Thought For A Sunday: Becoming a Full Time Wedding Blogger…

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On Monday, I made a call I'd been longing to make for months. I made a call to notify my employer that I wanted to resign from my full time employment as University Principal Administrator, to become a full time Wedding Blogger.

A full time Wedding Blogger!!!!!!

As far as I know, I'm one of only two full time Wedding Bloggers in the UK.  And whilst that's pretty exciting, it's also a little bit scary!

I put the phone down after that call on Monday and just sat there in silence for a little while, as a sense of peace came all over.  Peace and comfort.  I felt no need to go out and celebrate, It just felt that everything was right and in its place and as it should be. Like everything was finally in it's correct order. In that 10 minute phone call, I had made the scariest, but indeed the very best decision I have ever made in my life.

If he's reading this, I'd like to thank my old boss for being so gracious and supportive and helpful during that phone call, even if he was somewhat taken aback at my news.  {by the way, I'm really looking forward to that lunch John :)…}.

It wasn't until two days later, after I'd met with my Accountant that it hit me:  I am my own boss. I am now self employed.  I have my own business that I love and am immensely proud of.  I felt excitement and elation, mixed with sensations of pressure and even a little anxiety that I had turned my back on a well paid, secure job, to enter the wonderful world of wedding blogging.  But not for one nano-second did I sense any regret.

The career path trodden by professional UK Wedding Bloggers is a very, very new one, and I'm proud to be joining colleagues like my friend Kat in leading the way in championing the role, defining the career path, and showing the UK wedding industry that we can add huge value and make a big difference. 

Yesterday afternoon, I spoke about the influence of wedding bloggers to members of the  UK Alliance of Wedding Planners in London, who invited me to give a presentation on the role of wedding blogs.  I have already received a number of emails thanking me for my inspirational presentation which I look forward to sharing with you over the next couple of weeks.   I have published just a few screenshots from my presentation below, including my new status update on my Facebook profile, as 'Self Employed' {hehe!}….

Love My Dress Wedding Blog, Copyright (c) 2011, Annabel Beeforth, Love My Dress

Screenshot from my presentation on the Role of Wedding Blogs...

I talked about how I perceive the role of Wedding Blogger developing over the next year and spoke about how I see bloggers getting more involved with professional industry events – the photographs below are from the Designer Vintage Bridal show, where I was invited to exhibit at in my own right as Wedding Blogger last month….


Screenshot from my presentation on the Role of Wedding Blogs...

As part of my presentation, I also considered what was next for UK Wedding Bloggers, which included the suggestion of a professional association.  I referred to the fabulous American Association for Wedding Blggers,'The B-List'

Screenshot from my presentation on the Role of Wedding Blogs...

So, my thoughts this Sunday are on my roller-coaster of a week, my future as a Professional Wedding Blogger and on the many, incredible people that have helped make my dream of becoming self employed, true.  There are so many positive forces around me at the moment, so many brilliant, kind supportive, wonderful, creative people that I have met through my adventures in blog land.   You know who you are, and without you, I would not be here. That is fact.

This weekend has been quieter on the blog than usual, as I spend precious time with my family. My amazing Husband {who I love beyond words} and Children have allowed me all the time I've needed over the past few months, as I've poured all my energies into developing Love My Dress. Today, I owe them, and I'd like to close my laptop lid for a few hours and spend time with those who mean everything to me.

Sometimes in life, no matter how scary the prospect, you just HAVE to take that leap of faith.  The landing is softer than you might think, and the view ahead from the otherside, is a bright one 🙂

Have a super lovely Sunday everyone.

Much love,

Annabel xXx

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Founder of Love My Dress. Passionate Podcaster and Editor. Annabel lives in rural North Yorkshire with her husband and business partner Philip, their two daughters and menagerie of furry hounds. She loves photography, meditation, walking, being outdoors and star gazing. She is fierce when it comes to championing talent within the wedding industry and when she's not working on Love My Dress, she supports her husband Philip in the running of the family's sustainable flower farm and floral design business, Moonwind Flowers. In 2013, she became a published author.

