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Welcome to another week lovely readers and let me tell you now, this week is going to start on a super high note so take a break from whatever you’re doing because you’re going to LOVE this. We’re beyond excited to share the brand new ICON collection from Grace Loves Lace with you today and we’ve also got an exclusive interview with Creative Director, Megan Ziems too. So, prepare yourself for something rather special and just enjoy what’s coming…

If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest browsing wedding dresses (who hasn’t?!), you’ll have seen gowns by Grace Loves Lace. The unique lace wedding dresses are designed and handmade in Australia and are often cited as being ‘the most pinned dresses of all time’. I have such a soft spot for Grace Loves Lace. Whether it’s the fabrics, the silhouettes, the drama and beauty of the gowns or a combination of everything, I’m not sure but what I do know is, there’s nothing like Grace Loves Lace and that is definitely worth celebrating.

The new ICON collection is, frankly, jaw-droppingly fabulous. There are still plenty of designs with that unmistakable Grace Loves Lace vibe but there are also new styles that I just adore. Menha features iridescent blush-tone spot embroidery and it’s insanely beautiful. There’s also a cool faux fur jacket, a mid-thigh backless dress, a feather-trimmed figure hugging knee-length design and a whole clutch of off-the-shoulder gowns for the modern boheme. It’s a brave, bold and ultimately spectacular collection.

Lake Gown Unreal Fur Dream Jacket ICON by Grace Loves Lace Med Res 1

And Megan Ziems, the incredibly talented Creative Director behind Grace Loves Lace is the lady responsible for the growth of this unique label. We were lucky enough to be able to ask her a few questions, which give a rather wonderful insight into the Grace Loves Lace brand.

How did you came to be a bridal designer?

My background is in sales and marketing and I had worked very closely with production and design teams. When I was searching for my own wedding dress in 2010 I noticed an alarming gap in the market for wedding dresses I would want to wear, and so the birth of GLL began!

Harri Gown ICON by Grace Loves Lace Med Res 4

What is your design process when creating new gowns?

I work on product development constantly so I don’t stick to seasons or design schedules per se. I’m always led by the GLL woman, what works and what doesn’t work, what fabrics I have sourced or designed, ideas and variations of existing styles. There really are no rules or structure; passion and creativity leads the way.

What part of the design process do you enjoy most?

I absolutely love designing fabrics; it’s a new-found passion of mine. It’s a form of art and I really love the level of creativity involved. I get the most excited during the early and final stages of designing; the long, middle part of the process can get frustrating and tedious.

Menha Gown ICON by Grace Loves Lace Med Res 3

How many drafts of a design might you go through before reaching a finished design?

Generally we design almost double what makes the final cut.

Do you design on your own or is it a more collaborative process?

It’s very collaborative. I have a development team that are highly involved. In terms of decision making and establishing the brief, that’s me.

What are your design influences right now?

Beautiful fabric and music are key influences for me for every collection. I find that I have a very clear idea of the music and the vibe, and I work backwards from there. I’m really inspired by confidence, women and dresses that have soul and character – that substance is absolutely essential for us.

Sol Gown ICON by Grace Loves Lace Med Res 4

Where do you look to spot ‘trends’ and keep abreast with what brides are looking for?

Generally I don’t, I am rarely aware or interested in what’s trending. Social media is probably the platform that keeps you up to speed without you even knowing it.

Do you tend to design with a certain type of bride in mind?

Of course, everything we do is completely dedicated to the GLL woman. We have quite a few different customer types but the common thread in every GLL woman is that she appreciates and can recognise quality and authenticity. She has substance, is fuelled by passion and injects her soul into everything she does. We believe everything should have an authentic purpose and connect with you.

What are your favourite materials/embellishments to work with?

Stretch lace, fine Italian tulle, sheer embroideries, and I’m trim obsessed!

Marloe Gown ICON by Grace Loves Lace Med Res 3

What, in your opinion, sets your brand apart?

There many aspects to Grace Loves Lace that set us apart. First and foremost we are about the woman, not the bride. We were the first bridal brand to really establish an exciting take on bridal – 7 years ago. Our designs and garment construction celebrate women; we don’t restrict the body with structure and rigid elements.

What are your core values?

GLL designs are luxury you can dance in, because GLL women demand that and cannot be restricted. We sell exclusively through our own channels and of course, by cutting out the wholesale element it allows us to sell and produce without any price mark up. We offer a Made to Order service and, for urgent brides, we have a selection of Ready to Wear gowns as well.

What are your proudest moments workwise?

We have been received many product, service and business awards which make me very proud and happy for our team, as we work so hard and everyone is so unbelievably dedicated and passionate. I am proud every single time I see a GLL bride. Opening our LA and London showrooms was definitely a milestone for us, and every time we launch our mainline collection each year I burst with excitement.

What do you do to relax? How do you escape from the wedding world?

Exercise! That’s my downtime. I can’t actually remember the last time I stopped and relaxed but I love to exercise with the kids daily.

Lake Gown ICON by Grace Loves Lace Med Res 7

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Juggling motherhood and work. I have two beautiful boys; my youngest is only 10 months old.

What are the most important things brides should keep in mind whilst choosing their gown?

Comfort and quality.

Dominga Gown ICON by Grace Loves Lace Med Res

If you weren’t designing wedding dresses, what do you think you would be doing?

I love being in business and love being creative, so I would be doing something similar I’m sure!

What should we expect next from your label?

Incredible new fabrics and designs that I am working on, as well as a new showroom and tons of insane creative content! We are not slowing down!

Oh Grace Loves Lace, we can’t wait to see what comes next!

To find out more about Grace Loves Lace, including the latest collection and their amazing London showroom and their services, do visit the fabulous website.

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