Emmy London’s Exclusive New Art Deco Inspired Diamond Jewellery Collection At H.Samuel

Oh my goodness, today I am seriously excited! I have the absolute pleasure of sharing with you the details of a new and amazingly exciting collaboration between Love My Dress favourite Emmy London and the UK’s most loved jeweller, H.Samuel as they launch their sparkling collaboration that sees shoe and accessories designer Emmy Scarterfield of Emmy London bringing her first, exclusive diamond jewellery collection to the high street.

If you’ve been reading Love My Dress for any length of time, I have no doubt that you’ll have spotted a pair of Emmy London’s unmistakable shoes.  Annabel and in fact all of us here on the Love My Dress team are completely smitten with Emmys designs. Annabel’s own love affair with Emmy London began when she wore a pair of Emmy shoes for her March 2009 wedding).  Emmys designs are elegant, beautiful, brilliantly British and altogether gorgeous.

The Emmy London jewellery collection is, as you might expect, truly perfect for brides and as a gift option for bridesmaids too. Designer, the incredibly talented Emmy Scarterfield, certainly knows what makes a bride’s heart beat faster and this collection has been meticulously designed by Emmy herself with her cherished clients most firmly in mind.

“The essence of the Emmy London collection lends it self so well and so perfectly to fine jewellery, and so to be able to offer this collection exclusively to a wider audience through H Samuel is just amazing. Our brand as a whole is about timeless, elegant delicate pieces that pass the test of time but that are super special for that one beautiful wedding day too, so from the off, this exclusive collaboration with H.Samuel felt very natural. I’m really very proud of this exquisite collection of rings and how they truly complete the Emmy London look. “

Emmy London's new diamond jewellery collection at H Samuel.

“My favourite pieces in the collection include this beautiful fan necklace and matching pair of fan earrings. The fan formation and detailing are very much part of the Emmy brand image.  Another favourite is the Marchesa 18 ct white gold 1/2 carat diamond solitaire ring, but possibly my very favourite piece from the entire collection is this beautiful ring which has tiny baguette diamonds in a formation of a mini tiara. It’s such a delicate and unusual piece that perfectly captures the essence of the Emmy London brand.”

Emmy London's new diamond jewellery collection at H Samuel.There’s no doubting the fact that this delightful combination – luxury, affordability and alluring style – reflects everything that we love about Emmy London. It’s distinctive, refined and exceptionally designed.

You’ll find so much to love in the Emmy London jewellery collection at H.Samuel. Stunning engagement rings and diamond rings, fabulous diamond pendants and delicate earrings, this is a new take on Art Deco styling and it’s not only a dream for brides, any piece would be perfect as a gift for any special occasion.

One of the loveliest details in every one of the new Emmy London for H Samuel deigns is the inclusion of the tiniest, most delicate diamond on the inside of the rings – the simplest of details that only the couple would know about and that mirrors the sweet ‘diamond on the sole of her shoes’ detail that come with every pair of Emmy London shoes. It’s this attention to detail that truly sets the Emmy London brand apart.

“I approached the design process by really pinpointing the key ingredients of the Emmy brand, which is made up of several different iconic shapes – the key was to identify those shapes and ingredients and bring them to the jewellery at H.Samuel.”

Emmy London's new diamond jewellery collection at H Samuel.

Emmy’s signature Art Deco style is still to the fore and it’s such a treat to see those exquisite architectural era influences alongside jewellery styling details from bygone days. I just love the tapered baguette stones and whilst the collection is inspired by the past, it’s most definitely full of pieces you’ll wear now and in the future.

Another superb touch you might notice is the additional diamond that’s tucked away inside each ring or behind each piece of jewellery. This is one of Emmy’s signature touches – you’ll find a crystal element on the soles of Emmy London shoes.

Emmy London's new diamond jewellery collection at H Samuel.

Inspired by the song lyrics ‘diamonds on the soles of her shoes,’ this clever little flourish ties the collaboration of shoes and diamonds together in the most charming way.

“Incorporating the same luxury, style and quality into the jewellery collections that Emmy London is known for was crucial to continuing the brand’s recognised standards and appeal,” says Deborah Jarrett, Buying Controller at H.Samuel.

Emmy London's new diamond jewellery collection at H Samuel.

“We’ve managed to embrace these ingredients while managing their affordability for the high street and I’m excited to see how the differentiated designs of Emmy London jewellery resonate with H.Samuel customers.”

This is such an exciting and innovative collaboration and it’s just fantastic to see one of our most beloved bridal brands stepping out onto the high street whilst retaining everything that makes the label so special.  Emmy London’s jewellery collection is perfect – Art Deco lines, sleek contemporary touches and flawless design combine in the most extraordinary way.

And incase you were wondering, Emmy says that her favourite piece from the collection is this beautiful tiara inspired design – an exquisite Platinum 0.15 Carat Diamond Ring. And I can completely see why – how absolutely beautiful, and what a precious addition this would be to any personal collection of treasured jewellery.

Emmy London's new diamond jewellery collection at H Samuel.

Something tells me that it won’t just be Emmy London shoes we’ll be seeing on Love My Dress brides in the months to come!

The Emmy London at H.Samuel collection is now available and designs range in price from £299 to £3,499 and each and every piece is laced with certificated I1 certificated diamonds, which ensure the cut, clarity, colour and carat of the diamond.

Love Tamryn x



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