Letters From Italy: Thoughts From Our Italian Wedding Planner Friends in the Middle of a Global Pandemic

Il Faro

We’ll start, as always, by sending you all our love and very best wishes right now. Whilst so many things are changed beyond all recognition at the moment, there is always brightness in the darkness.

We’ve seen communities come together to help the vulnerable, we’ve stood at our windows and on our doorsteps to applaud our NHS heroes and we’ve taken time to check in with each other, to share a kind word or a funny photo. It all matters. These are the things that make us human.

Today, we are so very honoured to be joined by some of our cherished wedding friends from Italy – each of them suppliers that we recommend most highly through our Wedding Directory. We’ve been keeping Italy in our thoughts over the last few weeks and to read these letters, to know that Italians are, in the midst of everything, are also thinking of us, is utterly humbling. Italy, ti vogliamo bene.

Darling readers, here are your letters from Italy…

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Il Faro

Dear readers,

Il Faro is perched on the clifftop of Capo Vaticano, Calabria at the very toe of the Italian boot. A beautiful spot from which you can see stunning sunsets, hear the Mediterranean waves crash against the granite rocks and smell the sweet aroma of the lush summer. Despite the idyllic setting, we have not been immune to the global Covid-19 crisis. In fact, we were unfortunately impacted pretty early on, way before it escalated into a global lockdown to try and decelerate the spread of the virus. But, we are being positive in the face of adversity and creating a pragmatic and meticulous set of solutions for our lovely couples who have chosen us as the venue for their wedding day.

As a venue, we decided to be proactive with our approach to the crisis. In mid-February we reached out to our first wedding of the year, which was scheduled for May, as we just wanted to check in on the how the couple were taking the news of the virus and the cases in Italy. The lovely couple, who are from London, had a positive outlook and so did we – we all said it will blow over.

Fast forward a few weeks and we were faced with a very different situation. Things in Northern Italy had deteriorated quickly, there were rumours of a lockdown in a couple of the Northern Regions and flights were being cancelled. This is when the first serious conversation about postponement happened. We discussed the best- and worst-case scenarios, we discussed cost implications with different vendors and the couple informed their guests of a potential postponement of the wedding. Armed with this information, we got to work and while we are a venue, in this situation we felt it was also our duty to help the couple try to navigate this unprecedented time and figure out the best path for them.

We connected with all the suppliers on behalf of the couple and asked if the deposit could be postponed to a different date. Unsurprisingly all of our recommended vendors were incredible and agreed that they would honour the service if the date were to move. We called the accommodations who were equally gracious (some took some convincing, but good sense and heart won over business!). We then got to work in getting a new date in the diary; as so many people were moving the date the caterer was starting to get booked up in September and October. We managed to book in a date for this wonderful and resilient couple, who have taken the whole situation in their stride. They are keeping mentally positive and we are all now planning for a beautiful September wedding.

We have reached out to all our brides and discussed which each best and worst case scenarios, giving each the opportunity to postpone.  Some have decided to move, and we are assisting with all the logistics that entails, others who are later in the summer are waiting it out to see how the global situation unfolds. We check in with all our couples on a weekly basis to keep the positivity going and keep the sense of excitement up. We even talk about Pinterest ideas we have seen because we don’t want coronavirus to rob them of the fun and excitement that goes hand in hand with planning a wedding – they are each living the current times differently, and we are there to support them as much as we are able to.

To our couples we have become their venue, their accommodation booking agency, their support system and their negotiator with other vendors. We believe it is extremely important to support them at this stressful moment. To us it makes good business sense to go the extra mile because it is all about giving these couples the best and most positive experience despite the current negative situation.

In the meantime we are staying in, working from home and spending most of our working hours creating idea boards and making one off decorative items to use at the venue. We are of the mindset that we must keep positive and we are grateful that these last few weeks we have received lots of enquiries for Summer 2021 weddings. We’re so glad that Covid-19 has not put couples off from choosing Italy as the country they wish to celebrate their nuptials in.

Italy, more specifically Capo Vaticano, truly is the most romantic place to get married. We might be biased, but we love this place with all our hearts and we hope to fight this virus as quickly as possible so that we can go back to hosting stunning, intimate and romantic weddings at our venue very soon.



P.S. For couples whose weddings are currently being affected by coronavirus and may need advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our email  and hopefully we can give you some professional advice having worked multiple years in the event and wedding business.

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Wedding In Wonderland

Dear readers,

As a destination wedding planner specialising in weddings in Italy, my thoughts are with all those couples who had to take the difficult decision of postponing their Italian wedding to next year. I know behind this there were hopes, emotions, tears, expectations, excitement, and surely many hours of planning.

But please, don’t feel it is all gone. I want to reiterate that you have made the best choice. You will be able to celebrate when our country will rise again and your minds and hearts will be lighter, ready to be filled with an immense joy. Italy has faced many hard times in its history, and once again, will be reborn in all its uniqueness. It will be again the country of art and beauty and we can’t all wait to celebrate with you your big day. It will be nothing short of incredible, an explosion of joy.

And to all those couples who were thinking to book their Italian wedding in 2021, please hold Italy in your hearts. Those beautiful weddings will happen there again soon. 2021 will be the year of our re-birth and choosing us for your big day will help to come back stronger, and more beautiful than ever.

All my love,


P.S. I am happy to offer free consultations to all those couples who were supposed to have weddings in Italy in 2020 and did not have a wedding planner. If you have questions or need advice on how to deal with your vendors, please contact me at [email protected] or visit weddinginwonderland.co.uk.

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Wiskow White

To our fellow Italy lovers,

I’m sure we’re united in the feeling of sorrow for Italy and the loss that it’s suffering.

It won’t be long until we’re reunited with those beautiful friendly people, the warm sun, rolling hills, a glass of crisp prosecco and each other. What bliss it will be to gaze out at a Tuscan sunset knowing what it took to get there to see it. The sunset will be worth the wait.

The amazing Italian suppliers that we at Wiskow & White have the pleasure of working with, are ready and waiting to raise a glass to you and your incredibly special day, made even more special by what’s happening at the moment. We can’t begin to imagine the emotion and celebration everyone at each of our weddings is going to feel.

Andra Tutto Bene

With love from,

Lucy and Danielle

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