Podcast #4: Philip White, on The Role of A.I. in Wedding Photography & Videography, Social Media & Attention Spans, Family & Staying Grounded & How To Cope When Business is Quiet

Philip White Wedding Videography and Photography Love My Dress Podcast

My guest in Episode #4 of The Love My Dress Podcast is Philip White, a highly regarded British wedding photographer and filmmaker, renowned for his breathtakingly beautiful documentation of luxury weddings and events all around the world. 

With a clientele whose guest lists often include royalty, Hollywood A-listers and the occasional Spice Girl, Philip’s 15-year career has seen him quietly capturing the private moments of some of the world’s most famous faces. 


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Philip White Wedding Videography and Photography

Philip’s rise to prominence in wedding photography and filmmaking isn’t just a testament to his creative talent but also reflects the influence of his personal life. He lives in the North West UK and is surrounded by an abundance of nature that helps keep him rooted. He is loving husband to Kat and father to their two daughters.

In his own words “We’re parents to the two most incredible young women. Jennifer, our impassioned academic with degrees from both Cambridge and Oxford and Alice, the most beautiful, artistic soul and hardest worker I know.”

Philip’s approach to documenting weddings is refreshingly unique. He favours minimalist equipment and works largely alone without a second shooter. As the wedding industry begins to embrace artificial intelligence, Philip stands firm in his unwavering conviction of the importance of human decision-making, intuition, and emotion.

In this episode, we dive into the journey and mind of an artist and storyteller, whose career has been shaped not just by his extraordinary skill and creativity, but also by his profound need for authenticity and his natural ability to stay grounded through it all. We discuss how Philip got into wedding videography and photography, the role of Artificial Intelligence and Authenticity in his work, social media and attention spans, family and marriage.

Philip is frank and honest about what to do when wedding enquiries and bookings are low and being careful to not “believe the b******t” – addressing pricing and marketing during a slowdown.


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