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Good afternoon lovelies, we’ve a bit of an era-inspired theme going on today at Love My Dress it seems, which we started with this morning’s beautiful 1920’s inspired nuptials and are continuing with these glorious 1930’s inspired images.

Sent in by photographer Rebecca Searle, these images are the result of a collaboration between some wonderfully talented British wedding suppliers whose work we are delighted to showcase on Love My Dress today. Rebecca herself tells us more…

“We collaborated with three amazing dress designers; Francis BridalLa Poesie and Kate Edmondson Bridal Couture. Each gown had a modern twist on classic elegance that fitted perfectly with the shoot. We used accessories by the designer Agnes Hart who creates the most beautiful vintage inspired veils. The veils were the starting point of the 1930’s inspiration and we were over the moon when we opened the boxes of these incredibly crafted pieces.” 

Images by Rebecca Searle Photography

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“Our finishing touches were the beautifully classic jewellery pieces by Harrington Brookshaw jewellers in Guildford including pearls, opals and aquamarine set in 18 carat gold.”“Our suits were supplied by The Vintage Hire Suit Company who stock fantastic suits for those that want something a little retro and offbeat for their wedding. We loved the tweed suits and waistcoats that they selected for the shoot.” 

“For our gents, a few GHD curls that were then styled with a little gelwax was all they needed for a classic, polished look.” 

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“We knew we needed an oversized bouquet in keeping with the style of the era. We contacted Tangerine & Green Florist who created the most swoon worthy burgundy and blush bouquet. We always notice that oversized bouquets look crazily large until you ‘put them on a bride’, then they look absolutely perfect.” 

“Candra first set the hair by rolling around a Hair tong and pinning the curls into place so that when she unpinned the hair we had a beautiful vintage wave going through it. She then pinned into a low rolled bun leaving that lovely wave the show through the hair and the front she pinned to accentuate the wave.”

“Maria really suited this look and it was very flattering with the stunning Kate Edmondson Bridal Couture Dress that she modelled.”

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“Cindy took hair inspiration from the Agnes Hart Veils and decided to work around them to maximise their impact, with a centre parted hairline braid, to suit the jewelled forehead veil for the modern take on this era.”

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“One of our favourite looks was when we used the vintage hat on Maria, it seemed to work so well with the hair styling and instantly added that classic elegance that we wanted from the shoot.”  

“Kerry created our makeup looks. Vintage styling called for soft, subtle, slightly smudgy make-up. Our palette was antiqued peach, steely greys and washed rose. Giving each bride a unique look tailored to their colouring.  Favourite products from the day were Mac paintpots, Sephora eyeshadows and NARS foundations.” 

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“Rebecca photographed the day which was incredibly cold. The models did absolutely amazingly given the freezing conditions!”

“We hope this styled shoot is inspiring to those who wish to re-create the chic glamour from the era.” 

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  1. I adore longer detailed veils. (The one’s here are gorgous:D)It just adds to that dramatic element, and it blows beautifully in the wind.

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