Laid Bare Week ~ Boudoir Photography, Would You?

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"We all have insecurities and people worry about various things like cellulite, tums,
boob size but we are ALL beautiful in our own way.  Beauty means
different things to different people and I am a firm believer that
beauty comes from within and isn’t skin deep…" 

Emma Jones, Miss Boudoir®


Well, a very happy Monday morning to you my friends.   If you checked in yesterday, and if you are a follower of Love My Dress on Facebook and Twitter, you will probably know already that this week is 'Laid Bare' week on Love My Dress, my first ever 'themed' week.  Aside from the regular real wedding features, you can expect to see a few extra special posts with the same shared theme this week; the female body, and without wanting to raise your eyebrows too early on a Monday, I'm gonna delve right on in and embrace my theme people.  Because I fancy looking in to the topic of boudoir photography.

Boudoir photography is something that has fascinated me for a long time. A style of photography that aims to do for us mere mortals, what stylists can do for the A-list stars.  I've never had a boudoir shoot, but that's not to say I'm too prudish or that it isn't my bag – I actually looked into a boudoir shoot just before I got married around 3 years ago, but at the time, it was something I couldn't really afford.  I've watched in fascination over the past couple of years as boudoir has become more and more popular, and sub-genres like Vintage BoudoirTM have been established and I've seen various views emerge, from the free spirited woman who wants to be liberated, to the more feminist view that boudoir sexually objectifies women.

In an effort to explore more about boudoir photography, I spoke to sevearal of my industry contacts, starting with lifestyle blogger Rebecca Norris {see below} of Florence Finds. Rebecca had a boudoir session shortly before her own wedding and presented her Husband with a book of the images as a gift…

"For me, boudoir is an opportunity to have some real 'you' time when you're probably in the best shape of your life and need a confidence boost!

I knew I'd not be so slim again in a hurry (stress related) and it kind of seemed like the only time I would justify the expense. I've always been all about celebrating the female form and I just knew my husband would love it. He still has shots from mine on his phone as a wallpaper ;)"

 Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, NGM Photographic

Rebecca Norris, Blogger at Florence Finds -

How did the experience differ from  your expectations? 

"It was a lot more enjoyable. I had a makeup and hair package first and had a glass of bubbles to relax then it was a really intimate experience (- I had mine with Nicola of NGM Photographic) She does the shoot against various backdrops in her own home and it just felt really relaxed, no pressure.

I think it's all about finding a photographer who's style is sympathetic to you too – I didn't have my wedding photographers do my boudoir shoot, for example, as I liked Nicola's style and really didn't want the girl in mans shift/football shirt type of shots. Thats just not me at all but it might be what some people want in which case there's always someone out there right for you…"

The following images are from different models, but shot by the same photographer…

 Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, NGM Photographic


Did you enjoy the experience? 

"I loved it. I must say, I've never been shy or body concious and did go the whole hog taking everything off. I'm glad I did, it didn't bother me at all. Nicola was incredibly professional, didn't bat an eyelid and in fact said it was great to have someone so open as not many people (understandably) are!

The other thing that was great is that Nicola knew what she was setting out to achieve and gave me a lot of direction to get the shot exactly right – and I appreciated that as it was her who could see how it was turning out – lots of 'raise that arm; Higher, higher!' She encouraged me to bring inspiration photos and had a bank of images from adverts that she recreated and if something wasn't working we just moved on."


Would you encourage other girls to have a go and why? 

"Definitely – I have never regretted the money spent and it is such a liberating experience – realising you actually look great (with a bit of lighting help) is a real confidence boost before you walk down the aisle. ;)"

What would you say to those girls who may be image conscious – is boudoir worth the fear/stress?  

"Thats a hard one. I would always say do it if you want to… and think you'll regret it if you don't. That said, I'd love to go skydiving to be able to say I've done it, but you won't catch me taking that leap any time soon! It's all relative and I think if it's just embarassment stopping you then pull yourself up to your full height, get some flattering smalls and high heels and a slick of lipstick and go for it, you won't regret it!"


So Rebecca was already a body-confident women. Is that what it really takes to enjoy a boudoir session to it's full potential?  Photographer Eliza Claire, who's work has featured many times on Love My Dress, doesn't think so.  Eliza has recently launched a new boudoir photography service, Le Vrai Boudoir. I was keen to know her thoughts about boudoir from the clients perspective, and how she relaxes her clients who are much less comfortable about their bodies…

"My philosophy behind my boudoir business is quite different to many others photographers – I don't market to brides-to-be by suggesting that they buy an album for their fiancés, and I don't suggest that it should be an anniversary gift or a way to spice up your relationship.

I believe that boudoir photography is not something that a woman should do purely to make her man happy. I believe that women should have their photos taken so that they can see their own beauty, so that they can feel wonderfully sultry, elegant, sensual and powerful…"

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Eliza Claire + Le Vrai Boudoir

Nina-120 copy

Now Eliza is on my wave length. I like the idea of doing a boudoir shoot for me.  Sure, the photographers would inevitably end up somewhere precious – a secret location decided by my Husband, but I'd want the reason I was going to do boudoir in the first place to be about me, and as a nod towards my ability to be brave enough to put my inhibitions aside, to liberate and empower myself, before I set about trying to please anyone else through the process…

"My style for boudoir is exactly the same as my style for weddings – soft, romantic, fun and flirty. I process in a soft, vintage style that I find incredibly flattering to all skin types, and I like to use the environment to tell a story as far as possible.

No blacked out rooms with harsh directional lighting here, no glamour-model-esque blur and no kitsch poses. Because you're beautiful the way you are, and less is ALWAYS more when it comes to feeling good…."

Alia-120 copy

"My boudoir shoots last between one and two hours, plus a consultation time at the beginning of about 30 mins when I get to know the client, chat to her about what she wants, what's motivated her to book the shoot, what she hopes to get from the shoot, and – of course – what she's most comfortable about and least comfortable about with regard to her body shape…"

And that's reassuring isn't it? The reason ladies 'do boudoir' isn't supposed to be like joining Trinny and Susannah to step inside that room with it's ghastly 360 degree wrap around mirror designed to put a spotlight on all our lump sand bumps?!?  Isn't it to learn to see our bodies in a more glamorous, sensuous, sexy light, without feeling like we're being objectified?  It sounds like it could be a wonderfully liberating experience…

…but I still think I'd be nervous as hell moments before my boudoir shoot was due!

Andri-129 copy Andri-133 copy

How do you relax a client during a boudoir shoot? 

