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agnes walker statement headpiece

Well I’m pretty excited about this feature. Not only does it mark the start of a new weekly series showcasing the work of some of our favourite designers and artisans but today, we’re all about headpieces.

I love beautiful headpieces so it’s a huge pleasure to share these divine designs with you today and we hear from the designers themselves too. So, without further ado, let’s make a statement and talk first to Abby Gadd from British jewellery and accessories brand, Agnes Walker. Agnes Walker celebrates couture-quality handcrafted design and explores the connection between heritage and modernity through beautiful adornments.

“At Agnes Walker, we always encourage our brides to be open-minded about their accessory choices and to allow themselves some self-expression. If you’re excited by colour, whether it’s subtle of bold, choosing the include colour in your accessories is one way to truly personalise your look. For a pastel palette, our Jewelled Meadow bandeau headband would be perfect or, for a stronger colour, take a look at our suite of Emerald Green hair combs.”

Agnes Walker Signature Collection Jewelled Meadow Bandeau Heaband

“Look for interesting shapes too and a lot of our headpieces explore the power of asymmetry. Our diamante asymmetrical High Drama headband is a great example of this. It gives the design a real freshness.”

We see a lot of real brides here on Love My Dress who are wearing Britten accessories and their headpieces definitely make a statement. Britten’s founder and designer Sarah Jane has chosen some of her standout pieces for us here:

Bernice is the perfect piece if you want a bit of 20s drama in your bridal look. The twinkling rows of chains, which connect the three combs, really catch the light in a beautiful way. Flora is a new favourite and our multi-pieces are perfect if you’re planning on changing your look throughout the day.”

“Head chains are so effortlessly glamorous and are perfect if you’re not used to wearing much in your hair as they’re so light. You won’t know you’re wearing a design such as River but other people certainly will. Finally, I know Mai is not strictly a headpiece but we’re huge fans of Juliet cap veils and this design combines everything we love!”

There are also more gorgeous designs from Silver Sixpence in her Shoe and designer Nicola has selected pieces that certainly fit the our ‘statement’ criteria.

“The Bianca statement floral headpiece really defines what I feel a headpiece truly is. It takes a confident bride to wear it and it works really well with a simpler dress because there’s so much going on here. On the other hand, the Sienna gold rose headband proves that ‘statement’ doesn’t have to mean big or expensive. This simple piece packs a punch for a really stylish bride.”

“I love the Florrie drape headpiece and it always catches the head-turner at wedding fairs. The rare technique of hand tatted lace as a browband combined with a hand beaded back drape is very special. Finally, the Ali floral vine is such a versatile piece that can be styled at the back of an elegant updo for quite a classic bridal look or it can be wild and bohemian when styled as a crown with a messy half bun.”

Now I love everything about Hermione Harbutt. The designs are gorgeous and Hermione herself is one of the loveliest people you could ever wish to meet. Here are her thoughts on statement pieces.

“Adorned in pearl flowers, tendrils of gold flowers and freshwater pearls and golden leaves of royal-worthy height, our Titania crown is the ultimate statement headpiece. I would also recommend pieces with height if you desire a true statement piece. Our Aphrodite crown featuring delicate tendrils and freshwater pearls, is the perfect once-in-a-lifetime headpiece for the bold bride.”

“Our headpieces can be made to complement the most unique of weddings and we can take inspiration from the location, bridal themes, bridal party or bridal gown. With floral embellishments in peony pinks, forget-me-not blues and mint greens, we can really use colour to enhance our headpieces and reflect a bride’s personality. Our Sakura garland is a wondrous example of this. Alternatively, the vintage inspired crystal embellished tendrils of our Gina garland reflect the character and nostalgic feel of bridal lace. This silver and pearl garland is the perfect hair adornment for the classic, confident bride.”

Designed to Sparkle creates headpieces that absolutely do sparkle and here, the team have their say about making a statement.

“A statement headpiece doesn’t have to be big to have impact – bigger isn’t always better! The design for a statement piece, such as Elodie, can be created from a central main detail such as a vintage brooch or a lace motif from your dress which can be built on the add impact.”

“If you’re more of a delicate details person, you can still create a statement piece by building up the scale and number of smaller details. Think teeny tiny seeds pearls for example, which can be woven into a beautiful long hair vine such as Jessenia. We also love statements inspired by nature and your chosen wedding flowers, what could be better than the frothy gorgeousness of Gypsophila?!”

Debbie Carlisle is another of the designers that we just adore and she certainly knows how to make statement headpieces work with your bridal look.

“As a general rule, the bigger the headpiece, the simpler the dress should be BUT break the rules if it suits your style! If you’re going for a dramatic look, such as a 1920s style, a statement, jewelled headpiece will complement rather than overwhelm a heavily embellished dress. You can also create a statement by adding a dramatic veil to your headpiece. A Juliet cap veil is a beautiful way to do this and adds an ethereal element to your look.”

“If you’re unsure about wearing a statement headpiece, wear something simple for the day when most of your photographs will be taken and then amp things up with a more dramatic piece to create a bolder evening look. Alternatively, take your look easily from day to night by starting with one headpiece or vine and adding more pieces to it for a statement evening look.

I’m also a huge fan of the brilliant Glitzy Secrets – their collections are insanely gorgeous! Founder Victoria has some great tips for you.

“Statement doesn’t have to be overpowering. Look for large headpieces with delicate open detail and dainty accents for a more subtle yet equally striking look. A bold, weighty headpiece needs to be fastened to hair with some tension such as an updo, so that it stays securely in place. If you’re wearing your hair loose, ask your hairstylist if they can secure a tight section of hair with Kirby pins place in an X shape so your headpiece has something to grip onto.”

“Lastly, if you’re opting for a vintage style and want to achieve an authentic look, take time to Google headpieces from your chosen era to get an idea of placement. A fluid headpiece worn tipping over the forehead will instantly give a 20s inspired vibe whereas the same hair accessory worn ‘Alice style’ will give a Grace Kelly influenced 50s look.”

When it comes to shopping for the perfect statement headpiece for you, Victoria Fergusson offers this advice.

“Choose your dress first because this will influence the rest of you looking including your hairstyle and accessories. Before you shop for accessories, have an idea of how you intend to wear your hair for your wedding day and then have pictures of your dress and potential hairstyles available to share with your accessories designer. Close ups of any embellishments on your gown can be really helpful.”

“When you try on accessories, wear a white or lightly coloured top with an open neckline and remove all jewellery other than any other pieces you intend to wear on the day. Remember to allow plenty of time if you want a bespoke piece and consider that you don’t just need your headpiece for your wedding but also for hair trials and perhaps your final dress fittings too.”

Super talented milliner Lizzie McQuade offers these words of wisdom.

“When you first try pieces on make sure you really test them out – dance around, wiggle your head, see if you can hug someone in it. You’ll look your most confident and beautiful if you are comfortable, so make sure you’ll feel at ease in the piece all day. Like dresses, its great to try on all sorts of styles. It might surprise you what you are drawn to!”

“Discuss your hairstyle plans with your milliner. There are a number of ways to attach pieces to your head – combs, elastic, grips, bands and they can recommend the best option for you and your piece. Larger headpieces with a little weight work best in hair that has some backcombing and spray, at least in a section where the piece is fastened. Your hairdresser will be an expert at helping with this, so prep them in advance. Or if you are self-styling (like I did) book a tutorial at your local salon before the big day and then practice, practice, practice!”

And there you have it – ideas, inspiration and advice so that you can rock that perfect statement headpiece on your wedding day!

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