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In the world of bridal fashion, there are some designers who effortlessly blend tradition with innovation, crafting shoes and jewellery that are not just wedding accessories, but pieces of art in themselves.

Freya Rose London is one such name that stands out in this realm of luxury designer wedding shoes, jewellery and accessories. Brides who seek elegance, individuality and luxury in their bridal look, Freya Rose London is a brand that absolutely deserves special attention.

Freya Rose London designs are distinguished by the use of ethically sourced Mother of Pearl, alongside the brand’s unwavering and longstanding commitment to sustainable production. For the designer herself, creating beautiful shoes and accessories for brides isn’t just about fashion; it’s about ‘families, not factories’; Freya Rose employs families of talented craftspeople in Bali, whose unmatchable skill in the production of her signature mother of pearl heels, wedding shoes and jewellery, have been passed down through generations.

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Each piece is a testament to the dedication and skill of these incredible artisans, who pour their hearts and souls into crafting designs that is not only beautiful but also ethically produced.

By collaborating with these artisans, Freya Rose not only creates exquisite bridal footwear but also ensures that their unique skills continue to thrive, preserving a rich tradition of craftsmanship while contributing to the well-being of the communities involved.

In this article, we explore the magic of Freya Rose London and take a more intimate look in to her captivating world of design, where shoes and jewellery become precious heirloom pieces of wearable art.

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All our pearl heels and wedding jewellery are handmade by families, not factories, which we’ve worked closely alongside since the establishment of Freya Rose London back in 2010.

Mother of pearl wedding shoes Freya Rose London

Freya, could you share the personal story and experiences that led you to establish a brand focused on beautifully crafted shoes, bags, and jewellery for brides and women?

With an acclaimed jewellery designer as a mother and a master goldsmith as a stepfather, I grew up immersed in the world of fine jewellery. My own innate sense of style and design was highly influenced from our time spent living above their shop, watching the craftsmanship and feeling their passion for beautiful rare stones.

It was whilst at Art College I found a love for sculpture and textiles and when I saw a course at London College of Fashion in shoe and accessory design my love of shoes began. I designed my first collection of jewelled shoes as my final collection, which inspired me to create a brand of unique and luxurious shoes using my passion and knowledge of shoes and jewellery.

I love discovering ancient and indigenous craft techniques and making them into contemporary and timeless design.

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Ethical production is a cornerstone of Freya Rose London’s brand identity. Could you provide some insights into the measures and practices you’ve implemented to ensure the production of ethical and sustainable bridal shoes and accessories?

As a true advocate of slow fashion, ethically produced designs are integral to our brand philosophy. All our Pearl heels and wedding jewellery are handmade by families, not factories which we’ve worked closely alongside since the establishment of Freya Rose London back in 2010.

Due to the rise in fast-fashion in the modern world, where globalisation degrades ancient practices and often exploits those involved in the process, it has become unquestionably important to me to help preserve and support the ancestral craft techniques.

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I’m deeply passionate about championing the highly skilled craftspeople and specialist jewellers I proudly work beside, who meticulously craft every style by hand over an extensive period of time, transforming them into sculptural, wearable works of art.

Our designer wedding shoes and wedding jewellery are unique investment pieces because they are intricately handcrafted and no two pairs will ever be the same. The Freya Rose creation process showcases an unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship passed down and honed through generations. The expertise, passion and knowledge of these artists are incomparable.

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Bali holds a special place in your brand’s production process. Could you share with us details of the deep connection between Freya Rose London and Bali? How do you uphold the tradition of preserving craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations in Bali?

My love and commitment to advocating for indigenous craftsmanship, not just in Bali, has been prevalent throughout my career; right from my time at university when I wrote on the importance of the fair and ethical treatment of indigenous people and the preservation of traditional skills in my dissertation in 2003.

In the beginning of founding Freya Rose London, I first travelled to Bali as it’s renowned for its rich heritage in the art of jewellery making. As a nation Balinese people are incredibly spiritual people – there are more temples there than anywhere else in the world and it’s widely known as the Island of the Gods. It was whilst out there that I found the people have the most beautiful, soulful connection with their craft and within the way they execute their work.

