A Mesmerisingly Beautiful Cinematic Experience, by Roland Mihalszky

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I often like to feature wedding films around lunch time for my readers to enjoy during their break, but there are wedding films and there are wedding films and the kind of wedding film I’m talking about right now, simply cannot wait until lunch time.

This breathtakingly produced film was crafted by cinematographer Roland Mihalszky.  It features gorgeous bride Jessica and her quite frankly adoring husband Jamie on their 12th May wedding day at Kensington Palace in London.

Jessica looked utterly resplendent in her Ritva Westenius wedding dress, chosen for it’s flattering neckline and cinched in waist.  She later slipped in to a Suzanne Neville design for the evening, a purchase from Love My Dress sponsor Miss Bush Bridal.  More on the frocks shortly.

This could possibly be the most mesmerisingly beautiful wedding film you have ever seen.  The cinematic sound track that sweeps along majestically with every second of glorious footage, that look on his face moments before his bride walks down the aisle, that dance scene and the Marlene Dietrich-esque cigar at the end – it is such a captivating and spell-binding 6 minutes and 22 seconds of film…

“I loved the one-shoulder detail on my Suzanne Neville dress from Miss Bush Bridal – I was after the ‘Old Hollywood” glamour look which I think I achieved!

My stunning bridesmaids wore Twobirds Dresses in Slate, also a purchase from Miss Bush Bridal.  The dress length was butterfly as I wanted their Louboutin’s to be on show of course!

The bridesmaids dresses were flattering to all the girls who were all different sizes; I’ve heard horror stories of brides having to get new dresses due to bridesmaids gaining weight, falling pregnant etc. This dress completely took the stress away from me AND the girls as they knew on the day they could tie it however they felt comfortable. They all wore it the same for the ceremony and then changed it in the evening to however they wanted. The bandeau was also used for the girls with bigger busts, it looks so neat and tidy and a wonderful idea for hiding bra straps. 

The girls felt at such ease walking down the aisle at Kensington Palace, and I put it down to the fact they were in fabulous dresses that hid what they didn’t want to show! This was evident in the photos… very happy bridesmaids indeed.

Emma and all the girls at Miss Bush Bridal are great – a true delight to work with. From the first time I visited Miss Bush Bridal, to the final fitting the whole team were all nothing but supportive, professional and attentive. They made my mum (who had travelled across world) so comfortable and made her feel like her daughter was getting married! Having tried on numerous dresses I must say the overall experience was perfect.  Corinne was a star – she answered my one hundred and one questions quickly and always with a smile. Jen was like a mother to me (whilst mine had to go back home) – teling me all the things I wanted to hear but never once making me feel like she was sugar coating anything.  Janet is the Vera Wang of the countryside! She does what she does best and with such ease. Everything fitted like a glove.

From a very happy bride and a very happy Mother of the Bride, we can’t thank the whole team at Miss Bush Bridal enough.

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29 thoughts on “A Mesmerisingly Beautiful Cinematic Experience, by Roland Mihalszky

  1. Easily the best wedding video I’ve ever seen. Astonishing camera work. At first I thought the music was a little … sad, considering it was clearly such a happy day, but it worked by the end.

  2. I am so amazed and in love with this wedding film. it takes some kind of wonderful to get professionals misty eyed!
    Huge thanks to Jessica for her praise – which will be passed on to Corinne, Gen and Janet – the Miss Bush team that looked after her. Beyond this I am delighted that Jessica and Jamie agreed to share the the video. You are stars!

  3. Oh my gosh, saw this yesterday and had to watch again because it is so damn beautiful! Never seen anything like it, the drama, the intensity, the emotion, it is all right there. Stunning!

  4. I am not sure I can find the words, never seen anything like it, I’m actually taken aback and quite teary. I know what Kirsten Mavric means but I think the music choice is genius, and very brave, usually it’s some kind of slightly cheese-fest worthy commercial love song, yet in this instance the soundtrack adds to the intensity and drama, like you say, it totally captivated me.
    Absolutely brilliant, thanks for sharing this and congrats to the very in love bride and groom.

  5. There’s only one wedding video I prefer to this one and that’s the one Roland shot for me back in April. Which, admittedly, might make me a little biased… 😉
    The man’s a genius. But also completely humble. I’ve shot two weddings as the photographer alongside Roland and I can’t recommend him highly enough on any level.

