It's time for me to let the cat out of the bag.

Because really, I don't think it's humanly possible for me to contain it all for even a nano-second longer.  And anyway, a few of my eagle eyed readers have already noticed a certain 'pre-order your copy now!' listing on a rather popular online book depository and have been emailing me to check whether their eyes have been deceiving them.  I can confirm, they haven't been.  And so it's with a *big ball of nervousness and excitement stuck in my throat* that I can share with you…

I have just written my first book – I'm going to become a published Author!

…as in, an actual, proper, 176 page (one hundred and seventy six!) hard-back book that has been designed to inspire brides and wedding designers and suppliers and that is being published by a big publishing company and everything!

Oh my God!

BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )

Style Me Vintage: Weddings will be launched in March 2013.

It is the fifth book in the fabulous and hugely successful 'Style Me Vintage' series (see the new retro look-book, which focuses on vintage inspired hair, beauty and clothes) to be published by Pavillion, an imprint of Anova Books. Only this book is a little longer than the previous editions in this series…


"Harking back to styles of previous decades is often the basis for a truly
stylish wedding, but it can be difficult to get all the
 details right, without a little bit of guidance.
This beautiful and accessible book looks at how to source and put
together bridal outfits and event styling for a themed occasion,
from the Edwardian era, through the decades to the 1970s.
From the dress itself, to accessories, flowers, make-up and hair,
even extra details such as venue, cake, stationery, photography,
and entertainment are covered."


I have lost cound the number of
times I have day dreamed about writing my own book.  I can't believe that on that wet and windy day on Christmas Eve 2007, when my husband proposed to me in Whitby, that almost five years later, I'd be living and fulfilling my dreams in every way. I have so very much to thank my readers for, and all those people who I've connected with through Love My Dress who have opened up amazing opportunities (here's looking at you, Naomi Thompson).  Please, excuse me for saying, but I really am bursting with pride right now. Pride, and a big dose of nervousness of course!

I probably would have kept things under wraps just a little
longer, but, with every site in the world being linked to social media these days, including online book stores, I was fearful that the odd Facebook 'like' here or there would let my secret out before I'd had chance to make a proper announcement, and so, I gained permission from Anova to share my exciting news with you all today.  I'm not linking to any pre-sales just yet, because I'd rather not encourage them until a little closer to book launch time. I really do hope you understand, though please, by all means – if you're an eager beaver, you can easily locate the pre-sale entry on sites like Amazon.

Below, sneak previews of content from my upcoming book, 'Style Me Vintage: Weddings' – some of you may notice these from my Instagram feed

BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )

There are so many wonderful and hard working souls that I need to thank and that have been absolutely pivotal to bringing this project to fruition, and trust me, I'll be doing all that in due course when I blog about my book project more fully.  For now, I would like to express my immense love and gratitude to the following people who have worked so incredibly hard in helping me to create a beautiful, inspirational resource that I am so incredibly proud of;

BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Joanna Brown, Photographer
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Zoe Lem, Fashion Stylist and Advisor
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Michelle Kelly of Pocketful of Dreams, Stylist (detail/decor)
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Kate Fletcher of Vintage Style Hire, Props/Styling Advisor
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Severin Hubert of Hepburn Collection, Hair Stylist
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Amanda Moorhouse of Lipstick & Curls, Makeup Artist
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  My Husband Philip, along with Lizzie Jones of Wedding Yurts and Leyla Seydo – Photoshoot Assistants
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Lizze Ostrum, aka, Odette Toilette – Scent Specialist
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Sharon of MInnie Moons – Vintage manicure specialist
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Zone Models and the beautiful Claire, Sarah C, Ivana, Tahuonia, Gia and Rebecca
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Our amazing photoshoot venue Dalston Heights in East London (with special thanks to Ricky)
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Frances of Reellove Films
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  My commissioning Editor Emily Preece-Morrison and her team at Anova Books
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  My publishing agent Rebecca Winfield
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Naomi Thompson, for her recommendation to Anova Books
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  Franky, for helping me body-swerve near meltdown over the past few months – seriously!
BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )  The Hoxton Hotel for so kindly providing storage as well as accommodation during the period of our photoshoot

Some Instagram images I took on set at our photoshoot venue, Dalston Heights, East London

BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )

I also need to thank the many, many contributors who loaned their beautiful dresses, jewellery, accessories, shoes, props, skill, time and expertise and allowed reproduction of their photography to help make Style Me Vintage: Weddings look out of this world.  You are many in number and I will be thanking you all and giving you proper recognition in due course, but for now, please accept this humble blog post as a sign of how incredibly grateful and in awe of you all I am;