"It's all about having fun! The one thing I hear from clients most often is worries about not knowing how to pose, how to "be sexy" – I reassure them that they don't need to worry, that it's my job to coach them and work with them to find poses that suit them best, that they're comfortable with and that make them look amazing.

During the session, we have a glass of bubbly or two and have a lot of giggles – it's like playing dress-up, and more like getting ready for a girly night out than a photo session!" 

Nina-113 copy

Andri-164 copy Mel-137 copy 

What would you say to the lady really keen on boudoir but who lacks confidence in her body images and is too nervous to participate? 

"I would say she should call me! Having had two children, I know how she feels about lacking confidence in her body image, but I also know how amazing she'll look after the session – it really is an empowering experience, and one that every woman should think about doing! 

All of the photos on my site are of real women, not supermodels, and they all had issues of one type or another (don't all women??) but they all felt great after the shoot and when they saw the images afterwards…"

Andri-146 copy

Mel-150 copy

I love Eliza's boudoir style, it's so elegantly shot and just discreet enough. As Rebecca Norris said earlier, it's really imprtant to find the right kind of boudoir photographer to work for you. 

A sub-genre of boudoir photography that I super love is Vintage BoudoirTM – which was pioneered by the wonderful Julia Boggio, Creative Director at Julia Boggio Studios. I got chatting with Julia about her inimitable Vintage BoudoirTM style…

"Boudoir is a celebration of your self. It's liberating, confidence-building (in the right hands), and, most importantly, fun. I think every woman should experience a boudoir photo shoot at least once in her lifetime…"


Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Julia Boggio, Vintage BoudoirTM

Vintage Boudoir{TM}, by Julia Bogio, Creative Director at Julia Boggio Studios

How and why did you come up with the concept of Vintage Boudoir? 

"I looked at the types of boudoir that were on offer from other photographers at the time and thought it was all taking itself a bit seriously. It was all lusty looks down the lens and models posed to look like they were in the middle of a sexual act. I could easily see why some women would be completely turned off by it.

I created Vintage BoudoirTM because it was what I'd want myself (in fact, I did a Vintage BoudoirTM shoot when I was pregnant! {…..SO much fun!}…"

Julia_Boggio_Vintage_Boudoir_001 Vintage Boudoir{TM}, by Julia Bogio, Creative Director at Julia Boggio Studios 

"Vintage BoudoirTM is about having a ball, expressing your personality, and being cheekily sexy. Maybe I'm wrong, but, in most cases, I think the men who marry us don't do it because we look like lingerie models; it's because we make them laugh.

Vintage BoudoirTM is sexy photography that will make him smile. For this reason, a lot of our pin-up clients give an album of their portraits to their husbands-to-be on the morning of their wedding – it guarantees that he's going to turn up at the altar! ;O)"

Ahhaaaaa! smart call!

Vintage Boudoir{TM}, by Julia Bogio, Creative Director at Julia Boggio Studios

Can you briefly describe the experience for your clients?
"When I created Vintage BoudoirTM, I wanted it to be a fun, once-in-a-lifetime experience with only the best hair, make-up, photography, and props. After you arrive at our boutique Wimbledon-based studio, the session lasts for four hours, starting with a pampering session by our hair & make-up artist (she'll chat to you about all the best products to use and show you tricks for doing your own make-up). Next, it's time to shimmy into your first costume, complete with vintage pull-ups, and jump in front of the lights.  What follows can only be described as two hours of the best fun you can have in high heels and garters.

 A couple weeks later, you come back to us to see the fruits of your shoot. Prepare to be amazed and relive the laughter. The final step is deciding how you'd like to display your portraits, whether it's as an album or as wall art. This year, we're creating some new incredible ways to show off your pin-up portraits. Watch this space!" 

Vintage Boudoir{TM}, by Julia Bogio, Creative Director at Julia Boggio Studios 

How do you relax a client during a boudoir shoot? 

"Most women are both a little bit nervous and majorly excited about their shoot. When you arrive at our studio, you're greeted by your photographer, who will sit and chat with you while you settle into your pampering session.  You'll talk about the different looks you want to do (you'll get to do at least five).

At this point, you'll feel relaxed because you realise that we are professionals and know what we are doing. You are in very safe hands! When you are transformed into a vintage vixen, it's time to get shooting. Our photographer will guide you on how to stand, where to look, and when to smile. Clients who arrived nervous are definitely relaxed and in the mood for cocktails and dancing by the end of the shoot…

Vintage Boudoir{TM}, by Julia Bogio, Creative Director at Julia Boggio Studios 

What would you say to the lady really keen on boudoir but who lacks confidence in her body images and is too nervous to participate?
"We have had ladies of all shapes, sizes, and ages in the studio for Vintage BoudoirTM. Our costumes are specifically designed for real women and, what the costumes can't do, we sort with clever posing and lighting. And don't forget the wonders of Photoshop! Every portrait is retouched to perfection. I truly believe this is an experience that women should be treated to at least once in their lives…"

Vintage Boudoir{TM}, by Julia Bogio, Creative Director at Julia Boggio Studios

It's encouraging to read the photographer's own perception of boudoir photography and what drove them to offer this service in the first place. I loved reading through the words that Boudoir photography specialise Miss Boudoir®

Emma Jones, who runs Miss Boudoir® told me what boudoir photography meant to her.  I was really touched by her response…

"In general boudoir photography is a sensual and atmospheric type of photography that people undertake for a variety of reasons; a gift for their partner (wedding, birthday, anniversary etc), as a confidence boost, to remember their bodies before they have children, sometimes for promotional use and so on.

When I think about this personally, boudoir means many things to me and has changed drastically over the years. When I first started shooting this type of photography, my interpretation of boudoir was sensual imagery shot tastefully in a beautiful and private setting, capturing the personality and beauty of the subject.  Having specialised in boudoir photography for almost five years now the word has evolved to mean so much more; for a star, 'love', because I see people doing it for this reason so very often and an expression of the feelings for another. 'Strength', as in the strength needed to take the step and book the shoot. For some people low body confidence means the idea of boudoir is terrifying and it takes real courage to make that first contact with me. And finally, to me, boudoir is about 'excitement' – the excitement of the happy and liberated women who walk nervously through my door and leave having conquered a fear and gained a new-found confidence that they didn’t previously have."

Love, strength and excitement.  Where is the objectification in that?

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Miss Boudoir®



How do you put your clients at ease and do you find most clients really nervous, as I imagine I would be?

