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Well lovely readers, I hope you had wonderful weekends. Were you wedding planning? I certainly was and with less than five weeks to go now, I’m off to collect my wedding dress today.

With that in mind, it seems only appropriate that I’m here today to talk gowns and bridal boutiques and one altogether brilliant boutique in particular, the adorable Clementine Bridal Boutique in Westerham, Kent. So, why not join me as we take a Monday meander through the boutique in the company of owners Margaret Preuveneers and Tina Marcovecchio.

Clementine Bridal Boutique offers everything brides could need and you’ll find headpieces and other accessories alongside a fabulous edit of gowns when you step inside. You’ll find the boutique in a small private courtyard, just off The Green in historic Westerham. It’s a spacious older building that was once a bakery and the quirky character of the space has been retained while providing contemporary rooms where you can try on gowns in peace, privacy and comfort.

21.Clementine Bridal boutique Watersham Kent

If you love designer gowns, you’ll be absolutely smitten by the designer collection that’s on offer at Clementine Bridal Boutique. Andrea Hawkes, Stephanie Allin, Savin London, Rembo Styling, and Aire Barcelona by Rosa Clara are all available, having been carefully chosen by Margaret and Tina.

“We were looking for two things from our designers,” says Margaret. “We wanted creative couture and stunning fabrics. Gowns have to feel as good as they look in our opinion and each design needs a certain chic, whether it’s cool, minimalist, bohemian or classical elegant. I couldn’t choose a favourite from our range, they’re all lovely!”

It’s not surprising that this is a stylish boutique as the team have over two decades experience in the world of bridal. This means that they know exactly how important customer service is and you can be sure that you’ll have a positive and memorable experience when you visit.

Above all, we want our clients to have a relaxed and enjoyable appointment with a highly knowledgeable and approachable team,” says Tina. “Buying a wedding dress is a uniquely personal experience and we aim to make it as special as possible for our brides.”

Generally, appointments at Clementine Bridal Boutique last for an hour to an hour and a half and in that time, you’ll be pampered and spoilt from start to finish. To get the most from your time in the boutique, Margaret has some words of advice for you:

“Do a little homework before you visit, as having a sense of the designers and their styles will make choosing gowns easier. However, do have an open mind as an experienced consultant may suggest something that hasn’t occurred to you that could be amazing.”

“We’d also recommend that you don’t bring too many friends to the appointment, just a trusted close friend and an important relative,” adds Tina. “If you have too many people with you, you’ll get too many opinions from too many directions and this will spoil your experience and make choosing impossible.” 

Both Margaret and Tina are very aware that as excited as lots of brides are to visit a boutique, the experience can also be a nerve-wracking one. You might be worried that those sample gowns won’t fit or that nothing will suit you. However, you really do have understanding friends at Clementine Bridal Boutique and they will do everything to set your mind at ease.

“Our team has so much experience and we’ll do everything to ensure your appointment goes swimmingly,” explains Margaret. “If you’re truly worried about the fit of sample gowns, get in touch with us for a quick chat in advance and then we can let you know how many samples will be available to try and we can reassure you. We promise it’ll all come good in the end.”

“If you’re above the average size, please don’t worry as all things are generally possible,” says Tina. “When it comes to samples, we are used to these enquiries and a quick call will help manage expectations. Also, not everything is about size, cut is equally as important. It’s not a question of just adjusting sizes, it’s about ensuring that a gown will wear beautifully too. Talk to us, we can work it out.”

How wonderfully reassuring and I can imagine that for lots of brides, just stepping into Clementine Bridal Boutique will let them kiss goodbye to wedding dress worries.

“It’s always so moving to watch some of our clients transform from nervous shopper to beautiful bride and that journey, from first appointment to the day itself can be really magical. The best thing about our job is that we’re able to make dreams come true.”

And, darling readers, what could possibly be better than that?

To find out more about Clementine Bridal Boutique, simply visit their website. You can view their collection and also, and most importantly, book an appointment to visit. Enjoy!


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