In May last year, we launched a big reader survey.  I have been keen for sometime to get to know our audience better, and the survey, primarily, was a way of helping us to identify what it is our reader community want, and how we need to adapt and develop Love My Dress and Little Book For Brides going forward. We spent a lot of time creating a set of meaningful questions, resulting in a survey that wasn’t one of those things you could whizz through in two minutes – it took a little more time and thought to complete, but that was intentional in it’s design, because we wanted the data to be relevant, purposeful and worth everyone’s time and effort.

There’s always a moment, when you publish or launch these things, that you wonder if anyone will bother with it. And that fear was very real! I worried that the many hours spent creating the survey were going to be wasted, that there would be a huge eye-roll moment amongst our community as they flicked quickly on to the next blog feature. But my fears were redundant. In the 3 weeks that the survey was live, we received over 2,100 responses. I can’t tell you how much this exceeded our expectations! The response rate was a complete game-changer. Perhaps it was the enticement of a financial reward (we’ll be announcing our £500 cash prize winner next week) but looking through the quality of replies, I am 100% convinced that the majority of people took the time to reply in such an authentic way because of how engaged they are with the Love My Dress community and how much they respect the blog.

Love My Dress Survey Results: A Fascinating Insight + Early Bird Rates (Let's Talk Wedding Talk )

I saw an opportunity to share the masses of data (non-personal/non-identifiable/no emails!**) that we have collated, only after the survey had closed.  There was a time, once, when I’d have killed for access to quality data like this to help me better understand my target market and audience – data that provided a rich insight into the minds of couples planning a wedding today (we surveyed those already married and those planning a wedding). Data that illustrates why certain decisions are being made, where there are trends forming and vulnerabilities and strengths and weaknesses in how the industry and wedding supplies are perceived.

Over the last few years, almost everything about weddings has changed. Couples have so much more choice about the style of their day. They book suppliers based solely on the content they discover in their favourite blogs and social media feeds which has forced a change in how we all need to market our businesses.

Meanwhile, in the industry, brands have come and gone – what were once giant names have been forced to the wayside as small, talented and agile professionals have come to the fore. It will come as no surprise to any of us, I’m sure, that as the industry grows, competition will continue to increase and become tougher.

However, whilst these changes can be scary and overwhelming, it is without doubt an exciting era for industry professionals. We believe that one of our roles at Love My Dress is to help connect the industry with couples who’ll truly value your expertise and with whom you’ll want to build positive, meaningful, rewarding relationships.

Aside from the fact we provided masses of fascinating and free text responses, we also make it easy for you to understand how trends are forming – our data enables you to see how couples whose weddings have/will be taking place across a six year period compares, through beautifully presented charts and graphs that make it as much a visual treat as a set of insightful analytics. Our survey data sheds a powerful light on what is powering the changes taking place in how weddings are planned and how, if you are a business in the industry, no matter your size or age, you can adapt. We’ve already started making some very big changes here at Love My Dress based on the results of our survey. This is your chance to take pointers from your potential clients or from these people that you’d like to get to know better. Find out what makes them tick, find out where they’re looking for your and above all else, how to make them joyfully happy clients.

Sign up via this link today to receive a special early-bird code via email once our data is ready for sharing Wednesday 1st February.

I just want to say thank you so much for all your support in helping us create a beautiful, nurturing, supportive and non-judgemental online community here at Love My Dress.  We are incredibly proud of what this blog has become.

Have a lovely weekend all – I’m off to help my husband celebrate his birthday!

Annabel x


** No email addresses or personal data is being shared. Whilst we have a LOT of data to share, absolutely none of it is identifiable. 

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Love My Dress Survey Results: A Fascinating Insight + Early Bird Rates (Let's Talk Wedding Talk )


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