Over the last decade I have visited Bali and our craftspeople on a number of occasions. Each visit I’m blessed with a new experience that educates me to new traditional techniques and indigenous craftsmanship which I love to develop with our artisans, creating unique contemporary wedding shoes and wedding jewellery.

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Your brand is renowned for its use of genuine Mother of Pearl in your designs, creating unique and stunning pieces that include shoes with mother of pearl heels and mother of pearl clutch bags. Could you tell us more about your fascination with Mother of Pearl and how it is incorporated into your collections?

Mother of Pearl is a beautiful natural byproduct of material of the mollusk which doesn’t always create a pearl and the shell can be disregarded. I find the iridescent colours and shifts within the natural shell to be the most captivating thing of beauty and there are so many different ways as a designer you can work with the material. From the way it can be cut, carved to the way it’s coloured, the unique pearl shell has a delicate and feminine quality about it; which also ensures each piece is completely unique.

A wide belief of the pearlescent shell is that it attracts prosperity as well as enhancing self-love, compassion and is thought to open up one’s capacity for love while promoting inner peace. The beautiful meaning and symbolism behind Mother of Pearl is why I’ve always loved incorporating it into my designer wedding shoes; I find it more impactful and meaningful compared to Pearls which are a timeless bridal choice, but are far more commonly worn to compliment a wedding day ensemble. Our Mother of Pearl heels are a unique and contemporary way of introducing the beauty and look of pearls into your bridal style.

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Freya Rose London is recognised for its unique approach to bridal accessories. Could you highlight some of your most popular or iconic pieces and share the stories behind them, especially in the context of ethical and sustainable craftsmanship? And do you have any personal favorite designs?

Our signature pearl heels were born out of a desire to create beautifully unique jewelled shoes in contemporary, fashion-forward bridal designs that seamlessly blend comfort with style.

Among my personal favourites is our ‘Glory’ silver low block pearl heels. Originally designed for my own wedding day, they hold a special place in my heart. ‘Glory’ is exquisitely handcrafted from a single sheet of hand-cut Sterling Silver which is moulded to the heels and inlaid with, again, hand-cut pieces of iridescent Mother of Pearl. An incredibly detailed and complex process which takes over 300 hours to craft; this is why we share that our jewelled heels are truly wearable works of art.

Our ‘Jasmine White’ ankle bridal boots have emerged as an iconic choice for brides. This chic, clean look has made them a favourite among celebrities and brides alike, suitable for a range of themes from boho to winter and endless styling options. The ‘Jasmine White’ boots offer a bold statement for brides seeking a distinctive and unforgettable touch to their wedding ensemble.

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Can you give us a glimpse into your creative process when designing your bridal shoes and accessory collections? What inspires you and keeps you innovating in the ever-evolving world of bridal fashion?

I’ve shared in the past how my love for the natural world, the echoing artistry of architecture and the wonders of travel have all infused my work with a rich tapestry of influences. Recently I’ve come to find that my creations, from the inception of Freya Rose to this day, all harmoniously embrace a theme of inspiration running throughout my collections; which is the beauty found within the facets of femininity.

Whether it’s the mesmerising beauty of blousy English roses and whimsical Japanese blossoms to tessellating mosaics gracing oriental temples and towering Art Deco structures of New York, on reflection, I’ve found that its the characteristic femininity behind these elements that captures my attention and inspires me. In my most recent Warrioress collection, I’ve found more direct inspiration from empowered female figures – with my vision for the pieces being to embody the strength and beauty of historical warrioresses.

In the world of bridal fashion, my focus extends beyond the ephemeral trends. I find inspiration in the timeless, a quality that is reflected in my designs. With sustainability at the forefront, I’ve consciously designed wedding shoes and wedding jewellery that transcend the singular nature of the bridal industry.

The longevity of my creations, particularly in the realm of designer wedding shoes, has been praised for its beautiful re-wearability, allowing these cherished pieces to accompany brides beyond their wedding day. This commitment to timelessness adds a layer of eco-consciousness to an industry often perceived as singular, making each design a sustainable and enduring treasure in the ever-evolving landscape of bridal fashion.

