Dreaming In Flowers: Tasteful and Elegant, Pinup Inspired Bridal Boudoir

Bridal boudoir isn’t something we’ve shared too much of on Love My Dress and honestly, I think this is because as a genre of photography, it has to be done really well, and tastefully, for me to truly appreciate it. I’ve seen some utterly breathtaking examples of bridal boudoir in my time as an online editor and, admittedly, some not so good.

These images you see today definitely fit into the former. Tastefully conceived and curated by stylist Redamancy and captured by photographers Fox & Owl, these images portray a retro and pinup inspired bridal boudoir scene, using the beautiful lingerie items of Ayten Gasson and Laura George. Words below are from photographers Fox & Owl. I hope you love and appreciate these sublime images as much as I do.

“This boudoir inspiration session was shot at Norwood Park in Nottinghamshire. The love child of Extra Special Touch and Redamancy Wedding Design, who dreamed of creating a boudoir shoot that really shrugged off the common negative connotations that boudoir shoots can have in the wedding industry. This shoot shows that bridal prep can, and should be, an equally exciting and celebrated part of a wedding day. As a team on this shoot we were very much of the opinion that, from a design point of view especially, there shouldn’t be a single second of your day when you are not enveloped in a sense of what your wedding represents to you. For us, this shoot is an expression of celebrating yourself, as well as your relationship, on your wedding day.”

Images by Fox & Owl

34 Tasteful elegant and glamorous retro inspired bridal boudoir 1

“The aesthetic and styling for the shoot, designed by Redamancy Wedding Design, was a floral dreamland, captured beautifully in Fox & Owl’s signature hazy tone. Shindig! Event Styling perfectly executed the brief in tending to the four poster bed with a heavy dose of flowers and foliage, which acted as the centre-stage for our shoot.”

“At the heart of the shoot was the opportunity to showcase the incredible lingerie and accessories designed by three powerhouses in the industry – Extra Special Touch, Ayten Gasson and Laura George. Choosing your wedding lingerie can and should be a really special part of your wedding preparations. It can be beautiful, stylish, comfortable, coloured, and make you feel like a million dollars. Gone are the days when there was one style of wedding lingerie – white and leaving little to the imagination – which put a lot of people off, however, now the choice is truly yours for what to wear under the dress.”

41 Tasteful elegant and glamorous retro inspired bridal boudoir

“The whole team were very much of the view that confidence and being true to yourself is the sexiest thing going, and you can still be beautiful and feminine in any lingerie which makes you feel good. The option to have your lingerie personalised, either with your married name or your wedding date, makes it even more of a sentimental choice which you can remember forever”

“Veils by the wonderful Sash and Veil added a fashion-forward spin on the traditional and made us all covet that all-important veil reveal even more than we already did.”

123 Tasteful elegant and glamorous retro inspired bridal boudoir

“The pin-up girls of the early 1900s are a true testament to how owning what you’ve got and being yourself is what really counts when it comes to a boudoir shoot. So who else better to help our models get into the vibe of the shoot than Sarah from Pin Up Curl who just oozes style and glamour, and transposes this onto anyone whose hair touches her fingers. Amy George worked her signature magic on our lovely models, Gemma and Tiffany, creating the most stunning wedding day looks and showcasing their natural beauty.”

67 Tasteful elegant and glamorous retro inspired bridal boudoir

“As part of this shoot, we also wanted to highlight more than just the boudoir element by shining a spotlight on what a special time getting ready on the morning of your wedding can be. Laying out your signature wedding scent, lighting some candles, and reading a letter specially prepared by your loved one on your wedding day is a lovely way to take some time to appreciate what the day ahead really means to you.”

LoveLi designed the most gorgeous, complementary stationery for this shoot and we love how the pop of pink injects some exciting colour into the natural tones of the rest of the shoot. Ginny and Joy are the brains behind the beautiful bridal gift box which is the perfect present for your bridesmaids on the day of your wedding – a special thank you for all they have done for you.”

85 Tasteful elegant and glamorous retro inspired bridal boudoir

“Rather than a wedding table set for a traditional wedding breakfast like we often see in shoots, Redamancy Wedding Design created a wedding brunch table which is the perfect addition to a morning full of wedding preparation. A well set table complete with flowers and fancies is another little way to make your wedding morning into a celebration in and of itself. Eclairs by The Whimsical Cake Company are the perfect, pretty treat to deliver sustenance whilst also helping you get in the mood for a party.”

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