Most Curious Wedding Show 2018 Will Feature a Floral Installation in Celebration and Memory of Founder’s Stillborn Daughter – and ALL Babies Lost Too Soon

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A little (ok big) change to the usual tone here, but Most Curious wanted to let you know about something very special, poignant and important about the 2018 wedding events.

This year the MARCH 2018 shows are dedicated to Xian Hui Hale, our founder Becky’s little baby girl. Becky was pregnant with Xian Hui during the 2017 events and felt an intrinsic part of them, but at 24 weeks the day after the Norwich shows, Xian Hui devastatingly died before she was born. She continues to be loved and always missed by the team, Most Curious 2018 is run in her honour, with all members vowing to pour as much love and light into them as humanly possible.

We are donating 10% from every London advance ticket sold to 4Louis who provide bereaved parents with memory boxes free of charge to those who suffer a stillbirth or neonatal death. You can read Xian Hui’s story and the reason why the 4Louis boxes are so important to Becky over on A Life Loved.

In addition to this, friend of the brand and super talented florist Hazel Gardiner, who has a connection with Xian Hui having been told about her before many others, been around her in bump form (!) and a great support to Becky when she died, will be creating a beautiful floral space at the show in honour of the little girl and all little ones and loved ones who are lost too soon.

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– Hazel Gardiner –

Clouds of gypsophila and blossom will fill the entrance space along with peace sign motifs, in line with the shows campaign shoot and the modern hippy theme, but to also symbolise it as a space for a moment of peace and rememberence for all those we will be forever missing. There will also be placards for people to write the name of that someone they wish they could see again, baby, child, parent, or otherwise.

It will of course offer venue styling inspiration for prospective couples (it is a wedding show after all!) but please allow us a little moment to remember and pay tribute to Xian Hui.

We spoke to Hazel on her plans for the installation….

“For me, flowers and nature heal and restore as well as bringing visual delight. The projects that feed my creativity are those that push me to translate a person, feeling or concept into flowers. I worked with Becky before she created a Most Curious Wedding Fair during my artistic director days. Our relationship has naturally expanded due to shared personal experience. I’m deeply attached to the subject of neonatal deaths due to my own story of cancer related fertility loss. When asked to create a piece for Xian Hui, I knew I could create something visually striking, but my deep emotional understanding would also propel my design.”


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“I wanted to create something that gave an important space for reflection but also radiated hope. The focal point will be a large peace sign adorned in gypsophila. Suspended in front are clouds bursting with this same delicate flower. These clouds have both an ethereal connotation but also symbolise the deep loneliness that bereavement can bring. I wanted to bring a 3D element to amplify this idea and also act as a tool to envelope visitors into the piece.”

“A semi-circular living floor will border the design, created using a sea of gypsophila. This will be punctuated with vivid flowers representing those that have been lost. The use of a semi-circular not only represents a nucleus but also encourages meditative thought, peacefulness and personal growth. The design will then fan out into a striking and vibrant floral, floor mandala.”


floral mood board 2

“This is a hugely important element to promote a feeling of restoration and hope. A place for the eye and mind to be uplifted with a visual spectacular. The loss of a baby and the beginning of a marriage are intertwined, both require love and understanding between two people. I’m was honoured that Becky asked me to create this. My hope is that it’s a tonic for all visitors, an area for reflection and showcases inspiring, translatable, floral design.”

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– See the full Most Curious campaign here on Love My Dress – 

Sounds exciting and beautiful all the same time, huh?!

Becky (who is half Chinese, if you are wondering about the name) is very keen to raise awareness about this heartbreaking and often taboo subject and is happy to talk about what losing Xian Hui was like and her experiences, during and afterwards and forever, to help any other women, couples and families going through this devastating experience. Do let us know if you think could work with any features you are working on.

“The moment we heard those seven words ‘I’m sorry, there is no heart beat,’ is a moment we will never get over as long as we live,’ says Becky, ‘ no matter if we go on to have one more child or four more children, you relive the moment you lost one of them everyday. She will always be missing and always be loved. It’s all the more meaningful that Hazel is creating this space for her and very special that we are even using some of the flowers we also decided to have at her funeral. I feel lucky, if that’s the right word, that I have a public platform and a public space to say her name and tell her story. I hope others who have experienced great loss will come to the space and write or say the name of their loved one too..”

You can see a bit more about it on Becky’s instagram @beckycurious and read Xian Hui’s full story over on A Life Loved, sister site to Love My Dres, today.

Here they are together, having a Beyonce moment, at the end of the 2017 shows.

xian hui and her mummy having a beyonce moment

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