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Hello again, It’s always such a pleasure to be gracing the pages of Love My Dress with our inspirational moodboards. It really is our favourite part of the wedding planning process here at Pocketful of Dreams – before any plans are made we get to explore and discover just what that dream day really feels like for our clients. We then dive into the design; researching ideas; considering colour palettes; taking inspiration from their brief, the season they are to marry and of course the location – which is always key.

So thinking about divine locations – this month we have turned our attention to destination weddings, and have been heavily influenced by those chic island hangouts of Ibiza and Mykonos with their memory-making sunsets, whitewashed walls and raw natural beauty. 

Destination weddings inspiration - influenced by the chic island hangouts of Ibiza and Mykonos with their memory-making sunsets, whitewashed walls and raw natural beauty

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten


This concept is for the free-spirited, the creative and the nomadic. Those wanderlusters who just can’t get enough of the salty-air and that sunkissed glow. 

The colour palette is anchored in earthy, natural tones and showered with soft white and organic neutrals, peppered with burnt sienna and sandy shades. Texture as the fundamental detail from natural materials, tactile fabrics, organic crockery and imperfect surfaces to create a sense of pared back luxury. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – this is modern bohemia in it’s most tranquil form.

Destination weddings inspiration - influenced by the chic island hangouts of Ibiza and Mykonos with their memory-making sunsets, whitewashed walls and raw natural beauty

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / 

thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen


The Cycladic island of Mykonos is known as much for being an exquisite white washed maze, dotted between secluded beaches and serene hillsides as it is for its hedonistic ability to host the most monumental party of your life. For our Gypset bride and groom, there could be no more perfect destination.

‘Scorpios’ is located in a one-of-a-kind and exquisite spot on a clifftop on the south of the island. The ethos at this unique and exclusive venue is to bring people together, celebrate every moment, and elevate experiences to something transformative and unforgettable. 

The wedding ceremony would take place on the tranquil and truly intimate beach below the cliffs, followed by basil martinis on the cliff-top terrace as the sun sets over the Aegean sea with untouched views straight to the horizon. Guests will dine, family-style, in the open air restaurant, enjoying a long and slow mediterranean feast of wholesome, organic and local delicacies. As the night draws on and the music turns up, guests will dance the night away under the starlit sky.


Wanderlust meets sophistication for our Gypset bride. Lepanto by Yolan Cris is a fitting choice, a backless gown with embroidered silk tulle, halter neckline, daring cutout and a sheer skirt. This dress epitomises her fearless yet delicate nature. She is a bohemian with a deep soul and her designer gown will be accessorised with jewellery and artefacts from her world travels along with an heirloom veil and Aquazzura’s infamous Wild Thing sandals in Cognac.

Her hair and beauty look is serene, soft and natural. Loose, effortless waves for her hair and a sun kissed, barely there make-up look. For the maids something equally laid-back and bohemian, mirroring the lace of her gown with the Sienna maxi dress from For Love and Lemons  – and their special bridesmaids gift an unusual pair of raw-cut, porcelain earrings by Parisian jewellery designer Goutte de Terre from Object Style.


The setting at ‘Scorpio’ provides the perfect base of raw textural details to layer and build upon to create this primitive yet elegant vibe. Palpable, raw fabrics in neutral shades will be casually draped along the large tables and slowly billow in the evening wind creating interest in their own formations. Clusters of candles adorn the tables and the surroundings, creating the perfect post-sunset ambience. Eclectic and wild displays of local flowers decorate the tables in whitewashed, assorted vessels.

The crockery and glassware will take an organic form, each piece beautifully unique and uneven creating a relaxed ambience to the evening. The feast will be served to the centre of the table, so beautiful it acts as part of the decor, displayed in raw wooden bowls and eclectic platters with ceramic serving wares.

Those craving downtime from the late night celebrations can retreat to a zen-zone created with blazing fire-pits, peacock chairs and macrame blankets. 

Destination weddings inspiration - influenced by the chic island hangouts of Ibiza and Mykonos with their memory-making sunsets, whitewashed walls and raw natural beauty

I do hope this has inspired you today.

Love Michelle xx


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