Natural & Wild Wedding Inspiration at Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve, Featuring Rolling in Roses Ethical Wedding Dresses

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Any excuse to feature the divine gowns of ethical wedding dress designer Rolling In Roses, and you can count me in.

Which is partly what made it so easy to accept this sweet, fun, natural and wild bridal editorial from Holly Dallison, Founder and Director ofLocate to Create Prop Hire & Event Styling whose words are below…

“With the super talented photographer Rebecca Carpenter on board Holly knew her concept was in safe hands. And when Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve agreed to host the shoot, there was the twist Holly had been looking for, it was going to be wild.”

Images by Rebecca Carpenter

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“It was so exciting being able to shoot at Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve. It’s a perfect wedding location. Set in 600 acres with exceptional views across beautiful Kent country side. The location boasts historic architecture with stunning hand painted interiors, and over 700 rare animals from around the world, who wouldn’t want to get married there?”

“The hand painted walls of the Spencer Roberts room are adorned with wild animals that almost feel as if they are coming out from the walls. The rich tones of the natural wood tables and chairs supplied by Locate to Create really complimented the rooms interior.”

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“The table settings were softened by incorporating pink accents, beautiful informal English country floral arrangements created by Hedges and Flowers complimented with pretty vintage china and glass byHarriet’s Table helping to create an ethereal element to the elegant table scape.”

“The wild aspect was added subtly so as not to distract from the rooms stunning surroundings. It’s very easy to over dress a table scape, I like to add subtle elements which encourage the guests to really take in the environment around them whilst offering opportunities for them to discover elements of surprise within the table setting “. This theory was carried forward into the creation of the outside table scape.” 

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“The outside table setting incorporated an eclectic mix of vintage brass candle holders, vintage wooden animals, combined with contemporary accents including a large animal centrepiece, feature animal plates and zebra prints, these elements allowed both the table setting and its surroundings to compliment each other.”

“Pretty pastel coloured stationery featuring giraffes, zebras and an array of delicate florals, were supplied by Wonderland Invites.”

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“A mouth-watering selection of Hors d’oeuvres prepared by chefs at Port Lympe Hotel and Reserve were served from colonial style vintage bamboo tables, accented with a selection of props also supplied and styled by Locate to Create.”

“With an abundance of natural light, pretty pastel pink walls, stunning architecture and original Moroccan accents the exotic Moroccan Courtyard was the picture-perfect location for an intimate ceremony.”

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“The bride looked elegant and captivating with makeup and hair by BEYOU Weddings and dresses supplied by Story of My Dress. The groom was dressed in a subtle pink suit by ASOS.”

“As rhythmic sounds from Chiqas filled the courtyard in perfect harmony it wasn’t long before our bride and groom were dancing to the rhythm.”

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“The exquisite cake adorned with edible natural flowers was created by Chelsea Buns Cake Design Design. I’ve worked together with Chelsea on many occasions and her cakes are always special, on this occasion she created a stunning cake perfectly mirroring the unique location.”

“Displayed on our petite vintage pink chest of drawers housed within one of the many archways within the Moroccan courtyard it really did surpass all expectations. Cute little gold animals, and a larger gold elephant cake topper, all wearing flower crowns, were supplied by Cake Topper Animals.”

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Indoor and outdoor seating and lounge areas were created by Locate to Create in a variety of locations. These incorporated elements such as vintage globes, suitcases and antique campaign furniture, echoing an old English colonial vibe. The perfect place to sit back, relax, rest those dancing feet and take in the views.

“Alternatively, why not go on SAFARI!? Yes, at Port Lympe Hotel and Reserve the bridal party really can experience the thrills of a Safari. Our bride and Groom did and WOW what an incredible experience it was. Thankfully we had Nick from Rix Weddings to record all the elements of an exciting day. Together Nick and Rebecca Carpenter really did capture the animation and emotions on our couples faces.”

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