"It’s very normal for people to be nervous, excited or both. The client has never met me before, never done anything like this and more often than not I see more bare skin than most partners do so it’s natural to feel nervous.  Danielle, my co-photographer and I  are completely normal, down to earth girls who are naturally bubbly and love a giggle. Straight away people can see this and feel very comfortable around us so we never have a problem as nerves vanish quickly..."



"The one thing most people fear is the posing, even more so than appearing in their smalls. I direct the client from start to finish so they don’t even need to waste time worrying about this…."


"We’re able to relax clients so well that their comfort shows resulting in fantastic images. In doing so my clients are very often mistaken as models, I’ve only photographed two professional models in my time as boudoir photographer; we can help that people look so stunning and this is because they are comfortable.   Once the shoot is completed clients don’t want to leave because they’re having so much fun and there is a huge and noticeable leap in the level of confidence my clients leave with compared to when they first arrived."

Missboudoir-18 Missboudoir-19 

What would you say to the lady really keen on boudoir but who lacks confidence in her body images and is too nervous to participate?

"We all have insecurities and people worry about various things like cellulite, tums, boob size but we are ALL beautiful in our own way. Beauty means different things to different people and I am a firm believer that beauty comes from within and isn’t skin deep.  One of my first ever boudoir clients was a lady in her 50’s, had just overcome throat, neck and chest cancer and was about to get married…"


"There were three very good reasons she wanted to experience a shoot with us; to accept her scars, cross it off her “to do list” in case the cancer returned and finally to give the photos to her groom on the night of their wedding.

It’s a reason like this that highlight how small and insignificant skin-deep insecurities really are.
And it goes without saying that I feel very privileged to be part of such processes that help people in the deepest ways.  Never say never. You don’t know what can be achieved until you try and life is too short to not have tried."


So what is the experience for the client, exactly?

"As soon as client books in they get access to my pre-shoot prep site, Boudoir Backstage which has mountains of advice on what to bring, lingerie, available sets, how to arrive ready for the styling, mentally and physically preparing for the shoot and much more. I believe the more people are prepared, the better their photos.

All photo shoots take place in my studio as I have everything there needed to cater for my style of vintage shoots.This means they arrive fully prepared, they’ve already told me the sets they’ll be using, the styles they require and everything will be set up ready to go.  With all that out of the way, it’s brew time (or champers for the client) and into styling where we’ll chat about what styles the client likes, the feel we’re going for, if there are to be any changes in styling through the session; maybe the client wants a mix of styles and a general get to know each other while that is taking place.

We have a walk in dressing area in the studio, Marilyn Monroe inspired with floor to ceiling racks of lingerie, props, jewellery, shoes and all sorts of treasures. Clients are usually stunned when they go in and one said it is like walking into a sweet shop for adults! As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a massive collector of lingerie and props and they are there to use if people wish. I’ve even loaned outfits to past clients for vintage parties..."


"Now the actual photo shoots can last anything from 30 minutes for the people who want a taster or only a few specific shots up to two hours and 30 minutes. Sometimes people have custom requirements and so we build the shoots around them.  This doesn’t include the time spent with my stylist Danielle being pampered and polished ready for camera or the additional time for changes, refreshments and giggles. When you build all these things in, people are with us for around two and a half hours minimum to up to 6 hours. 

When you’re having so much fun, time really does fly and I’m known for running over and not realising!"


"After the shoot is where the majority of the work comes in, photography is only 10% of the job. Images are sorted though, each digitally hand developed and a selection retouched with all the different finished I offer so people can choose which suits them best. We have the highest quality digital and traditional print albums available, loose prints, canvases, calendars and digital images covering a variety of requirements.

I personally do all tasks myself apart from the styling, basically I am my business and believe only I can truly give the 500% needed for each of my clients. I like knowing that I’ve taken the parcels to the post office and every step of the way it’s been a personal service that I’ve started and finished.  Also, due to the bespoke nature of my service, I have limited availability as I can only fit so many shoots into my week and quality always comes first…"

Missboudoir-06 Missboudoir-08


I've purposefully not contacted any more people who have undergone a boudoir shoot in my research for this feature, because I specifically wanted to hear back from my readers via their comments.  So, ladies, get your typing fingers at the read, because I'm looking for some comments on this one!

Have you had a boudoir shoot already and what was the experience like for you, would you recommend it?  Did you have any body hang-ups before and how were you left feeling after the experience?

…and, if your boudoir shots have been published anywhere online, would you be brave enough to share a link? 😉

Has this post featured changed your view of boudoir photography at all?

What's your favourite style of boudoir photography?

What's your general opinion of this genre of photographyphotography?

Would you do boudoir?  What would put you off and what might convince you if you are a doubter?

Do you consider boudoir photography a liberating thing, or doy you feel it  is rather more a tool for the sexual objectification of women?

Wow, pretty serious stuff for a Monday morning huh? Get your coffees and morning's out the way then come back here and join in the discussion at lunch time.  I'm really keen to get some boudoir chit-chat going and engage with my wonderful community of readers this week 🙂

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Miss Boudoir®


Huge thanks all those who contributed to this feature – I've tried to feature a range of the different styles of beautiful, sensitive boudoir photography that I know about, and you can visit the supplier websites for further information here:-

 Le Vrai Boudoir by Eliza Claire
Miss Boudoir®
Vintage BoudoirTM by Julia Boggio
Boudoir photography by NGM Photographic

You might also want to check out For Your Eyes Only – I have met Alex the founder of this brand of boudoir photography and she's super lovely.  For Your Eyes Only specialise in 'body sculpt' using lighting technique.  Pop on over here to see a video on how it all works.

You can see more boudoir related features here on Love My Dress.



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77 thoughts on “Laid Bare Week ~ Boudoir Photography, Would You?

  1. I love the idea of Boudoir photography – especially the softer, more natural shots.
    I would love a shoot like this before my wedding day, mainly to give me a bit of confidence before I walk down that aise {right now I am absolutely terrified}. I would do it entirely for me, and perhaps select one shot to give to my husband – to – be, and keep the rest for myself! I would be incredibly nervous to give an album of this nature to my other half, though I’m sure he would be thrilled to bits!
    I’ve looked into it, and could not find any local photographers I liked the style of (all too ‘page 3’ posing for my taste), but Eliza’s stunning shots are exactly what I’m looking for and shows that my style is catered for after all.

  2. I really love the idea of boudoir but I’m similar in that I’ve always been put off by a certain style of it but loving some of the photos in this feature. I also don’t have a clue how much it would cost?!
    Feeling inspired though after reading this!

