**DIY Makeup Video Tutorial** A Simple and Sultry Smoky Eye Look…

Annabel and I both love a good smoky eye. There's just something about the way a woman looks when her eyes have been enveloped in a haze of smouldering colour. It's seductive, sultry, a little bit sexy even. At the very least, that's how sporting such makeup can make a woman feel and, as I firmly believe glamour is a state of mind as much as it is anything else, a smoky eye may be all anyone needs to look fabulous.

Clara Bow shows us how it's done…


With this in mind, and once again using the glamorous Luton Hoo Hotel as a backdrop, I set to work with photographer Naomi Kenton, filmmaker Frances of Reellove Films and expert Makeup Artist Lucy Baker to bring you today's tutorial.

If you're keen to channel the likes of 1920s screen siren Miss Bow with an alluring pair of caliginous eyes, the next video in the Love My Dress beauty series is just what you need. As ever, be sure to continue reading below for more of Lucy's expert advice and great product recommendations…

Film Production & Copyright (c) 2012, Reellove Films

Makeup Artist Lucy Baker told me that creating the perfect smoky eye is all about great blending and building up layers of colour using a small amount of product at a time to create a hazy, smoky look. Here are her step-by-step instructions to help walk you through the video above…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Naomi Kenton



Choose a matte base colour. Grey, brown, or even purple tones work really well. I used a shadow by Topshop called ‘Leather'. Work the product all over the lid and into the root of the lashes using a soft brush {I use an eye shadow brush by Illamasqua}, ensuring an even coverage. Be careful not to apply loads of shadow at once. You can always add a touch more makeup if needed, but it is much harder to take it away. Now softly blend any edges using an eye shadow blending brush such as the MAC 217


Gradually build up the eye shadow colour to achieve the desired intensity. Follow the shape of your eyelid up to the socket line and blend slightly outwards for a lovely big eyed look!


Using the same shadow and brush, trace underneath the eye to create definition. You can tidy up using a cotton bud if you make any teeny mistakes – I always do!


To complete the smoky shadow, I added another slightly lighter shade to lift the matte brown and add some subtle shimmer. I went for a blingtone shadow by myface.cosmetics in the shade sp”ice”y. This is a mid-toned brown with a gorgeous foil like finish which, when applied over a darker colour, looks simply incredible.


Wash the product over the matte brown area of the eye and blend using your finger or a brush so that the shadow stays put. Apply to the inner corner of the eye as well as underneath the eye. I used a great affordable brush by GOSH {available in Superdrug} to apply the shadow to this area.

Next, add some black kohl pencil to the upper lash line. I used Bourjois Khol & Contour in Ultra Black. Blend using a small brush such as the 211 detailer brush by Japonesque

Finally, add lots of mascara to the upper and lower lashes. If you need some extra help with this step then be sure to check out our Neutral Eyes and Luscious Lashes tutorial. For even more added drama see our guide to applying individual false eyelashes.

Ta-daaaaaaaaa! The smoky eye is born!

Smoky eye


This was the last look of the day from our shoot at Luton Hoo Hotel. I loved breezing in to my favourite Japanese restaurant for post-work dinner and drinks with a good friend while still wearing my sultry makeup. It certainly provoked a few admiring 'ooohs' and 'aahhhs' from my girlfriend! 

Are you a fan of the smoky eye look?


Do you plan to wear your makeup a little sultry on your wedding day?

Do you have any questions for our expert Makeup Artist Lucy Baker? Feel free to post them in the comment section below…

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Makeup Artist: Lucy Baker
Venue: Luton Hoo Hotel
Photographer: Naomi Kenton
Videographer: Reellove Films
Franky's Hair Stylist: Victoria Fraser Gadd 

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