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Hello hello lovely readers and if you’re looking for a big dose of pretty to brighten your day, then I have just the thing for you here. And that’s not all because not only is this feature just about the prettiest thing that you’ll see al day, it’s also practical.

You see, what we’re not only showcasing images of the most beautiful wedding tablecentres crafted by some of our favourite Little Book for Brides members, we’re also sharing their words of wisdom. So, expect inspiration and information aplenty from this point onwards.

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Floral design by  Vervain Flowers

Firstly, let’s start at the beginning and how do you decide on the design for your wedding tablecentres? Let’s hear from the floral beauties as Rosehip & Wren.

“Remain true to the season. This is the key the embracing the natural beauty of any floral concept. Re-creating blossom trees for your table centrepieces will only ever work in spring. Also, work with the space, consider light and scale and the existing décor and vibe of your venue. Big spaces command maximum effect with largescale tablecentres, whilst spaces filled with natural light reflect with modern, airy, feminine design.”

“Do you want to express your creativity? There may be unexpected opportunities within the space that you hadn’t realised. It may be possible to incorporate the huge trend of the moment – hanging installations. Think ‘a floating cloud above your top table’ or ‘floral hoops’ suspended above your guest tables.”

“Always stick to your vision. It can be tempting to throw all your ideas at the table dressing because it’s often the one area that you feel you can get practically involved in but be sure to focus on elements that are a true reflection of your individuality and relationship story.”

“Lastly, have confidence in the people that you’ve chosen to work with. This is why you have commissioned a florist to create your table design. They will have bought into your vision and style and they have the professional skills to refine the smallest detail without blurring the edges.”

Using the seasons is certainly something that all of our florists agree is a fabulous idea for beautiful table centres. Season flowers can work with any style, it’s just up to you and your florist to create a design that works with the look of your wedding. The talented team at Honeysuckle Flower Co. have these ideas for you.

“Blossom and sweet sugary scents in the spring; leafy green branches, garden roses and lazy sunshine hops in the summer; blackberries and warm pumpkin colours in the autumn; and bare branches, lush winter ivy, brave little hellebores and lots and lots of candlelight in the winter. These are the bases we tend to being with in each of the seasons, but the flowers and props that we build into the styling of each event will take off from those initial plans and we will tailor every detail to fit each couple’s individual taste and style.”

“When choose the flowers for your wedding breakfast, it’s important to take into account the size and shape of your tables and the décor of your venue before getting too lost in Pinterest ideas. Long garlands of textured greenery and berries will look stunning when placed on banqueting style tables but greenery alone in the centre of a round table can look messy.”

“A gorgeously full and overflowing bowl of flowers will always have a timeless elegance for a round table and a collection of pretty vases or vintage bottles in different shapes and sizes look perfect placed on an oval table. Think about every detail from the candles to the napkins and the favours when you’re designing your tablecentres.”

The beautiful  Vervain Flowers underlines the importance of choosing the right containers for your centrepieces. These aren’t just an afterthought and they’re not there simply to hold your flowers, they’re an integral part of the design:

“Choosing the right vessel for your floral tablecentres is just as important as the flowers in it. Use a shape that complements the style of your venue or the look of your day. For instance, a footed urn shaped vase works in a grand setting whereas a rustic, ceramic bowl feels more at home in a rural or outdoor setting.”

“Scattered petals, leaves or fruits around the base of an arrangement adds depth and texture and I love to add trailing elements to my floral centres. Spilling flowers or foliage out on to the table emulates them growing in the garden, bringing a wilder, more naturalistic feel to a formal setting.”

“Delicate blooms like pansies or poppies are perfect for intricate tablecentres. These are the tiny showstoppers in a table arrangement and you can fully appreciate their beauty up close.”

Finally, Helen from bels flowers provides this insight into the biggest looks of the year:

“This wedding season, we’re seeing the rise of foliage throughout weddings, with lots of contrasting foliage for a fresh, green packed look or keeping grey dusky shades for a softer look. Taupe, nude, grey and understated shades are still a hit with weddings. They provide a neutral, timeless look suitable for all seasons. If foliage isn’t what you’ve dreamt of for your big day, fill out your bloom-filled arrangements with hydrangea and large headed roses for a luxe, beautiful finish.”

“Garlands are huge at the moment, whether it be just foliage or a full floral runner. Be sure to go big either way for maximum impact. Nothing says romance and create ambience like candlelight. Even nestle in and hide some of your favourite scent to create fragrant memories to go with the rest of your magical day.”

And there we have it. Have a fabulous, floral day and enjoy planning your beautiful table centrepieces.

Tamryn x

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  1. Flowers have the ability to bond everything together. I can’t even imagine a wedding without flowers, and even more the way that weddings are now a days dressed.
    For example, the Honesuckle Flower Co. table, with the greens from the flowers, mixed with the wood table, the pink napkins and those candies placed in the plates. They are AMAZING! But the autumnal Vervain flowers are also very tasteful.
    It’s official: there’s no wedding without flowers.

    Great post Tamryn!

    David and Carla.

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