  3. A great post and so good to see boudoir photography being discussed in this way.
    Our clients range from brides to be to women in their 50s (and a few older) who have a boudoir shoot for different reasons.
    Their parting words range from -“I’ve had a great time”, “I feel empowered”, “So nice to have time to myself”, “I feel amazing” and that’s before they’ve seen their photos.
    Everyone should have a boudoir experience (I still need to have mine!)

  4. Great article, Bridal boudoir if fabulous, not only does the bride get fabulous and very personal gift to give her husband on their wedding day, but they get a pamper and an amazing confidence boost, and a chance to show off their wedding toned body and their wedding day underwear! win all around I’d say.

  5. Hi Laura, thanks for your comment. I love the softer more natural shots too and if I was going to do boudoir I’d definitely be after something akin to the images by Eliza above. Why don’t you drop her a line? xXx

  6. I’m getting married in June and would love to do something like this as a gift for my future husband and for me to feel really good about myself. But like this and most things that can be related to weddings the cost is just far to hight for me to ever have it high on my priority list. As I have found out it is hard work to plan a wedding that has style and still has a special edge but on a budget, it is positively exhausting! The cost of this photo-shoot is almost a quarter of my budget…

  7. I’m 41 and would Love to do a Boudoir Photo shoot. I first saw this about 4 years ago on Miss Boudoir’s site and was blown away at the stunning results. I believe every woman has an ‘inner sexy’ but its hidden sometimes with everything else we do especially if we have children. Its quite expensive and that is the only reason I haven’t done it so far but it is definitely on my wish list. Feeling sexy is a definite confidence boost and It doesn’t matter how old or what size we are. We all have parts of our bodies that we hate and the professionalism of the shoot would highlight all our best bits. When I get round to doing it, it will be a treat for myself but I’m sure my Boyfriend would also be delighted 😉 xx

  8. It’s so lovely to see boudoir photography being featured. We absolutely love shooting boudoir. The change you see in women from when they start to when they finish the shoot is amazing – they are almost 10 foot tall and brimming with confidence. It is such an amazing thing to do for yourself. I can totally recommend it (and yes, I have had my own shoot done too!!). Thank you for featuring this Annabel.

  9. I loved my boudoir shoot! I went into it thinking, “Oh, this is just a present for my soon-to-be husband,” but I came out of it with a completely new sense of myself and my body. It was probably one of the best things I ever did. I’ve always had quite low self-esteem in the body image area, but after my shoot you could’ve probably convinced me to saunter down Regent St. with not a speck of clothes on, and I would have been all for it! Of course I was nervous and apprehensive, but if you work with professionals, you honestly have nothing to worry about! They coach you the whole way through–how to pout your lips, how to stick your bum out, so it looks good, the right way to hold your arms over your head, ect. Plus, getting your hair and makeup done and spending a whole day on you, is just really, really fun! I would recommend it to women of every age and size–we often have such a distorted view of our own body, and I think this really helped me see that mine truly is beautiful {chunky thighs and all!}:)

  10. Thanks for featuring this Annabel, there really is a style of boudoir out there for everyone and all styles celebrate one thing, that every woman is beautiful. I’ve been shooting boudoir for 3 years now and absolutely love seeing a client arrive slightly apprehensive but leave bursting with confidence and realising how gorgeous she truly is when she leaves.

  11. Oh gosh, I don’t know quite what to say – I’ve come over all shy!
    What I will say is that I loved having my boudoir session. It’s not often in life you do something completely for yourself, and to be completely honest, although Pete got a nice album out of it, it was really something I wanted to do to give me a confidence boost. I was starting to have real concerns about everyone looking at me walking down the aisle and how I would photograph etc, and this really reassured me that I could and would look beautiful on my wedding day. Plus, although weddings are full of what could be termed un-necessary expense, it’s the only time I think I would have justified it.
    I know it’s not everybody’s thing, but I think everyone should do it, it’s such a confidence boost and you leave feeling like the cat that got the cream! Have to say too – I love Eliza’s take on it – particularly that second shot down. 🙂 Id definitely like to see more photography style applied to it – there’s definitely a gap in the market for dreamier, softer, romantic boudoir.

  12. I cannot recommend doing a boudoir shoot enough! I got married way back in August 2009 and spent forever looking for the perfect wedding gift. I stumbled across a lot of amazing recommendation for Nicola (My Boudoir) on a wedding forum and so I spent the next few weeks chatting to Nicola over email…I think it was more to ease my nerves and worries over getting naked! Nicola put me straight at ease even over email and so I booked in and started my little scrapbook of images and poses I liked from magazines-my Husband loves Esquire so a lot came from there! On the day I was sick with nerves, I’d drove over an hour on my own and had to lie to my future Husband about where I was going for the day (think I said I was going to a makeover in Manchester?!). I had invested in some amazing lingerie pieces (my purple silk Myla set is still a personal favourite) and after been preened like a Hollywood starlet by her makeup artists I finally slipped out of my comfy jeans and into something a little less comfortable! Before I knew it I was posing like a pro and Nicola was great with her direction and making me feel comfortable about being ‘sexy’. Before I knew it I was doing fully nude as I think she has a way of making you feel THAT comfortable!
    You can see a few of my images here and if anyone wants to see any more I have a disc of them tucked away in a draw that I would be more than happy to share with someone who is still undecided!
    I think I originally started this amazing journey for my Husband, thinking it was a fabulous gift for him and all that, but I think that afterwards it was such an amazing confidence boost that it sort of changed me as a person! After receiving the images online I even called my Sister in law and showed her, I was just so proud of them and Nicola had made me look incredible. There was a nice mix of vintage and natural, all with natural lighting, and they just really ‘wowed’ me. Since then I have been much more confident in my body and know I can rock a basque and stockings with sass! 😉 My Husband also noticed a difference in the way I held myself and I was much more confident in general. He also loved the book (I gave him a copy of my favourite print on the morning of the wedding and then showed him the book the next day. He was pleasantly surprised and could not believe I’d been so brave!). Honestly, I cannot recommend a boudoir shoot enough!!! xx

  13. I couldn’t reccomend Nicola highly enough. The whole experience with her and her lovely make up artist Michelle Scisson was wonderful. They put you totally at ease and it’s really just like having a giggle with friends. The pictures are truly gorgeous and she does have a range of styles from the full on glamorous shots to the softer more ethereal images. She updates her blog constantly and really does have a very diverse range (more than I think is shown here). I was so impressed I actually returned to her after my wedding for another shoot with a very different feel. She has a number of packages to suit all budgets. There really is something for everybody. Any girls thinking of doing something like this should not hesitate. It is one of the best things I have ever done and the photos are now treasured possessions.

