The Cool, Androgynous, Modern + Free Spirited Bride

Cool androgynouse modern bride in trousers

Challenge everything. It’s one of the things I say to my daughters. Be curious, ask all the questions, disrupt.

I see lots of bridal fashion editorials in my role as founder of Love My Dress, but the truth is we share only a tiny percentage of these. The biggest reason for this, honestly, is because so many of the editorial shoots we receive look so similar. So many tend to pander to the safe and secure visual concept of what a bride should look like, from the clothes she wears to the pose she holds.

I truly don’t mean this to sound insincere or ungrateful because I genuinely appreciate the creative output of collaborative supplier teams and know from my own experience how much love and energy is poured into each of these experiences. But there is only so much of a perspective on a theme or trend or style that you can take, without it all starting to feel somewhat overdone and contrived.

Images by Manon Pauffin

62 Bare Essentials bridal fashion

So few of those editorial shoots disrupt this by sharing something different – something that still respects and celebrates the female form but that isn’t afraid to show it off from a more sexy, carefree, bold and confident angle.

These images stood out to me because the they do just that, and as a result, these gorgeous photographs elevate themselves from all the editorial noise.

The woman behind the concept and styling is Sally of Events By Design, who tells us more…

50 Bare Essentials bridal fashion

“In a time when we can have access to so much at our fingertips, the inspiration for this shoot was a desire to go back to the natural.  I wanted to put together a shoot which stripped back the unnecessary and showcased much more crisp and clean aesthetic.  I was particularly interested in creating a shoot which has elements of the androgynous about it and wanted the showstopper to be the attire. “

“The colour palette focused on the natural and neutral with a daring pop of mustard.  The shoot was captured by the exceptionally talented Manon Pauffin.”

18 Bare Essentials bridal fashion

“I commissioned Jan Si Fashions a bespoke designer who was thrilled to be asked to create a modern trouser suit for the shoot.   I loved the crisp wide trousers juxtaposed and softened by the pattern of the stunning lace jacket’s detailing which created a clean and masculine silhouette.”

“The added fedora by Ashley Wild Bridal complimented the look completely and created a modern twist on a 1970’s design.”

70 Bare Essentials bridal fashion

“The gown by Rock The Frock was chosen for its stylish and clean aesthetic.  Its beauty lies in its unfussy lines and beautiful sheer panel, giving a subtle hint of flesh, and features on-trend pockets, which most brides LOVE.

The veils by Ashley Wild Bridal were chosen for their translucent quality and design.  These helped to soften the clean lines of the gown and her cape veil used with the trouser suit created drama and further exciting lines.”

124 Bare Essentials bridal fashion

“Our stunning model, Natalie Hobkirk’s hair was kept natural to balance the androgynous look and her make up followed the natural palette we used throughout the styling by using caramels and light pink lip, both styled by Helen Roche.  The simple yet stunning hair pieces added a pop of sparkle.”

“The elements of sheer detailing and transparency was then showcased through the gorgeous fragility of the capiz shell place names by The Lovely Little Details. These, along with the dry foliage and concrete elements on the table design created a dry and clean aesthetic.”

“In keeping with the dry and natural concept, it was important to create other elements of styling which were demonstrated in the beautiful wicker furniture from Locate To Create which were complimented by Chirpee Flowers’ stunning vertical dry foliage displays.  These worked beautifully against the décor of The Cherry Barn, a lovely venue in the heart of Rye, East Sussex.”

26 Bare Essentials bridal fashion

“Our cake table featured stunning creations by Flossie Pops Bakery.  It was important for me to commission sweet treats which were not fussy and instead, focused on the lines created elsewhere in the shoot.  The biscuits were cleverly monogrammed with the initials of the venue and the cake took inspiration from Scandinavian baking.  I loved the simple layering and neat detailing on this.”

“The Lovely Little Details also produced a beautiful table plan and stationery which brought together the transparent and fresh elements through using vellum and crisp white card.  It was important for her to create a design which used her trademark calligraphy but with a modern offset typeface. A pop of colour was added with stunning mustard ribbon.”


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