Sara and Nick, by Wedding Filmmaker Roland Mihalszky

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The response to this mesmerisingly beautiful cinematic experience that I featured on Friday has been quite phenomenal.  I’ll soon be featuring the full real wedding to accompany the film, which, it turns out, was shot by talented lens man, Nick Tucker.

Nick is the second wedding photographer I know who recently got married {Stefanie being the other I featured this week on the blog} and he and his wife Sara were also lucky enough to have film producer Roland Mihalszky craft a stunning film from their wedding day. I feel very privileged to be able to share that film with you today.

Cinematic Wedding Films

I find the quality of production of Roland Mihalszky’s films absolutely out of this world. I’ve never seen this kind of technique used to film weddings before, it really connects with me on an emotional level.  I adore that scene at the start that captures Sara pre-wedding day madness, cursing as she tries to fix her makeup, probably full of an intoxicating mix of nerves and excitement.

You can find out more about Roland Mihalszky by visiting his website. And Nick Tucker, whose work emanates the quality of beautiful black and white film photography, and who also shoots weddings {rather beautifully}, can also be contacted via his web site.

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13 thoughts on “Sara and Nick, by Wedding Filmmaker Roland Mihalszky

  1. Hi Salasnat1 🙂
    If you use Google Chrome browser, the browser will auto-translate the entire page for you. Roland’s email is at the bottom and is
    farollfilmz AT
    I have also been in touch with photographer Nick Tucker to ask if he can advise.
    Hope this helps,

  2. Well he appears to write in English on his vimeo page account, to introduce each film {not perfect English but then my Russian isn’t so perfect either} 😉
    Hopefully Nick the photographer who is the Groom in this feature will pop by later to leave a comment, I have asked him to 🙂

  3. My fiancé knew of Roland’s work and booked him a few months ago to film our wedding this October. Roland is lovely and so talented! Drop him an email if you are interested in booking him, Salasnat1, the address is on his website.

  4. Not only is this another amazing film, but having met both Sara & Nick, I love the way this really captures the essence of them as a couple. It has everything – the tension, romance, drama and emotion – just love it! L x

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