Andrea Hawkes Bridal: Six Reasons All Brides Need This British Designer On Their Radar

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The start of the year is a busy time for newly engaged brides – most of you will be spending any spare time you have scrolling endlessly through social media and rifling excitedly through the pages of wedding magazines to seek inspiration for your wedding day look.

Today I’m going to halt those proceedings and bring to your attention to the name of one of my favourite ever bridal fashion designers; Andrea Hawkes.

London based Andrea Hawkes, who last year celebrated 10 years in business, designs modern, contemporary and minimalist bridal gowns, in the most beautiful, incredibly high quality, sustainable fabrics.

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For many years now, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Andrea and her team, and I’m genuinely proud of the values we share. Our collective belief in the responsibility we all bear, as members of this precious planet and global community, to be more mindful in our choices and actions, is something that resonates deeply with me.

From the very start, Andrea Hawkes has very authentically and passionately built a business that honours the planet, that strives to create beautiful gowns and bridal fashion using the highest quality sustainable fabrics and materials and most sustainable processes and that sustains traditional dressmaking skills – in so doing, providing valuable employment for talented individuals. The desire to do this very much comes from her heart. You can feel this when you’re in her presence, it’s a palpable energy.

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In this article, I’m going to list six reasons why I want all brides looking for a wedding dress should consider booking an appointment at Andrea Hawkes.

But before I do – I want to let you know that this Saturday, Andrea Hawkes is hosting a sample sale for 1 day only at their London boutique. If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘sample sale’ – it is a sale of former display gowns that have been meticulously maintained and are still of exceptional quality. Sample sales are an excellent way of grabbing yourself a couture gown at a fraction of the usual cost – and this one is being held on a ‘first come, first served’ basis….

Six Reasons To Book An Appointment at Andrea Hawkes Bridal Today

1. Wearable Beyond The Wedding Day

One of the most distinctive offerings at Andrea Hawkes Brides is the ability to dye your wedding dress with natural dyes. This innovative service transforms your bridal gown into a piece that can be worn again on special occasions, making it a sustainable and value-added choice. This unique and thoughtful service not only gives a new lease of life to the bridal gown but creates a lasting memory that can be cherished and revisited beyond the wedding day.

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2.Personalised & Authentic Bridal Experience

Andrea Hawkes Brides is known for its personalised and intimate bridal appointments. Each bride is given individual attention to ensure that her style and preferences are understood and met, making the gown selection a memorable and unique experience.

Andrea’s genuine warmth and welcoming nature are mirrored in her team’s approach. They operate much like a family – close, supportive, and genuinely caring – with a heartfelt commitment to ensuring each bride’s happiness and fulfilment.

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3. Exceptional Craftsmanship and Quality

The focus at Andrea Hawkes Brides is on superior craftsmanship and quality. Each gown is crafted with the finest materials, ensuring not just aesthetic beauty but also comfort and durability, adhering to the highest standards of bridal fashion.

Every single gown is made by hand and with love in Andrea’s London atelier. Production is entirely in-house.

4.Commitment to Sustainability

For eco-conscious brides, Andrea Hawkes Brides stands out with their commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion practices. The use of ethically sourced materials and responsible production processes aligns with the values of brides who prioritise environmental and ethical considerations in their wedding planning.

They genuinely really care.

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5. Andrea Hawkes Can Help You If Your Wedding Is Happening Very Soon

Many bridal boutiques require a minimum of six months lead time when ordering your wedding dress. However, some brands can provide more flexibility. Andrea Hawkes can help you, even if your wedding as happening within the next 3 months and you haven’t found your dress yet. It happens!

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6. You Will Love Supporting Such A Small, Caring Business

In the bridal industry, where both large brands and small businesses play important roles, choosing a small business like Andrea Hawkes Brides offers a really rewarding experience. When you select a dress from Andrea Hawkes, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re making a meaningful act of support for the small business community. This really matters – it keeps the local and creative economy alive, supports artistry, helps nurture artisnal talent and keeps those with specialist production skills – often women – in employment.

Which means all the feels ladies, all the feels.

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If you’re not yet convinced, know that Andrea Hawkes have their own gorgeous collection of wedding veils and capes, they can oversee all the aftercare and dry-cleaning of your bridal gown, they can take care of all alterations, create bespoke designs from scratch – Andrea Hawkes even has her own collection of beautiful silk pyjamas and robes.

Time to grab your diaries and phones and make a call…

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Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 02077040236

Location: 36 Danbury Street, London, N1 8JU

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