery designer Claudia Holledge is one of my best friends and has been designing and making bespoke jewellery for long time. I have always loved her style and knew that she would custom make our rings to our specifications, as well as offering fantastic advice on all aspects of the design and production. Claudia made my incredible engagement ring, and both Bob and my wedding bands.”

“The process was an exciting and collaborative one, to have one of your best friends make one of the most important and personal pieces of jewellery such as your engagement and wedding rings was a great comfort and honour. I am so lucky to have such a talented friend.”

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“We asked my brother Alex to say something during the ceremony, we didn’t provide him with a poem or passage from a book, we asked him to write something, something personal. He delivered a fantastic speech about our childhood and growing up and all the fun we had/have together. He spoke to Bob and how perfect we are for one another ‘our love of fancy dress, prosecco and strange obsession with One Direction’ ha! Tis true.”

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“Bob asked his groomsmen’s Scott to write something to read also – Scott spoke of meetings, what it was like meeting his wife for the first time, what it was like meeting Bob for the first time and what he imagines it must have been like for me and Bob to meet for the first time. Both Alex and Scott did us proud – both speeches were epic and we will never forget them.”

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“We met in a pub in Shoreditch one wintery evening. Bob was nursing a pint of beer and reading Dr. Zhivago. You couldn’t even make it up! The pub is local to where we both worked at the time and we both know it well. I thought I’d introduce myself to see if I couldn’t find out what happens in Dr. Zhivago.”

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“It turns out that it’s all rather long and complicated, but we got on really well and we arranged to meet again. It was Christmas so we met briefly on Christmas Eve and Bob generously bought me some naff clip on earrings as I don’t have my ears pierced. It is to his eternal disappointment that I never worn them! Obviously the way to my heart is rambling Russian romanticism and ghastly cheap earrings.”

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“Bob popped the question back in that pub where we first met. He insists he wanted to do it the day before – which would have been Friday the 13th (he has an odd, but endearing, sense of humour!) but sadly the opportunity didn’t present itself, so instead he had to settle for Valentine’s Day. Exactly the kind of cliché he wanted to avoid.”

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“Love won the day though. We got engaged in February 2015 and married in January 2016, didn’t see the point in hanging around. We knew what we wanted and thought why wait.”

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“I spent ages researching photographers, looking through hundreds of other people’s wedding photos! We knew what style we wanted, so just had to put the time in to find the right person for us. We narrowed it down to two photographers and decided to meet up with Elle of Yellowbird Photography.”

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“We wanted to meet her to make sure that we all got on and was on the same wave length. Choosing your photographer is one of the MOST important decisions you will have to make, so we wanted to make sure that ours would capture our day exactly the way we wanted it. After meeting her, we were confident she would do a great job. She was cool, easy to chat to, and just got want we wanted. Booking Elle was one of the easiest decisions we made.”

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“I was really keen to have our special day filmed, (Bob not so much) but after a little persuasion, he agreed. I spent hours sobbing my way through other people’s wedding videos, all in the name of research! Unique Visuals were actually recommended to us, and when we meet Steve we instantly knew that they would capture our day in the style that we wanted.”

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Once married, all guests were then transported from Stoke Newington to The Peasant. We decided to send the bus on a slightly longer route to the pub so to provide Bob and I with some time to sneak off and to have a few photographs taken together. To ensure our guests were well watered and getting in the party mood, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were on hand to ensure everyone had a full glass of champagne at all times throughout the journey. Bob created a party playlist to play through the bus radio to guarantee the party was getting started.”

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“We searched high and low to find the perfect venue to host our wedding reception/party. After numerous months and a couple of second viewings, Bob suggested The Peasant pub in Islington. It was the perfect setting for our celebrations, we loved it from the moment we went to see it. Split over two floors The Peasant has a separated dining room and party area, perfect. We got to take over the entire venue which was just what we wanted.”

“The internal decoration and style was right up our street and we knew that with a few small touches it was going to be perfect. Nick, the manager was a dream to work with, so helpful, upstanding and patient. He was on the end of the phone or email whenever we needed him. Nothing was too much. The food was scrumptious – we narrowed the menu down and on the day all guests had the choice of 3 starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts, which was an absolute treat. Still to this day our friends and family always say how great the food was and it really was.”

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“Musical duo Brendan & Robbie of the Cash Cows are amazing. Bob spent some time researching live, fun, swing bands and after watching numerous Youtube videos, we found The Cash Cows and knew they were the ones for us. They perform covers in a skiffle/jazz/rockabilly style. They have boundless enthusiasm and energy and they made sure all of our guests had a smile on their face. Sadly we didn’t get to see as much of them as we would have liked, but we’ve made up for it since.”

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“My mum and I spent months collecting glass jars, vases and candelabras of all shapes and sizes. We filled these with beautiful fresh flowers (to match my bouquet) and candles and dressed the venue throughout. We had hundreds of warm fairy lights and oversized red pom poms hanging from the chandeliers throughout the venue. As it was a winter wedding, we just wanted to create a pretty, inviting environment with loads of candles, twinkling lights and beautiful fresh flowers. The venue looked magical.”

