A Romantic Organic and Ethereal Autumn Inspired Wedding Editorial

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Hello all, well here we are, the final weekend for many of us in the long school summer holiday, and whilst I shall miss those heady days with my girls, I’m so ready for a sense of routine and normality now – and Autumn!

Autumn is my favourite season beyond words. I feel so energised at this time of year, so many significant family things have happened in this season (moving house, finding our forever home, our daughters arriving) and the colours, I simply adore the colours.

This sublime, Autumnal inspired editorial was sent in by the incredibly charming Gabi of Petal & Twine, a talented wedding and event stylist whose style and aesthetic is wonderfully elegant, romantic, pure and organic. I’ll let Gabi paint the scene with these beautiful words below…

“Simplicity feels so refreshing sometimes. The colour palette we used of warm brown, dark brown and sandy tones brought an autumnal vibe along with them. We used a choice of specific blooms here of cappuccino roses and elegant orchids to create a dramatic table setting.”

Images by Pawel Bebenca

8 Serene and enchanting Autumnal bridal fairytale

“We wanted to set this photo shoot in the ideal fairy tale location. We used vintage items; the suit, the dress, the house and ornaments to give it even more of an enchanting and old feel.”“Quietly she waits. In a Georgian country home away from people, away from reality. There is an eerie yet calm ambience to this place. Today is a secret. Today is only about her and him and their commitment to each other. She feels as though she is hidden away in a doll’s house.”

13 Serene and enchanting Autumnal bridal fairytale 40 Serene and enchanting Autumnal bridal fairytale

“She gazes out the window, still waiting, when at last she hears the sound of him running up the wooden staircase. Their eyes meet as he enters the green room.”

106 Serene and enchanting Autumnal bridal fairytale 109 Serene and enchanting Autumnal bridal fairytale

“Love strikes her and rattles all her bones. Ahead of them are a number of different doors to choose from, different escape routes. Instead of pausing to think they take the closest one because they know that anything is possible if they stay together. 




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