A Free Spirited, Mother Earth Inspired Bridal Editorial in Soft Peach and Blush

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It is always a pleasure to be able to feature the work of our Little Book Wedding Directory members, but never more so when more than one of them come together to produce work as harmonious as you see in these sublime Florence and the Machine-esque images before you today.

Those who know me well, will know that I have a deep respect for dressmakers. I’m married to one, for a start – and he has taught me a great deal about the craft through his own personal passion for it. I have a deep fascination for how you can take a piece of cloth and combine creative vision with pattern-cutting, sewing and draping to create something that fits and flatters a body so beautifully. One of the most talented individuals I know when it comes to such arts is Joanne Fleming, whose designs are featured in this sublime editorial feature that was captured by my dear friend and other member of our Little Book, the wonderful Georgina Harrison and conceived by stylist Kim Morgan, aka, The Gatherer, whose words are below. These images were shot on location at Escrick Park Estate in York.

“The concept for our shoot was derived from our sentient experiences of mother earth, the movement of her free spirit, the allure of her rich soul and the grounded expression that flows through dimensions. With her, we wanted to be led to the edge of our reality.  Wondering the quite tranquil grounds at Escrick Park estate…”

Images by Georgina Harrison

33 Dreamy pale pink wedding dress and mother earth inspired editorial

“The floral palette was chosen for it’s entrée into the equinox. For their elixir of life. Gentle soft butters and apricots smoulder alongside blossom creams and spring burgundies. Life afresh in every petal, emanating their individual scents of warmth and vitality.”“The simplicity of the dress by Joanne Fleming Design with it’s tactile silk and smoothest satin with flowing lengths of tulle brought accentuated movement and sensual expression to the fore. Stirring the waters of our expressive heart, we immerse ourselves ‘beyond’.”


38 Dreamy pale pink wedding dress and mother earth inspired editorial

“Paired back barely there make and soft braids blending with the natural beauty around, Catherine Elizabeth really did create the feeling of the free spirit.”


29 Dreamy pale pink wedding dress and mother earth inspired editorial49 Dreamy pale pink wedding dress and mother earth inspired editorial

“Bespoke hand painted & calligraphy echoes the gentle ebb and flow by the wonderful Crimson Letter….” 


We draw close to the allure of the gated walls
Of floral scents arising
Beyond that from within, a beguiling presence I feel
We are eclipsed of time, of still
A wander,
She meanders
The silence speaks
Of intrigue
O sweet scent enrapture
My mind is vacant of void
I immerse myself beyond the reality of that known and surrender myself to you

Lost in the English countryside, we take ourselves a world afar
The whispers, of an ode to the Grecians
An hypnotic touch of the gods
We are eclipsed in her transcendental beauty
Pale as porcelain, a doll alike
She speaks in muted colours of the mind

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