66 thoughts on “Thought For A Sunday: Becoming a Full Time Wedding Blogger…

  1. How exciting! It’s wonderful that you are now doing what you love (and do so well) full time!

  2. Really inspirational and perfect news for a Sunday – a day for reflection and planning for week ahead. Wishing you lots of luck! x

  3. I have been following your site for just a month or so and I have to say that this is one of the best sites not only for wedding photographers, but to all photographers and bloggers alike.
    Congrats and I applaud your desire to succeed on something you worked so hard for. Best wishes to you and to the site.
    Dave Tong

  4. Well done on taking such a brave step. I love your blog and I hope you enjoy being your own boss. I trained as a Legal Executive dealing with Conveyancing and Probate cases for 12yrs. but gave it all up in 2005 (with the support of my lovely husband) to work part time in a florists. I now have my own wedding/event floristry business and I too have no regrets. So here’s to your next chapter.

  5. You are an inspiration to so many and I think so many people want to see you do well. Very well done Annabel. I adore your blog and visit every day x

  6. Such an inspirational read, thank you so much and all the very best in your new job. You will be amazing, your blog is fab!!

  7. Congratulations, I read this with a tear in my eye. Its so great to do something that means so much to you and I wish you all the best as a full time blogger! Helen x

  8. Well done for being brave and taking that leap of faith! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. I know that you and your wonderful blog are going to go from strength to strength. Wishing you all the best x ps. A professional association for UK bloggers is a fabulous idea! Your next project perhaps? 🙂 x

  9. Congratulations Annabel, and good luck with the next phase of Love My Dress. I’ve been watching your blog grow in many ways over the last couple of months and I admire you for your dedication to LMD.
    The step into self-employment is a brilliant one to take. You’ll never regret it – being your own boss is an amazing thing to do. Yes there’s responsibility and it gets a bit scary, but that will only push you further and on to more exciting things.
    Enjoy it: enjoy the freedom and enjoy the success you’ve achieved with this site in – is it only 18 months?! Wow.

  10. Congratulations, Annabel. What a beautifully written post, and what a wonderful step to have made. I am so happy for you, you definitely deserve it – and I know you will continue to be a huge success. Keep up the amazingness!

  11. Crickey Annabel – I figured you were already full time! Just imagine how much more you can achieve!!!
    Congratulations…self-employment is so liberating…and a UK association for wedding bloggers is a fantastic idea!
    Best of luck and love for an even brighter future xxx

  12. Brilliant!!! you wont regret it, its fab having your own business, something you love and care about! You will be fab, good luck!
    Vintage and Cake x

  13. Oh what a great story, well done you! You will do really well I am sure, in fact, I know it!

  14. Annabel, what a beautiful, inspiring post. Wishing you every success as you embark on this exciting, incredible journey! Hope to feature my work on your fabulous blog one day soon! xx

  15. Congratulations {again!} on becoming a full time blogger! I’m sure Love My Dress will become even more incredible than it already is – wishing you lots of luck on what will be an amazing journey ahead.
    It was also fab to meet you yesterday; you really delivered a fantastic + inspirational presentation x

  16. Congratulations Annabel! :0) Wishing you lots of luck and excitement as your journey continues…x

  17. Well done to you!
    You’re not alone. I’m a full time wedding blogger as well and have been for about 3 years. Modern Wedding Ideas is my most recent project, but I have two other wedding blog/sites. It’s great isn’t it?

  18. This is so inspirational, it makes me want to succeed on my own even more!
    I really admire your courage and am glad I follow you and your blog!
    What a wonderful lady you are XxX

  19. Annabel, so absolutely thrilled for you. It’s very brave and inspiring of you to make this leap.
    Your blog was such an inspiration to me when I was planning my wedding.
    Long may you continue x

  20. Hi Nicky! Nice to hear from you 🙂
    I love it yes, and am happy to hear you do too! We should hook up sometime!! Where are you based?
    Thanks so much everyone else. Busy working on next week’s fabulous content, but it will be an earlyish night for me, after my crazy week.
    Much love,
    Annabel xXx

  21. Well done you! This is a wonderfully written and well considered post. I feel every bit the fear that you would have done about making the leap. As a ‘career’ girl in a high earning role making the move to full time photographer is something I am massively scared of but would love to do. You on the other hand have done it girl, you have followed your dream!!!….go you…we all love you and will support you all the way 🙂