  14. Wow I LOVE this post, it’s come at just the right time for me. I’ve lost 20lbs in the run up to my wedding (i needed to) and am feeling really good with my body in terms of confidence. I’d really love to have the confidence to do something like this, I’m sure it would make a permanent change for the better in terms of the confidence I had win the way I look. This has really made me think about taking that brave next step.

  15. Oh wow – if Nicola can make me look like as much of a hottie as Rebecca then I think I should seriously consider doing one of these! I’ve been debating this but I wasn’t sure it’d be worth spending the money to travel down from Scotland… x

  16. I totally love the idea of boudoir shoots, I think they’re perfect for boosting self esteem. As a designer I organise shoots for my gowns, but I’m always behind the scenes dressing the models and styling. I had the lucky opportunity to have a boudoir shoot with Emma, Miss Boudoir, in December and I absolutely loved every minute. It was great to be the model for a change, and it gave me a real confidence boost. In fact I’m thinking about doing another, when I have time!

  17. My husband just sent me this link. Wow – the images are fabulous!
    I’m booked in with Visual Secrets ( to have a boudoir shoot next month. Stan and Jane at Visual Secrets are friends of my husband but that isn’t my main reason for choosing them for my shoot.
    Their portfolio is a.may.zing! They offer a number of boudoir styles, including vintage and pin ups. I will be going for ‘fine art’ boudoir 🙂
    They’re also on my doorstep (in Darlington). I originally saw the miss Boudoir site and love her images, but Cheshire is a few hours away 🙁
    I’m very nervous but I’ve seen some of the wonderful results and I’m sure once I’ve ‘got my kit off’ it will be easy! Anyone considering having this done should go for it… you’ll only be undressed for a short time but then you (and your husband) get to enjoy the images forever! x

  18. I had a fantastic time having my Miss Boudoir shoot with Emma ( and Danielle the stylist) I have now been for 2 shoots! The first was my first ever time doing anything like that, I am not a shy person, but equally I (like many others) do sometimes feel a bit self consious, I had never met Emma before, and instantly I felt at easee after the styling and Emma putting her unique abilities to the test we tried a few scenes ( literally Emma has a FULL floor in a mill and has ever kind of set you can imagine)
    I nervously waited for the results and I was over the moon!! I did a blog post on my day with Emma
    Infact, I am very proud to say Emma has me as one the images on the welcome page to her site! I am a VERY curvy lady (size 16-18) and I actually think I look mega hot!!
    So I ventured back at Christmas for a Christmas shoot too, Christmas jumper at the ready Emma had built me a set with presents it was so much fun!!!!! You can see a few on Emmas twitter feed!/Miss_Boudoir/media/slideshow?
    Emmas team are fantastic, after being a little aprehensive about boudoir shoots in the past, I am now a big beleiver!
    BUT… Invest wisely, one of my best friends had a shoot unfortunately not with Emma as a wedding present and she was absolultely gutted with the results, I wont indicate who it was, but it is definately worth doing your research before hand
    Colette xx

  19. I had always loved the idea of boudoir but found it was just one of those things that I never got round to booking. I met an MUA and she told me all about Emma at Miss Boudoir.
    It was a very exciting day the morning of the shoot. Emma had fully prepared me of what was going to happen on the day and what to bring and do to prepare. When I arrived I was greeted by the most amazing sets! It was truely beautiful! Emma had chosen outfits already for me to match my colouring, and we matched my own outfits to particular sets. I had my make up and hair done by Danielle and looked extremely glamourous! Next was my oufits. Emma has the most amazing collection of props, jewellery, shoes, head dresses…I was like a kid in a sweet shop!
    After changing into my first outfit, I felt alittle embarrassed but then I began to realise that it was just Emma and me…no one else. I was also alittle stiff and didn’t have a clue where to put her hands, legs, where to look. However, I’d forgotten that Emma is a professional and she does this everyday, it’s her passion and within minutes, she was suggesting ways to show off my best assets…as well as hiding those that arnt’t so good.
    Emma knows her lighting and sets extremely well and knew what would work best for me. I didn’t want the day to end. I felt beautiful and Emma easily calmed my nerves. It was me in the end who said can I take my bra off and do some cheeky snaps!
    I am deeply grateful for the work that Emma and Danielle did, especially how it lifted my self confidence. I walked out of the studio feeling liberated because I was aware that my own body was a thing of beauty.
    After having my daughter 4 years ago, my body hasn’t been the same but now I feel more confident with my body image. Emma even asked if there was anything I wanted editing or touching up to flatter my shape. I finally got round to having a print made from the shoot and had it framed for my partner at Valentine’s Day! It should be for the bedroom but he’s proudly dispaying it in the front room!
    Thank you Emma for a memorable experience. I recommend every woman to book, whatever age. She will work wonders for your confidence.

  20. There is no denying there are some really gorgeous images of some very beautiful women by very talented photographers here, and I love seeing a woman feeling proud of her body. But….(and I know this may not be popular), I see so many boudoir shots that are just women fitting themselves into received ideas of what men find sexy; suspenders, black undies, etc. etc. I don’t do boudoir shoots because I feel really unsure about them as an entity, and the only ones I like are ones that are presenting a (for want of a better word) organic female view of sexuality – a bit of warts-and-all self love (ahem) more like Eliza’s examples, rather than a ‘how will I look sexy to others’ approach. They are presented as very empowering, and maybe they are, but sometimes they feel more like another way of women trying to garner approval & acceptance in a world that keeps telling us to find our value in our appearance.
    Don’t misunderstand me, I am not judging folks who want to do it, it just isn’t a clear-cut thing for the feminist in me…

  21. As a costume designer I have spent a lot of time devoted to helping actors/models not only look their part, but also choosing clothes that fit well and are as flattering as possible…everyone needs the right style, colours, shape, fit to make the most of what they have, to feel confident in the limelight, regardless of size and shape, age and indeed experience!
    So, I think what I would like to add here is that it’s important to remember there is nothing “too vain” or “too insecure” about making sure the photographer understands this and takes the time to create the most flattering lighting/poses/angles/setting etc which will show you at your best.
    I have not spent money on a shoot for myself but I did get together with a couple of girlfriends one evening, (I’m lucky to be best friends with a performer and a make-up artist) who took some wonderful boudoir pictures of me. I felt a bit odd asking them but they loved it and jumped at the chance! The images were lovely and so flattering, (I’m in my forties and a generous shape) I was delighted and afterwards looking at them- I truly believed I was gorgeous!
    I think the female form is very beautiful, I also think it is important for a woman to feel her beauty, in the most sensual way and take the time to revel in all of this-it’s liberating! Sometimes it takes seeing an image of ourselves rather than a reflection from a mirror-which allows us to see something new.
    I now design vintage inspired lingerie and it is a dream come true helping women to celebrate their femininity and be confident with it too!
    Thank-you for the post, I am really looking forward to the rest of the laid bare week!
    Jacqueline x

  22. Some great photos and opinions there.
    I think if things are done for the right reasons then there is room for everything, I think tasteful is a very personal definition of which you will never reach a consensus on.