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“Bob has the best hand writing between us, so he was presented with the task of writing the name place cards and creating the table plan. Bob created a funky table plan by using letters cut from old gig posters to give it a distinctive style. We framed this in a picture frame and propped it up by the stairs on the way up to the dining area.”

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“There were so many amazing moments throughout the day; getting ready in the morning with my mum and girls, having my hair and make-up done, getting into my dress, with my cousin carefully doing up each button, carefully working the lace along each arm – I felt like a princess, leaving the hotel with my dad and holding his hand all the way to Stoke Newington, hearing Robert Plant playing, watching the bridesmaids go in and knowing this was it Seeing Bob at the end of the aisle with a huge grin on his face, repeating our vows and saying ‘I Do’ and hearing those words ‘You are now husband and wife’ and kissing Bobs face afterwards
my brother Alex and Scott’s ceremony speeches, the confetti throwing, the hugs, the kisses, the congratulations from all family and friends, arriving at The Peasant and entering the venue to an almighty cheer and overflowing glasses of champagne doing the rounds.”

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“We also loved seeing the Cash Cows in full swing, my cousin Louise’s incredible introduction to us as we entered to take our seats, my dad’s speech and Bob’s speech too, the 80 x Jason Statham masks all guests put on when Bob introduced his best man Steve – a priceless moment, the best man’s speech, the cutting of the cake of cheese, entering the evening party dancing to Snoop Dog, our first dance and Bob spinning me around, all of our family and friends drinking, dancing and having a great time, the photo booth, the book and all the fun everyone had using it. I am sure everyone says it, but it was literally the best day EVER. If we could do it all again for the party we would. It was fantastic. We have both said that we wouldn’t have done anything differently. We planned the day down to a T and knew that it would run smoothly. We included everything we both wanted and it paid off.”

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“We opted for ‘The Royal Crescent Wedding Cake’ by Nibbles Cheese – it was an impressive, multi-tiered cake of cheese set on a base of Farmer Goulds West Country cheddar. Layers of Cornish Yarg and creamy Cropwell Bishop stilton were topped by Kelston Park and a White Nancy local organic goat’s cheese. We had a bride and groom lego figures situated on top of the cake, with a small ‘Just Married’ bunting signage.”

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“We decided to go for cheese instead of your traditional cake because we both love cheese. Bob does have a ridiculously sweet tooth, so to make up for not having traditional wedding cake as such; I ensured he had his own personal selection of cupcakes on standby!”

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“As Bob and I both love fancy dress, we decided it was an absolute must to hire a photo booth for the evening We chose the Flash Pack and went with the Vintage booth with red velvet back drop. Our loft is full of fancy dress, so it seemed the perfect time for us to rock out all of our wigs, horses head, frogs heads, tops hats, glasses, canes, hula hoops and accessories. With the help of the bridesmaids, the girls ensured the booth area was set up to look like a stage dressing room with mirrors, lights, overflowing crates of goodies to choose from. It was an absolute hit – the photographs certainly tell a story!”

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“In the evening, we hired a DJ. Don’t let the name DJ Catfight put you off (we didn’t know this was his DJ name when we booked him!) Lee was the absolutely best DJ we could have ever hoped for. The venue recommended Lee to us, he did not disappoint. Lee recommended that we present him with a list of do and don’t play songs and he mixed everything up and provided us with a great night of music that we will never forget. Having been to a few weddings where we’ve seen the DJ do their own thing, sometimes even ignoring requests, we wanted to make sure this wasn’t the case at our reception. Lee was extremely accommodating even replaying a song I missed only moments earlier. Like the band, Lee’s enthusiasm was infectious and he was enjoying himself as much as the guests, surprising us all by rapping almost all of Rappers Delight towards the end of the night. We would absolutely recommend and book Lee again.”

“We don’t really have a song as such! So found choosing one for our first dance a little tricky. We considered ‘Hot Legs’ by Rod Stewart, as have some hilarious memories of us dancing to this, but after giving it much thought (about 5 mins) we decided against! Probably for the best as my parents would have probably pushed us off the dance off dancing! Ha! After lots of listening, we choose ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac. GREAT song… The words are just sum us up ‘I wanna be with you everywhere’.”

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Words of Wedded Wisdom

“It is super stressful when planning your wedding, but as long as you are both involved and are clear on what you both want, then it should be a lot more straight forward.

Definitely don’t compromise on your photographer, you won’t be a second chance to re live the moment and if you can afford to film it, do – you won’t regret it.

Take your time with your dress; I tried on about 40 dresses until I found my dress. Every time I tried on a dress I wasn’t sure and I kept thinking how will I know!?

When trying on my dress and stepping out of the changing room in front on my mum I knew then I had found my dress. We both were speechless, we didn’t say one word to each other, but the way I moved, the way I felt and the way my mum reacted, I knew this was the one for me.”

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What a beautiful day. You can see more brides wearing Jesus Peiro gowns here on Love My Dress, and more London pub weddings here.

Love and thanks to Jo and Bob for sharing their gorgeous wedding with us today – with our thanks extended to Yellowbird Photography too.

Much love everyone, I’m off out to celebrate 8 years of marriage!

Love Annabel x

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