Artcadia, Berinmade, Beautiful Bird Creations, Belle and Bunty, Tyler Branch, Blush Floral Design, Charlotte Casadéjus, Eliza Claire, Emma Case, The Couture Company, Candy Anthony, Cherished Vintage, Christopher Currie Photography, Circa Vintage Brides, The Cotton Candy girls, Cutture, Dana Bolton, Lisa Devlin, Doris Designs, Dottie Creations, Edwina Ibbotson (no website), Elizabeth Avey, Emily & Jo, Emmy Shoes, Debs Ivelja, Freya Rose, Fur Coat No Knickers, Steve Gerrard, Harriet Wilde Shoes, Heavenly Vintage Brides, Hetty Rose Shoes, Sheena Holland, House of Istria, HT Headwear, Jo Barnes Vintage, Joanne Fleming, Katya Katya Shehurina, Lila, Lucy Marshall, Luellas Boudoir, Anneli Marinovich, James Melia, Graham Morgan, Olofson Design, Madeline Bride, McKinley Rodgers, Paper Poms, Rosie Parsons, Ed Peers, Poppy Children, The Real Cut Flower Garden, Vicky Rowe, Sally Lacock, Shoot Lifestyle Photography, Rachel Simpson Shoes, Britt J. Spring, The State of Grace, Studio 1208, Nick Tucker, Unforgettable Vintage Brides, The Utterly Sexy Cafe, Victoria Millésime, Vicky Trainor, Vintage Fur Hire, Vowed and Amazed and Zoe Clark Cakes.

I must also make special thanks to Emma Woodhouse, Laura Caudery and Pennny of Tigerlily Weddings for believing in me and for regularly checking in on my progress and offering kind words of encouragement (and the occasional boot up the backside) and on that note, lord only knows what the heck I'd have done without my dear lovely Mum and also my lovely Mother and Father in Law.

Below, my husband steaming dresses on set, ready for shooting, on set at Dalston Heights, where we shot for 3 long days. Both photographs below are Copyright (c) 2012, Debs Ivelja

BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )

The gorgeous PhotographerJoanna Brown taking a rest in
between 3 very long and exhausting days of non-stop shooting, with Lizzie Jones of Wedding Yurts, who makes the best tea and raw chocolate in the whole of the

BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )

So with the Gwyneth Paltrows now over and my secret now out, may I breath a sigh of relief!!  I stayed up way too late hovering over the 'schedule' button on this post last night – so intense were my nerves and excitement at sharing my big news with you all, and so by the time you are reading this, I'll hopefully be catching a mini lie-in before another crazy day of book launch planning takes shape.  Why, you didn't think I'd launch my first book without a party, did you?

Watch out for more posts from me, featuring more news about my book, book giveaways, book content previews and details of how you can pre-order your own copy.

Have a really very marvellous morning everyone,


BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )

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BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!! (Business + Money Personal, Life, Love )


Annabel is the founder of Love My Dress. She lives in rural North Yorkshire with her husband and business partner Philip, two daughters Eska and Leanora and three dogs. If she's not being a Blog Queen or practicing her photography, you'll find her fighting her way through a renovation dust cloud as she and her family transform their forever-home.

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123 thoughts on BIG (Nervous) Brilliant News ~ My First Book!!

  1. Wow, congratulations Annabelle this is wonderful news, you must be so proud of your achievements. I may be married but will still purchase the book for the glorious photographs.
    Well done again xx

  2. Check you out you trend setting wedding blogged you!
    Love it. And am not pre ordering as I want a signed copy when you do Waterstones in Eldon Square. Obviously.

  3. I’m so pleased the secret is finally out! Not that I was having trouble keeping it but I have been so excited to congratulate you at becoming the first UK wedding blogger to achieve the coveted title of real ‘Author.’
    Congratulations Annabel – I can’t wait to actually see the fruits of your labour :)
    (Ditto to the rest of the team too – the sneak peek images are fabulous.)

  4. I can’t wait to see this book Annabel!! It’s an incredible achievement but no doubt just the beginning of many more. Here’s to dreaming big and working hard. ;) xx

  5. Marvellous news Annabel….who better to write such a book! So looking forward to reading it, I’m sure lots of my future brides-to-be will find it a huge source of inspiration, and thankyou so much for inviting me to contribute….very honoured to be included in such an illustrious roll-call!
    Now that is what I call a good start to the day :)xx

  6. yay! So glad youve completed it! Well done you and WOW what a team! Youve got the best photographers there… by far! :D x x

  7. So incredibly proud of you! Just like Love My Dress, your first book (there will be more, I know it!) will be an amazing resource and showcase of fabulous suppliers. You have worked incredibly hard to make all your dreams a reality and deserve your success. I can’t wait to go and buy a copy in a shop and proudly say that my friend wrote it! Well done Mrs B XxX