  23. I must say it’s emphatically not for me (and not just because to get ANY kind of good shot of me is a challenge but this would be a whole new world of challenge) and my fiance would be bemused I suspect! But each to their own and if if makes women feel good, then that’s a good thing. Did read an awful post on Y&YW forum on this sort of thing though…

  24. Brilliant article – love it! I know Boudoir isn’t for everyone, but we’ve been photographing Boudoir shoots for 8 years now and they are even more popular now than when we started! Even the women who are doing it as a present for their partners say they feel it is more a gift for themselves they get such a boost out of the images. A good boudoir shoot is not cheap. But as with most things if you want the best quality, it is worth paying for an experienced photographer who has lots of happy clients testimonies to recommend them. Having had a boudoir shoot myself I can guarantee it does make you appreciate your body more. I have one of my boudoir portraits on the studio wall and seeing it every day cheers me up when I’m feeling flabby!

  25. Hi Jillian Nicole – don’t worry about your grammar! 😉
    Lovely to read your feedback – it appears most women who need to pluck up a bit of courage to do something like this have no regrets and leave the experience with a new-found confidence, which is really encouraging to read/hear about.
    …”we often have such a distorted view of our own body”…on this note, make sure you read my blog post first thing in the morning, a beautifully moving guest piece/discussion post on the issue of body image.
    Thanks so much for your comment my lovely! 😉
    Annabel xXx

  26. Brave brave lady my friend! But you do look stonkingly beautiful in that photograph above! 😉
    You’ve certainly convinced me to have a go sometime soon. Maybe I’ll just that stubborn bit of weight first though 😉

  27. My fave sound bite of today!!
    “Feeling sexy is a definite confidence boost and It doesn’t matter how old or what size we are.”
    Thank you for your comment Janet! 😉 xXx

  28. Great to see so many different opinions, angles and preferences on this topic.
    Before I specialised in boudoir, I undertook wedding photography, headshots, commercial etc and was never truly happy. I didn’t feel like I had found my happy place in photography. Boudoir enabled me to discover that I could make a difference to someones life with my photography and not just once but time and time again. I wouldn’t change this for the world and have found my purpose in life.
    For some the idea of a boudoir shoot is crazy, for others it’s an adventure and a challenge; one size doesn’t fit all and that is what’s so great about us.
    With regards to prices, all photographers operate their businesses differently which means their running costs will differ and thus affect the prices they charge. Some people work from home, some go to their customers house or hotel rooms, others have studios like myself which aren’t cheap to run and need considerable investment and constant upkeep.
    We togs have different ways of working which means some may be able to take on more clients than others, this will affect potential earning capacity and again prices we charge.
    Products on offer can drastically vary in quality too, there are so, so many factors to consider when pricing!
    At the end of the day, there are so many fantastic photographers out there now that people who are interested in having a boudoir shoot should easily be able to find a photographer who’s individual style appeals to them.
    And finally, thank you for a great post Annabel.

  29. What amazing feedback Charlene, thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve looked at your photos and you look fabulous! All credit to the confidence boosting experience that boudoir can be for many, many ladies 🙂

  30. So very pleased to see the ladies who’s imagery features on this piece today getting so much positive praise, that’s just absolutely super 🙂
    Thanks for your comment Liana xXx

  31. You’re in Darlo! Not far from me Vicky! 😉 I pass you on the way to London on the train 🙂
    Can’t WAIT to hear about your experience. Can I ask if you’d pop back here and leave a comment about it once you’ve been through it all? 🙂
    Have an amazing time 🙂

  32. Thanks Angela. This is really interesting feedback and I was hoping a few feminists would be able to hop on board and comment!
    I do understand where you are coming from, but I also see images of women looking sexy in their own right – perhaps the suspenders make her feel sexy regardless of whether she feels she’s supposed to present her semi-naked body in provocative shots that way.
    I do ADORE Eliza’s photography though, it is a more sensuous, elegant approach then I have seen before now which very much suits my personal tastes.
    And I do think ALL the women in the photos on this page look amazingly sexy and fabulous. Absolutely.

  33. Lovely lingerie Jacqueline, I particularly like the Charlotte designs
    Really interesting and very well worded perspective too – I love this bit….
    “I think the female form is very beautiful, I also think it is important for a woman to feel her beauty, in the most sensual way and take the time to revel in all of this-it’s liberating! Sometimes it takes seeing an image of ourselves rather than a reflection from a mirror-which allows us to see something new.”
    Thanks for your comment xXx

  34. Thank *you* Miss Boudoir® – really fabulous photos and a great response to the feature too, really very pleased 🙂
    I hope this piece generates some interest for your services which clearly, reading through the comments, come with the very highest of recommendations.

  35. The post on YYW was from a girl whose husband had acted rather badly when he recieved the photos on the wedding day. So much so (if I remember rightly )they had not spent the night ‘togerher’ and had a major row. The impression we got was that he was upset another person had viewed her in the risque manner that you get with boudoir. An important point to note was that he had asked her to take pics of herself in the past which I think was part of the reason she had them done but it had all backfired. There was quite a lot of indignation from members of the forum and a lot was said about him being possessive etc. The girl did not return to enlighten us as to what happened later.
    I think having a boudoir session should be very much about the woman herself rather than it being a gift for a man. I think the idea of it as a gift might be for a lot of men a little silly. If you reverse the situation, how pleased would you be if your husband had spent 500-1000 pounds on photos of himself and then tried to pass it off as a gift? If it was me I’d be wondering where my jewellery was!

