Pastel and Golds for a Traditional Outdoor Thailand Wedding Ceremony

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How is the weekend treating you so far? If you’re dreaming of sunny shores, the blue sea stretching in to the distance and warm, balmy nights, then we have such a treat for you. Now, when I travel I love learning about different cultures, traditions and ceremonies.

This is why I’ve so enjoyed writing about the wedding of Tiara and Mike, which was held in the unbelievably beautiful surroundings of Phuket, Thailand. Their day was arranged with the help of  The Wedding Bliss Thailand, who are one of the top wedding planners in Thailand, and valued members of the Stylists and Planners section of our online wedding directory Little Book for Brides.

Tiara and Mike chose their venue, Anantara Layan Phuket Resort, due to its proximity to the sea and breathtaking views. Their wedding was held on 5 November 2016, and they marked the day with two ceremonies, a ceremony that paid tribute to cultural traditions of Thailand in the morning, and a symbolic vow exchange. Their inspiration of the ocean, along with pastel colours and splashes of gold, ran through the day to create a light, elegant and luxurious atmosphere. The couple arranged their wedding in just six months, but had known each other since they were children,

“We have known each other since we were little. Our families are friends so we saw each other a lot at  gatherings. As years passed, we built from friendship to a closer bond. We were engaged for six months before our wedding day. We both love the ocean and love whales and my favourite colour mix is anything in pastel with a touch of gold.”

Photography by Terralogical

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These soft and pretty flowers were designed by IAMFLOWER, but their presentation ensures that they were suitable for a very modern bride; spheres of flowers arranged on clear stands created a natural focal point, and draws your eye beyond to the beautiful view. I really like how the addition of intense teal ribbons provides a lovely contrast, and reflects the colour of the sea in the background.

“They are the best florists in Phuket, and offer modern, edgy design solutions.”Throughout the day, Tiara wore three different gowns to honour her Thai background. I adore the pale blue and gold of her embellished Thai wedding dress, whilst her dramatic red ball gown, worn in the evening, has a real ‘wow-factor’. My favourite though, is the fitted white gown with its appliquéed bead foliage design, by couture designer Patarasiri.

“It was tailor-made. I love anything that is light and flowing.”

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She paired the gown with a beautifully light veil for an ethereal look, and added a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels. Her long, dark hair was styled into a chic chignon by Top Makeup Asia, and she chose a natural make-up look for the morning.

The addition of a pure white orchid looks so fresh and pretty. Later on, her make-up was more dramatic and her hair style more elaborate, to match the heavier, luxe gown that she changed in to.

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The first ceremony, held in the morning, was a traditional Thai ceremony. I love the inclusion of all the guests in the blessing.

“Traditional games opened the day; the groom is asked to complete a pass through the gates with the bridesmaids on the way to get to his bride – he actually needs to pay them with red packets of money. Once he reaches the bride, it’s time for formally asking permission from the bride’s parents, the ring exchange and a tea ceremony.”

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“A water blessing completes the series of traditional marriage procedures. Then the bride’s parents put joined flower crowns on the heads of the couple, and all of the guests, starting from the closest family, approach the couple and pour blessed water over their hands, wishing them well at the same time.”

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Their day was captured by photographers Terralogical, who the couple chose for their candid yet artsy style, and creative eye for detail. The photographs of Tiara putting on her gown are some of my favourites, and they have caught the light and space of the venue so well.

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The evening ceremony consisted of a symbolic vow exchange, with very personal vows written by the couple themselves. Tiara walked down the flower-strewn outdoor aisle with her parents, to the sound of ‘Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)‘ by Emily Hackett and Will Anderson. Mike wore a bespoke suit from Bangkok tailor Praise, with a vivid red bow-tie, and looks so cool and calm.

“My favourite part of the day was walking down the aisle with my parents beside me, and when they handed me over to the man who will be the next chapter of my life.”

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The couple exchanged rings chosen at Tiffany & Co. To reflect their love of the ocean, these were presented in polished shells carried by the page-boys.  The newly-weds walked back up the aisle to The Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition‘.

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Their table plan consisted of small polished shells marked with their guests’ names, nestled in sand, and each guest was gifted a cheese-board in the shape of a whale, to remember the day afterwards.

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Their lucky guests were treated to an alfresco feast by the venue caterers in the beautiful surroundings overlooking the sea. The tables look stunning, adorned with more pastel bouquets and tea-lights. Their love of whales and the ocean was included with the sweetest place names of a card whale with golden tassel, the work of their stationery designer iStudio8.

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The cutting of the cake, a three-tiered creation with a golden wave design topped with two kissing whales, took place at the top of the aisle, which was transformed for the evening with clever lighting.

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The Wedding Bliss Thailand really have produced a beautiful day with their light, modern and elegant signature style. If you are considering a wedding in Thailand then please visit their Little Book for Brides listing for more information, and take a look at other Love My Dress weddings in Thailand for more ideas.

Tiara and Mike, thank you so much for sharing your special day with us. I’ve really enjoyed hearing about how you exchanged vows, and I’m so inspired by the light, clear photography of Terralogical.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Ele xx

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