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Your pieces are celebrated for their timeless elegance. How do you ensure that your designs appeal to both modern brides seeking contemporary styles and those who appreciate a classic touch?

Designing pieces that embody timeless elegance while also resonating with the desires of modern brides seeking contemporary styles is a formidable challenge. Coco Chanel, a pioneer in achieving timelessness, once said, “Fashion changes, but style endures.” This sentiment guides my creative process at Freya Rose, ensuring that each piece reflects a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements.

The meticulous development of our jewelled shoes, a process spanning up to two years, is integral to striking the perfect balance. It involves infusing traditional craftsmanship with innovative design, exemplified by the incorporation of pearl heels in our collections. These subtle yet luxurious details add a touch of classic sophistication while remaining relevant to modern desires.

Likewise, I’m deeply passionate about creating non-traditional couture shoes that allow me to express my creative personality, appealing to the ready-to-wear market and brides seeking a true statement style. In doing so, Freya Rose continues to be at the forefront of designer wedding shoes, offering a timeless allure with a contemporary twist.

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For brides looking to choose the perfect wedding shoes, bags, or jewellery, what expert advice would you offer? Are there any emerging trends or valuable tips that you’d like to share with them?

My advice for brides seeking the perfect finishing touches is to embrace individuality and express personal style. Traditional whites and ivory will forever be timeless, but the recent surge in demand for alternative colours signals an exciting shift. Over the past year, I’ve witnessed a remarkable rise in popularity for non-traditional hues like Black and green. Modern brides are increasingly drawn to these unconventional tones, showcasing a desire to infuse their wedding day with unique personality.

For those opting for a touch of tradition with a contemporary twist, I recommend exploring our pearl heels like Zahra Verde or Rose in Bloom Noir, which effortlessly blend classic elegance with a modern edge. These subtle yet striking details add a touch of sophistication to the overall bridal look. Ultimately, the evolving trends highlight a growing appreciation for non-traditional elements, allowing brides to curate a wedding ensemble that truly reflects their individuality.

You’re actively involved in supporting communities, especially those who champion and uplift women and female business owners. Can you share some of the initiatives and projects your brand is engaged in and why this is important to you?

As a designer deeply committed to empowering women, I am honoured to be an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and a proud advocate for their Women Supporting Women and Change a Girls Life initiatives. In April 2022, I became the first beneficiary of The Prince’s Trust’s enterprise scheme to take on this role.

This year marked the second annual Charity Gala I hosted in support of this initiative, following the inaugural event in the previous year.

Aphrodite mother of pearl bag

Together with additional collections launched specifically for the women-focused initiatives, we’ve raised an incredible £23,000 for The Prince’s Trust.

Being part of the Women Supporting Women initiative allows me to contribute to a cause that resonates with my values. I believe in fostering an environment where female entrepreneurs and business owners can thrive.

These initiatives are not just about financial support; they are about creating networks, opportunities, and a platform for women to showcase their talents. It’s a privilege to use my brand to uplift and champion women, and I am excited about the positive impact we can continue to make together.

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Finally, what message do you hope brides take away from their experience with Freya Rose London? How would you like your brand to be remembered by those who choose your products for their special day?

From the inception of Freya Rose London, my vision has been to infuse the journey of choosing wedding shoes with the same love and emotion that fills every facet of wedding planning. I want brides to feel that every step, from the moment they decide on our shoes to the day they walk down the aisle, is a cherished part of their unique bridal journey. The message I hope resonates is that the piece they wear should transcend mere fashion; it should encapsulate the essence of their love story.

I want brides to remember Freya Rose London as a brand that contributed to the magic of their special day, not just through exquisite design, but by creating an experience where each interaction, from purchase to wearing their pearl heels, is filled with excitement and sentiment. Ultimately, I aspire for my designs to be more than accessories – they should become cherished keepsakes, forever intertwined with the beautiful memories of their wedding day.

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