  36. Another thing worth noting is that other women’s reaction to them can be very dubious. I’ve shown a few friends mine and I detected bitchiness in some of their reactions. Quite a few ‘It doesn’t look anything like you’, ‘I wouldn’t have known you.’ etc. Their reactions didn’t bother me as I love the photos and I love that they have captures me in such a glamorous way. But it goes to show that you really should do it for yourself and not do it to get a reaction from other people.

  37. Amanda, I had exactly the same issues when I was first asked to do a shoot for someone (not to mention that I’m generally quite…prudish isn’t the right word, maybe reserved?…myself!) and I really didn’t want to do anything that would make me, or my client, feel uncomfortable or as if they were seeking approval in any way. I’ve done shoots for people who have undergone/are undergoing IVF treatment and needed to love their bodies again, for women who have been attacked and wanted to get control of their bodies again – to feel that they’re the ones with the power, I guess. It’s one reason why I will always spend time chatting to a client before a shoot – they all have different reasons for wanting shoots and knowing those reasons, and knowing them a little better, allows me to take photos that are very much about them, rather than a pre-conceived idea of what makes someone ‘sexy’ or appealing to someone else.
    Liana, that is so sad, about the bride on Y&YW but also that you’ve had such catty remarks from other women. I’d put the bitchiness down to jealousy personally 😉
    Great discussion, Annabel, thank you for tackling this subject on here, it’s fascinating to read the different opinions.

  38. I love how you made this post this week as I just did my boudoir shoot this past Saturday. Again with a lot of people who have commented I would highly recommend it. I am lucky enough to have a best friend who is a photographer and has done several boudoir shoots for other friends and people in the past. I decided to combine it with my hen do- it actually kicked off the hen do. Now I say this and people may think its crazy- but it wasn’t a room full of girls it was just my friend and I and people came after the shoot and we went out. I live in NYC and for the photo shoot I wanted to do it in a unique looking hotel to have several different looks to the shoot so I chose the grammercy park hotel. Since we were paying for the room, that’s what inspired me to combine the boudoir shoot with the hen do- that way we got the most for our money since it was our base camp for the night out and i slept there with my maid of honor as my fiance made it clear he didn’t want me stumbling home to him at an ungodly hour and to enjoy the night and morning with my friends. It all worked out perfectly- I got my hair blown out that morning, went shopping for some last minute lingere to add to what I already had, and then checked into the hotel. I also have a friend who is a makeup artist, so I went to her apartment where she did my makeup and spray tanned me. BTW- I can highly recommend doing something like a spray tan before the shoot to relax you and be comfortable with someone else seeing your body. I actually asked my friend what she meant when she said to strip down and she replied “You’re not shy right?” And just her saying that gave me the confidence to say, “No, you’re right I’m not.” So we did the shoot and used every part of the room including the bathroom and even the closet! I felt like Kate Winslet in Titanic, except with a lot more costume and prop changes! My initial inspiration was to make a book for my fiance and I still will, but overall I’m so glad I did it for myself! Anyway, once the shoot was over I had my hair and makeup already done and ready to go out for a great night on the town. SO, in response to what some of the other people have written…making it part of your hen do made it a lot more affordable since money is already put aside for that night, and since your hen-do is your night to do what you want, its also a good rationale if your fiance was to react badly to money being spent or someone else “seeing you in that way.” But then again, the photos can just be for you 🙂

  39. Hello there 😉
    Many thanks for your email just now – please note that for most of this week I am away working in London. I *am* reading your emails, but it may be a little while longer than usual for you to receive a reply. If your email is urgent, please re-send and mark it so in the subject line.
    With love and thanks,
    Annabel xXx
    [email protected]

  40. I am very good friends with the original (and in my eyes, the best) boudoir photographer – Alexandra Burns from FYEO Portraits. I know you might think I’m completely biased, but this is Alex’s SPECIALITY – empowering women (and sometimes couples) in a session that is more often for a woman herself than for a man. We are blessed with one of Alex’s studios in our beautiful office building and the studio is amazing – the lighting set-up, the gorgeous furniture, the make-up zone… She shares the ground floor with an Aveda retreat (although tucked away at the back, with a side entrance so discretion is key). Alex understands what women want, and she makes shoots fun and enjoyable. She’s such an amazing, inspiring person to be around – we love it when she spends a day down at her Taunton studio – just having her around is magic.
    I think it’s a little bit odd that she hasn’t been mentioned here, but I understand that you wanted the vintage take on it, and FYEO’s work is very much ‘of a type’ and I also understand that it’s not for everyone, however, she was a pioneer of this kind of work and is an authority on it. All of my friends that have had a FYEO shoot have loved the experience and I’m very proud of Alex and what she has achieved as a business woman and the positive energy she brings to the UK wedding industry.
    Just wanted to speak up for her, really. I’m loving the variety of the shots of the photographers that you have featured, and it’s interesting to read different viewpoints on boudoir as a whole. Despite everything I’ve said here, I haven’t yet had the courage to have an FYEO shoot myself… One day!
    Rachel x

  41. Hi Rachel! Alex is lovely, I met her once! I sadly didn’t get time to be in touch with her with regards contributing to this feature but I fully acknowledge her role in the genre of boudoir photography and the work she does empowering and liberating women to feel good about themselves.
    Sounds like you’re definitely flying the flag for her here and you’re not the first! I’ve had several emails today from Brides who have mentioned FYEO. Infact I’m going to add a link to their site in the recommended links section at the end of the feature – so thanks for the prompt! 😉
    Hooray for strong business woman achieving something different in a field that empowers other women 🙂
    Much love,
    Annabel xXx

  42. Wow this is such a great post. Boudoir is something i’ve always had in the back of my mind, i think because i’ve had a big weight loss and thought it would be a way to celebrate that, this has convinced me even more now! xx

  43. I would, I have and I’m utterly delighted that I did!
    Just to clarify…this is Sassi’s PA here and not Sassi herself…
    I love this blog piece -it’s about time more of us ladies looked into the notion of self-confidence and celebrating ourselves for being fabulous women (and if it’s a pre/post wedding gift -what better way to show the other half just how lucky they are?!)
    We actually offer an entirely complimentary shoot with FYEO Portraits for every new Sassi Holford gown order. The offer is available within the Taunton boutique for the label and with selected stockists across the UK (email [email protected] for further details).
    I was fascinated by the concept and our brides have certainly showed huge enthusiasm for it…I cannot recommend the experience more highly to you -what FYEO did for me was astonishing, I was exceptionally nervous beforehand and left thoroughly liberated afterwards. The images captured are quite, quite stunning -my fiance loves them and whilst he tells me he’s proud -this was as much for me as it was for him.
    Ladies: if you’re even the slightest bit interested I urge you to take the leap and book your bridal/boudoir shoot -they’re 100% fantastic and when it’s carried out by a professional company such as FYEO (who are all women I might add)you just cannot lose!

