East London Wedding Photographer, Kari Bellamy + £150 saving for the next 2 weeks only!

Today, we're recommending that brides and grooms looking for a photographer in East London and the surrounding area, visit Kari Bellamy's website.

Kari, who describes her work as soft and feminine, with a little bit of artistic flair and a touch of vintage is based in East London and is keen to hear from Love My Dress readers…

All Photography Copyright © 2013, Kari Bellamy


'I'm Kari , and my passion is to photograph people at weddings.  I
live in east london, but a large chunk of the weddings I photograph are
scattered throughout the UK.   On top of that, every year I'm lucky
enough to photograph a few weddings abroad too!'


'I'm originally from Wilmington, Delaware on the eastern coast of the United States.  I'm the daughter of a Boat Mechanic and a country gospel singer.  These days, I live with Paul, my Canadian husband and Quentin, our cat, in East London.  My life has been a bit of a random roller coaster, and I wouldn't change a thing.'


'I've always been a secret fan of weddings since I was a child- but I was afraid to admit it. I always thought it was the desire to plan my own, but I've come to realise it is much more than that.   I've also really enjoyed photography as my creative outlet for a really long time. It wasn't until I was planning my own wedding that I really put the two together and saw I could make a career out of it. 

I'm sure my husband thought that after we would married he would hear the end of the "wedding" word, little did he know that it was just the start.'


'I love being a wedding photographer, and the shear emotion that is present through out the day.  I love the speeches that have the most funny and sweet stories.    I also love seeing the work and details that go into planning and how everyone makes their's unique. 

I also really enjoy it when people let loose and dance.   Just a few weeks ago, I saw the grandmother doing gangham style!'


'I'm inspired by my work and love the romance of it all – I really want to capture that romance within the image I create.  In addition to that, I'm a huge fan of british architecture, landscape and history.  I'm constantly having to pinch myself that I get to photograph people in love with such a beautiful backdrop.'


Kari Bellamy's wedding photography prices start at £1600 for full day coverage and digital images.  All of her packages include client meetings, and engagement session, travel throughout england and wales. Readers who book a package within the next two weeks will receive a £150 saving on their wedding photography package. This offer will end at midnight on Tuesday 15th October 2013.

For further information, please visit the Kari Bellamy website.  You can also find Kari Bellamy and more examples of her work on her Facebook page.

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