  8. Thank you lovely Charis. I sure did, they were totally amazing to work with too, we had such a hoot (we also worked our socks off and I think all of us collapsed in a heap of exhaustion after day 3!) xxx

  9. Ah at last the secret is out! Seriously burting with pride reading this, it was an immense experience that I am struggling to find the right words to describe it. Working with you all has been the highlight of my career as a wedding planner and stylist, so much talent and inspiration in one room, so much creativity and above all passion. This is what it’s about folks.
    Huge love to you for your hard work and dedication in presenting to the world a beautifully glamorous resource that I just know is going to inspire so many brides and other creatives working in this industry.
    And thank-you Annabel for believing in us.

  10. Congratulations Annabel!!! I just knew it was a book you were working on. Your way with words has kept me coming back daily to your blog a year after my own wedding. And this librarian definitely wants that book on her shelf. Go girl. X

  11. This is fantastic news Annabel. I’ve only ever met you once, and yet I feel proud of you and the incredible team behind the scenes. Success like yours remind me that with passion and dedication anything is possible. So inspiring! Can’t wait to have my own copy! xx Betta

  12. Well done mrs the time has come all of the late nights, and hard work have paid off. Glad to have been able to work with you on this one lady a lot of work but all worth it. It will be a big hit I’m sure there’s a lot of love going around today! zxxx

  13. many, many congratulations and wishing that sales of the book rocket through the ceiling you write with
    a sincere and sweet heart and that will surely come through in the book
    Helena at Heavenly Vintage Brides

  14. Oh my… I’m so excited for you Annabel! Huge congratulations to you and also to the amazing team of people involved. I cannot wait – it’s going to be fab! xx

  15. Just seen this post, wow Annabel! What an incredible achievement! A huge congratulations, looks like it’s going to be a luxuriatingly gorgeous read, looking forward to getting my copy. Well done you xxxx

  16. Many congratulations Annabel – I know how much love and passion(not to mention long, long hours of hard graft)you’ve put into this book. Your assembled team is incredible; I am sure you have created something very special here. I can’t wait to see the finished book. So impressed and pleased for you xxx

  17. HUGE congratulations Annabel!! We’re glad the secret’s finally out! And we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy. We can only imagine the hard work that went in to it, looking forward to celebrating with you soon!
    Kate & Mary x x

  18. As an ordinary MoB who reads your blog daily from oop North, I am soo pleased for you. You obviously have lots of friends who are rooting for you, but us mortals not involved in The Wedding Business are delighted too! Just in time to read it before my daughter’s wedding! Eldon Square? I’d be there!

  19. YES, now we can shout out loud and tell all! Annabel, a massive well done to all your hard work and dedication…dreams do come true! It was an honour to have been part of this fantastic book. Well done to the whole team who made this dream come true. X

  20. Would never have even embarked on this project had Sev not been free to collaborate with. No Siree!!!
    Thank you so much your gorgeously talented people, always, always so supportive xxxxxxx

  21. Wow, just wow. Can’t say I’m surprised – a publisher would’ve been foolish not to offer you a book deal! Well done! I cannot wait to read it!

  22. So excited for you that the news is finally out. I can’t wait to see a copy (signed of course) and the book launch. I bet you are pinching yourself right now. I’ll email you later lovely xx

  23. Annabel, there couldn’t have been a more perfect step forward for Love My Dress – what a fabulous achievement, and I don’t doubt the book will be a beautiful thing that readers will be very proud to own.
    Wow. Congratulations and good luck with the launch!
    Claire xx

  24. Congratulations! I’ve followed your blog every day since getting engaged eight months ago and this is my first comment on here, thought it was a good opportunity to say I love Love My Dress! Looking forward to seeing the book, you should be very proud!

  25. I have just got home and been dying to read your blog all day and catch up on your mega news!! the photo shoot was such an amazing experience, to be surrounded by so much beauty, creativity and talent, I was buzzing for weeks afterwards. Thanks so much for letting me come and make tea :) Really looking forward to reading the book and wow all those amazing photos and of course the PARTY!! Well done you amazing and super lovey woman Xx

  26. First of all I want to congratulate you for to become first UK wedding blogger . I have share your blog with my friends in Facebook and Twitter. I love your inspirational blog that provides extraordinary information. Thanks for post……

  27. Congratulations – that an amazing achievement.
    I know what you mean about sometimes needs a kick up the backside. Working for yourself requires so much discipline and it’s great to have friends that keep your dreams in mind and encourage you to achieve them.

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