  44. Indeed, and I really value the way she doesn’t airbrush out what we might consider imperfections – makes the whole thing much more truthful. Really enjoying the debates this week!

  45. I seem to be one of the very, very few who isn’t a fan. I think Angela articulated what makes me uneasy about boudoir – it’s women conforming to men’s/society’s view of what is sexy and turning themselves into sexual objects. For want of a better analogy, you’re basically playing at being a Playboy playmate.
    I’d feel more comfortable with boudoir if men did it too, but can you see any self-respecting man paying huge bucks to take semi-nude photos of himself and then pronouncing the experience “empowering”? Me neither.
    Sorry to bring down the tone here. I LOVE Eliza’s (other) work, btw!

  46. I think this is a brilliant article Annabel as it shows there are so many different styles/genres of boudoir photography out there. I think it’s important to make women aware that there is a style for everyone out there you just have to do your research! As a female boudoir photographer myself I also get lots of different types of clients either wanting to do a boudoir shoot as a confidence boost for themselves, a pregnancy shoot showing off their beautiful curves, wedding anniversaries, birthdays etc. There are many ways you can celebrate yourself and you don’t just have to do a boudoir shoot once in your life.
    The best part about my job is hearing the wonderful feedback from my clients, as I have created some personal photos that they will cherish for the rest of their life and I have been apart of that. I love to show my clients that you don’t have to be a model to look beautiful as everyone has their own inner beauty!

  47. As a photographer also, I was already aware of Emma @ Miss Boudoir and admired her work. Firstly, I HAVE to address the comments above about boudoir shoots being for men and playing at being a Playmate. Everyone has their own opinions of course, but personally I HUGELY disagree with this viewpoint. I had a shoot with Emma during a time in my life where I was pretty much rock bottom. I was going through a really difficult time and my self confidence was non existent. As a photographer I had done the odd boudoir shoot, although nothing nearly as top quality as Emma’s, and I wanted to see what it felt like being the other side of the camera so I could understand my clients and how they felt.
    Needless to say I was utterly terrified, I actually almost drove away whilst sitting outside the studio. I felt totally unattractive, insecure and scared, how could being photographed in my underwear make me feel better?? I had actually even asked Emma before if I could have the theme of images where my face didn’t show!!
    Well, it was THE most liberating experience I have ever had. I have a selection of photographs, where I am wearing my own underwear that I’m really comfortable in, no garters, no suspenders, but what I was happy in, what I think I look good in. Not what I think a man might like, in fact some men might not even like what I was wearing, who cares! Some of my friends and my mum have seen the photographs, I haven’t tried or cared to get anyone else’s approval. I look at these photographs and see what I now think is an attractive woman, who can look good in a photograph, despite what someone once said.
    I can say wholeheartedly that the experience gave me self confidence when I needed it the most. I know its a cliche, but I did it completely for me, and I’m so glad I did. This shoot for me had nothing to do with displaying myself as sex object, or to make anyone think of me as attractive. This was therapy, and it was worth every penny! x

  48. Hi Hilary – we do boudoir shoots for women and men – and also couples too. We do have a lot of guys who have a shoot to give the pictures to their partner…so much so that we are currently designing a new site dedicated just to men’s body and fitness portraits. And they are all VERY self-respecting and get just as much of a confidence boost out of having a shoot as our female clients do!
    Whilst I love the idea of women doing a boudoir shoot just for themselves (and plenty of our clients do) a lot of them are doing it because they know their male partner will love the pictures. In my view they are not objectifying themselves – they choose to be portrayed as sexy, beautiful and desirable. It is a rare woman who does not want to seen in this way at some point in their lives. And what’s wrong with playing at being a Playboy Playmate for your partner’s delight?
    I totally understand that for some people even the very tame style of boudoir is tasteless and tacky, but the hundreds of women and men who we have photographed over the last 8 years have all given us very postitive feedback about what a boudoir shoot has done for them. :o)xx

  49. I was lucky enough to have a boudoir experience with the wonderful Emma at Miss Boudior in December 2011. I booked it to give the finished product as a Christmas gift to my partner, but also if I’m honest I partly booked it as a gift to me too! I’m nearly 40, had been through a divorce and wasn’t exactly feeling in my prime shall we say. I’m not overly confident and I am quite body conscious, so I expected to feel quite embarrassed and nervous….how wrong was I!!! From the moment I walked in Emma & Danielle (stylist) made me feel completely at ease, and it actually just felt like a bit of a girly day out! I had the time of my life and I urge everyone who is thinking about it to just go ahead and BOOK IT! I must have looked at that website and gone to the “contact” page dozens of times before plucking up the courage to actually do it, and I can say without question it was one of the best experiences of my life. I’m featured in the collection above *beams proudly* and am due to be going back again soon for my second shoot! The look on my partners face when he opened his Christmas gift that year was pretty priceless, the only downside is jumpers and socks don’t really have the same effect!

  50. I’m really enjoying reading these comments, lots of opinions flying about and all very interesting! The suspenders thing – funny really because not many girls wear them anymore, but they are appealing to both men AND women – I dont think they conform to a stereotype – they are part of the era and the feeling that I am trying to re-create in my work – sultry, sexy, beautiful and feminine – not just for men but for everyone. I dont see anything wrong in celebrating that or in having fun with dressing up and being transported to another ‘you’. Its all good fun and like Emma (Miss Boudoir) and Mighty Aphrodite says above – to be honest most of the shoots I’ve done have been treats for the girls! and why the blummin heck not!!!!
    There are some great points above (Emma again) about there being all types of photographers to suit all types of ladies. I like the airbrushed look personally as I know from my own perspective I would hate to see spots, rough skin and cellulite on MY photos – my clients are dying for me to airbrush them as much as possible! I try and be quite discreet about this – nothing TOO obvious, but the funny thing is, on images that I don’t re-touch as much – these are the ones my clients dont like and say – ‘oo that one doesn’t look as good as the others – it doesnt look as much like me as the other ones’ !!!!
    Boudoir is like buying an ice-cream – they all have the same basics but there are many different varieties to choose from!

  51. I did these a couple of years ago (with the wonderful photographers at Red Rogue in Austin) and it was an amazing experience! I would do it again, in a heartbeat! I’m not especially “body confident,” but I gladly share most of them with anyone who asks.

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