The Lovettes (Hayley) – Feeling Good after Losing Weight, And Finding The Dress!

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So a year to the day we get married, and all of a sudden it feels incredibly real! I can’t believe how many things I’m thinking about (maybe over thinking about?!). For example, what has the weather on the 9th July been like for the past few years? What is the best time to get married? Does everyone like salmon? Why cant I find a white bouncy castle? Absolutely ridiculous things which are starting to consume my brain…madness!

wpid371905 The Lovettes Hayley 3

Every time I think of our wedding venue I smile, as I know 100% how much I love it, the view is incredible, the staff are lovely and the food is amazing.

This last weekend I chosen my dress. In managing a bridal boutique myself, I strive so hard to give all our brides the wedding dress experience I feel they deserve. But when it came to my turn, I was so incredibly nervous.

I’ve lost two stone to wear my dress – the designers dresses were all a particular size and I really wanted it. Besides, I have seen so many disappointed ladies who have dresses stuck on their hips or not done up properly at the back and I was genuinely dreading that happening to me. So thank you Slimming World, the two dress sizes I’ve dropped have made a massive difference on how I felt in the gowns.

hayley slimming worldI’ve had my eye on the actual dress itself since I saw a picture of it and when I put it on it made me feel incredibly special. You see, I’m a typical woman I guess – my boobs are too big, my belly isn’t great, I don’t like my teeth and I’m generally quite hard on myself….name me a woman who isn’t?! But when I put this dress on I actually said “I feel quite pretty!”

I also felt emotional and judging by my mums reaction, it was definitely ‘the one’. I never thought I would experience that feeling –  but I certainly did.

Of course I’m getting it from the boutique I work in, The Wedding Company, Plymouth (shameless plug).

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Our wedding venue, Residence one, Royal William yard, Plymouth

I now need to detach myself from falling in love with any new gowns that come into the shop – and try not to start doubting my decision.

It’s funny – I’ve heard other ladies remark how they’d like to actually share an image of the dress with their husband to be, because well, I guess their opinion really matters. All of a sudden, I can completely relate to this. Matt says he doesn’t want to know anything – though he did say “it’s not a trouser suit, is it?”.  I’m just desperate for him to see it and say, “that one’s perfect!”.  I know, I know, I just need to wait another year.  😬

Matt’s main priority currently is what will his mates dress him in on his stag do! Haha! Funny how differently men and women think, although my sister seems to be busy beavering away discussing hen do’s.  I’m not privy to any information relating to that. Apparently!

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We’ve also booked the fabulous Captured Moments who will be our videographer. Keith videoed my friends wedding and she says it was the best money she spent. Their videos are so lovely and personal to each couple.  I can’t wait for the day we see ours.

And so the countdown continues, and now we’re into months, rather than a year plus something. Eek!

Love Hayley x



Hayley Jayne Towle is due to marry Matthew Rider on 9th July 2016
Younger Photography of Devon will be taking their wedding photographs.  
You can find Hayley via Twitter and Instagram.  You can also read her other Lovettes features here.

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  1. Congratulations on your weight loss Hayley, looking fantastic! Well it’s a comfort to know I’m not the only one who has struggled to find the “one”! But am glad you have found your dream dress, well another dress shop for me tomorrow (my fifth! Lol) And also desperate to show my fiance the ones I’ve tried so far (too hard) hope everything else goes smoothly for you congratulations for next year! Xx

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