  22. You are very welcome my lovely. I still remember how kind you have been to me in the past and if there is ever anything I can do to help you in this please just say!! You are well loved and your blog is inspirational and always well written. You deserve this success, your family must be very proud! xxx

  23. Wishing you lots of sucess in your new ‘career’. I agree that wedding blogs are proving to be a very important part of the UK wedding industry.
    Good luck Annabel, you are an inspiration

  24. Hi Annabel, I never usually comment but visit your blog all the time for inspiration, and felt compelled after reading this to congratulate you. What an inspirational story. You are a beautiful writer and you maintain a beautiful blog. I wish you every success in your new ‘adventure’, you will be very successful, no doubt.
    All the very best,
    Abbie x

  25. Congratulations Annabel, until you mentioned resigning I assumed that to do such a wonderful job of the blog that you must already be full time – and getting this far in 18 months is just wow. I wish you the absolute best with what I am sure is only the start of great things for you. I was really pleased to finally meet you yesterday, your presentation was so inspiring, and you are such a lovely lady, Liz x

  26. Very good luck to you Annabel, I love your blog, you are a total natural for this kind of thing and will be a huge success no doubt. Keep on doing what you’ve been doing and you can’t go wrong!

  27. This post actually brought tears to my eyes Annabel. Congratulations on making the leap into full-time blogging, I wish you heaps of luck and love in your new, exciting career. What an example you’ll be setting for your girls, following your dreams and doing a job you truly love.
    It goes without saying that your beautiful blog has been a massive source of inspiration to me so far, and I know that it will continue to be over the next 10 months (eeek… is it really only 10 months until my wedding!)
    Loveaudrey xxx

  28. Oh thank you SO much Loveaudrey – I cannot wait to see your wedding photographs and for your big day to arrive. I’ll be raising a glass of champas on your behalf!
    I really do hugely appreciate your kind words – just a few words make such a difference, so thank you 🙂
    And thanks to everyone else for your kindness also 🙂
    Much love,
    Annabel 🙂

  29. Congratulations for following your dreams and committing to them wholeheartedly, however scary that commitment might be. I would wish you luck – but you don’t need it as this beautiful blog and its dedicated readership speaks volumes on your success!! Enjoy being your own boss x

  30. I realise I’m a little late to the party but still wanted to add my twopence worth to this post as I feel talent should be celebrated. I am so pleased you have taken the time to write about this and include your readers in what is clearly a really important milestone for you. It is also clear from the number of people responding here that you have touched the hearts and minds of so many with your blog. You dared to try something new, stepping out into the unknown and overcoming fears along the way (like your recent presentation!) and you have been a huge success, it just goes to show what passion, dedication and a ‘can do’ attitude can achieve. I say well-done Annabel for being a role-model to lots of young women (and men I imagine!) and for doing it with such style and grace. I am just one of many who has been inspired by you to dare to pursue my own dreams. You have certainly laid the foundations for a successful future and I hope you have a wonderful journey building your business even further and taking the UK wedding industry by storm. Michelle x

  31. Heartfelt good luck! May you continue to inspire brides to be as much as you inspired me.

  32. Congrats Annabel. To start something new is always a big step but to pour your heat and soul into it is something only a handful of people can know just how it feels.
    Its great to be your own boss.

  33. I’m so happy for you. You’ve worked really hard to build up your wonderful blog; it’s thoroughly deserved. Working for yourself is definitely the most rewarding thing you can do in your professional life!

  34. You are an inspiration to so many and I think so many people want to see you do well. Very well done Annabel. I adore your blog and visit every day x

  35. Wow i have just read your post and am so inspired as it is my ultimate dream to be a full-time wedding blogger and run my own wedding website. I have a high-earning teaching job and keep thinking there is no way I could ever leave that to do blogging but maybe there is a way!
    I started my blog just a week ago and am trying to gain any knowledge or ideas for making it work from anyone who can give advice – i would be grateful!
    Love your blog – keep at it honey x

  36. Thanks Polly, I hope you really do find inspiration in these pages. I never EVER thought I could do this full-time, and look at me now 🙂
    Much love,
    Annabel xXx

  37. Thank you for this post..even though it’s how many years old it is still an inspiration at this time! I’m taking the leap of faith and hopefully I will make it in this wedding blog world! ❤️

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