  6. Oh wow I watched the first 1 1/2 minutes at work with no sound and teared up. I think I will have to save it for the weekend when I can properly watch it without fear of blubbing at my desk!! The grooms face as he waits for his bride is beautiful!! xox

  7. Absolutely stunning. My fear with having a videographer is after the initial novelty watch straight after the wedding it would be left in the loft never to see the light of day again. This, however you could watch regularly and would probably spot different things every time. Further the budget for this wedding must have been up there and if your going to do it properly, fantastic, but you wouldnt want a videographer capturing anything other than a top venue with all the trimmings X

  8. I agree. It’s lovely, if a bit solemn in terms of the music. But then I guess that’s what must have suited the occasion and the tastes of the couple.

  9. This I will have to watch again as it is absolutely stunning – and I like the music. Jamie is a delight to watch as he is so obviously enchanted with his bride, the beautiful Jessica. x

  10. Wow this is unlike any wedding video I’ve ever seen before! Very stylish and looks like it suits the couple down to a tee. The only non-glowing thing I have to say about it is the music combined with the way it is shot lead me to think that there was some disaster about to befall the couple a la hollywood movie style.
    I’d imagine this wont be for everyone but for this couple it cetainly captures the mood of the day and the love they have for each other perfectly. Excellent work.

  11. I really really love the music, I do know what you mean, it’s a little different at first, but I completely agree with Lorna below, it was such a brave musical choice to make and it works really well. I think this cinematographer has pioneered a new kind of wedding film, something much more sumptuos, cinematic and dramatic than what you usually see, and I for one am totally in love with it!

  12. Bless you Emma, Jessica was so excitedly emailing me with kind words about you, she clearly very, very much enjoyed her experience at your boutique. The praise is highly deserved! xXx

  13. Again, I can see your point but I’m a firm believer that fortune favours the brave and I am so personally blown away to see a cinematographer so bravely use a style of edit and musical accompaniment that so very many others wouldn’t have the balls to I guess.
    I just think the combination of all the choices that Roland made in crafting this film together work excellently. I must have watched this movie 10 times today already!
    Thanks so much for your comment Tamsin – I’m sure lovely Jessica and Jamie won’t take offence. Infact I hpoe they are brimming from ear to ear at the love and absolute awe experience by so many watching their beautiful wedding day film.

  14. To all you lovely people making comments,
    I am a VERY excited Bride. It is such a joy to read all your touching words.
    We couldn’t be happier with this film.
    I too agree the music was a risk – however – there are way to many “Dirty Dancing” type song choices that we wanted something different. Roland only does this type of music and style so we decided to let him do his thing and this was the final outcome – AMAZING!
    I think as a ‘highlights’ film the music does lead you to believe something may happen. But when the full film is released, in true Hollywood style – it will be all fairies and rainbows.
    The day went without anything going wrong. Not to say we didn’t have our fair share of pre-wedding trauma’s. But at the end of the day we are madly in love and couldn’t wait to be husband and wife.
    I’m glad to know i’m not the only nut watching it over and over. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did.

  15. Nick,
    You are a star yourself!
    To anyone reading this – Nick Tucker was our wedding photographer. He has a similar style to Roland and they work together perfectly.
    It was slightly amusing whilst i was dressing, as i had these two guys fighting for the best spot. A really good sign as they had the same eye for detail. The photos are just as brilliant as the film.
    As a very happy bride, i couldn’t recommend Nick or Roland highly enough!

  16. Thank you so very, very much for leaving some lovely words Jess, I hope you and Jamie have an absolutely FANTASTIC weekend 🙂
    Thank you once again for so kindly allowing me to share some of your big day. I cannot wait to feature the wedding in full! 🙂
    Much love,

  17. Yes, it’s much more interesting than the usual film, and while the music might be a bit marmite, that’s certainly far preferable to something beige and one-size-fits all.

  18. I look forward to watching it when I can escape from my desk and get home!
    But I had to add that my experience with Miss Bush has been fabulous too – I have yet to go through the fittings etc but the expertise and flair in finding a dress for me was so impressive. Especially as it didn’t really meet my brief. And yet was unequivocally the one. I really recommend to any and all brides that they pay a visit to Miss Bush – it’s MILES from me but worth every moment of pain on the M25!

  19. Amanda,
    there is a fabulous restaurant over the road called Drakes. It’s nice to celebrate the final fitting! Makes the journey much more worthwhile.

  20. It’s like a clip of an oscar winning movie-the cinematography, the intensity, the drama!! I do think the music was a little ominous sounding in parts but then that feeling was relinquished quickly when it slipped from a minor to a major key again..fantastic..never seen anything like it!

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