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Hello darling readers and before we go any further, I should warn you now that if you’re in any way peckish, this feature is definitely going to make your tummy rumble and your mouth water – we’re talking delicious, mouth watering, creative wedding catering.

In fact, even if you’re not feeling hungry, I can say that foodie cravings are guaranteed because today, we’re joined by Bespoke, an absolutely fabulous catering and events company based in Scotland and, as you’re about to see, their inspired menus make for truly memorable meals that are just perfect for weddings.

So, let me introduce you to Bespoke and a team that’s filled with some of the most creative and experienced professionals in the industry.Founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Kelly and Chris Naylor, Bespoke is just that – a caterer that simply doesn’t ‘do’ packages. Instead, the team designs menus for each and every celebration they’re part of.

Bespoke Wedding Catering Kilner Jars

“Chris is a chef and I’m an Event Manager so you can imagine our frustration when we were planning our own wedding and found so little flexibility with the caterers we met with,” says Kelly. “We were forced to choose from stuffy set menus or encouraged with go with a style of service that didn’t work with the relaxed vibe we wanted to create. We decided that there was a gap in a market for a caterer who was willing to build completely bespoke menus around their clients and so Bespoke Catering and Events was born.”

There’s no doubting the fact that the Bespoke team is all about passion. They absolutely understand that your wedding, or indeed any other special event, is a day that you can never get back so they take the trust that you place in them really seriously. They handpick their suppliers, the food and drink they serve is of the highest quality and they’re always developing new ideas and skills to make sure that their service is at the cutting edge of culinary and event design.

Bespoke Wedding Catering Jellies

But, quite rightly, it’s the food that grabs all the attention and, as the company name suggests, it’s all about you.

“We love nothing more than taking the time to really get to know you and find out what makes you tick,” says Chris. “We design a menu that’s completely bespoke to you and your celebration. We want your food to look, smell and taste like the best meal you’ll ever eat. If you’re a back-yard BBQ type of person, don’t serve a formal five course meal that you won’t enjoy. By the same token, if you have a passion for fine dining, then when better to go all out and design the most amazing meal imaginable?”

I couldn’t love this approach more. We all get caught up in decorations and details that work with our ‘theme’ but it’s all too easy to forget that your food plays a massive part in creating the vibe that you’re looking for. And, to do this, you need a caterer that’s all about your tastes, not theirs.

Bespoke Wedding Catering Picnic

“We don’t really have signature dish because we find out about your food loves and hates and even those memorable meals that you’ve shared,” explains Chris. “We then create something that represents you. That said, we are fans of a hearty portion, relaxed and fun service and making sure that every guest feels that they’ve been well taken care of throughout the entire day.”

“If we could give one piece of advice, we’d say that when it comes to your wedding catering, don’t be afraid to think outside the box,” says Kelly. “You really don’t need to stick with the tried-and-tested three-course, sit down meal concept. If you want to inject some fun and go for a slightly more unusual menu, then run with it. It will add some excitement to your day and wow your guests. Our team is really design led, so we like to make sure that our food looks as beautiful as it tastes.”

Imaage below by The Curries (full image credits at end)

Bespoke Wedding Catering Bespoke Catering table scape The Curries Photography

Of course, we all know that wedding catering can account for a large portion of your wedding budget and whilst money spent on food and drink is always money well spent, Bespoke are proud to be able to work with all budgets, as well as all styles, as Kelly explains:

“We like to try and be as accessible as possible. We very much work with a couple’s budget when designing their menu. As long as a couple are willing to be flexible and realistic with their expectations, we can usually pull something together, even for those on a tighter budget.”

Bespoke Wedding Catering Vegan

I absolutely love Bespoke’s approach. They understand that wedding catering plays such a big part in the success of the day and they also know that your meal needs to be memorable for all the right reasons. Not only that but they set out to create menus that totally represent their clients, their foodie loves and their wedding day.

Wedding food is about so much more than portions of good food served at the right moment. It’s about personality, theatre, atmosphere and, of course, delicious food that your guests won’t be able to get enough of. Bespoke can serve all of that up on your big day so why not let your wedding catering be a real treat for the taste-buds?

To find out more about Bespoke Catering and Events, why not visit their website?

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