An Interview with Hannah Coffin, founder of Needle & Thread

Hannah Coffin founder Needle Thread London

Hello my darlings and here’s to a happy day for us all. I’m all in love with today’s feature as I’m thrilled to share an exclusive interview with the inspirational Hannah Coffin, Founder and CEO of the exceptional womens wear brand, Needle & Thread.

Recently, I’ve been able to take you behind the scenes at Needle & Thread, showcased their ready to wear collection and their capes and veils.

We’ve also featured the stunning 2019 collection that’s full of luxury gowns with price tags that will make you happy. In short, we’re huge Needle & Thread fans here at Love My Dress so, without further ado, let’s meet Hannah herself and find out more…

How did Needle & Thread come to be/how did you start out?

“I received my first sewing machine at the age of 11, and instantly fell in love with sewing. Years later, I studied Fashion and Textiles with a ten-year career in Fashion before launching Needle & Thread. I had always wanted to launch my own brand and I identified an opportunity in the emerging contemporary sector. I wanted to launch a brand that brought contemporary, feminine, timeless products to the consumer at an obtainable price tag.”


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Did you ever envisage it would be so hugely successful? Was this always the plan?

“When I launched Needle & Thread in 2013, I really felt there was a gap in the market and I hoped other women would feel the same. Although I had serious ambitions for the brand, I never imagined it would grow like it has over the last few years. Today Needle & Thread is a flourishing, successful business and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved as a team.”

What do you think sets Needle & Thread apart?

“Our designs are authentic and original at an attainable price point. We work hard to create beautiful and recognisable designs that fit women well.”

Where/how do you seek inspiration for designing your collections?

“The English countryside, vintage markets, colour and flowers. Lots of travel and research in museums. Our signature aesthetic is contemporary, feminine and creative.”


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Tell us about your current collection – what inspired it and do you have a favourite gown?

Our SS19 bridal collection named Precious Love, is inspired by French artist Degas and his dancer paintings from the mid 1800’s. With Voluminous and unstructured designs, the collection is a perfect balance of traditional and contemporary. The Pearl Rose Gown is a best seller from the collection and a team favourite, with all over embroidered flower details, and delicate silver highlights with the most generous of hem sweep.”

Are you able to share any thoughts on how bridal fashion has changed over the past 5-10 years and continues to change at a pace? How do these changes impact your brand?

“The bridal landscape has really changed over the past few years. There has been an increased appetite for contemporary designs, stepping away from the traditional wedding gown. With the increased accessibility of brands and points of purchase, largely through social media, brides are able to curate their weddings wardrobes in a much more personal way.” 

Do you have a design muse (or muses?)

“No, I don’t actually. One of my main passions in business is to dress real women. I don’t believe that one woman can embody a brand image, it’s important to me that we’re inclusive and consider all women when we design. There are however lots of women I admire for their style.”

Can you describe a typical working day?

“I’m an early riser so my day typically starts before 6am. I spend time reading my emails, business news and scrolling social media or listening to pod casts. It’s my reflective time of the day to process information and make decisions. I like to feel informed and inspired before I start my day! If I’m in the office all day, I arrive at 8.30am and spend the day in non-stop meetings with my team. I really value face time with the team to discuss ideas, strategy and challenges. My meetings can vary hugely from budget planning to product or sales meetings and I love the variety.”


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“I also spend a lot of time out of the office meeting journalists, clients or going to events or vintage shopping with the team. There are so many aspects to my job but my heart is in the office, I love spending time there surrounded by the energy and innovation of the team.”

What do you do to relax and unwind?

“That’s a very good question! I have to constantly remind myself to prioritise this. I’ve created a little yoga studio at home and have recently started yoga again after having my baby. I like to mediate or practice as often as I can but honestly, it’s a real struggle with a baby.”

“I first discovered yoga in India many years ago and practice whenever I can. I do jigsaws, origami and calligraphy to keep my mind busy enough to stop thinking about everything I need to get done! Mostly though I spend precious time with my friends and family. There’s nothing as refreshing as laughing with people who have known you since childhood.”

What is your dream destination and why?

“So many, I absolutely love travelling and India has a very special place in my heart. I’ve been over 100 times during my career so I have a deep appreciation of their culture. The market shopping never gets old! Tulum is pure heaven with the perfect balance of yoga, party, beach and gorgeous restaurants. Formentera has to be my favourite summer spot. Oh, and I can’t resist a weekend break in the Cotswolds – I grew up there and love a cosy getaway with fresh air and country pubs.” 


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What’s your favourite movie and what are you reading right now?

“Anything period drama based! Films like Hanger Rock, Beguiled and The Favourite and I love the costumes and set design. I’m reading ‘The Man Who Didn’t Call’ by Rosie Walsh. Rosie is a dear school friend and it’s the most brilliant read, I can’t recommend it highly enough. She’s become a global best-selling novelist and it’s such a treat to read a book your friend wrote.”

Do you have a favourite restaurant?

“I’ll always make the trip to Richmond to go to Petersham Nurseries, especially in the summer. When I’m back home in the Cotswolds, I’ll pop into the Wild Rabbit Inn for a delicious British Pub lunch. For a date night in the city, we’ll head to Scotts.”

And what about your favourite scent/perfume and your favourite flowers?

“Astier De Villatte ‘Delhi’. I love buying this at home, it really reminds me of India. As for flowers – all of them! I’m totally obsessed with flowers, they genuinely being me so much joy. I’m currently loving arrangements that mix dried and fresh flowers. Scarlet and Violet have a gorgeous style so they’re my go-to florist. I live near Columbia Flower Market so pop along most weekends to get fresh flowers for the week. I really enjoy the seasonality of flowers, who doesn’t get excited when peony season starts? If I had to choose one flower it would the Austin rose with its frilly petals.”


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Can you describe your home to us? Do you have a favourite room?

“Our home is a real sanctuary. We live in a rustic town house and my interior style mixes Georgian furniture with Indian illustrations from my travels and lots of ceramics. I’ve recently bought some vintage armchairs and covered them in floral embroidered silk. My favourite room is the bedroom with an embroidered silk sofa, white bedding and vintage mirrors.” 

You recently became a mum to a most beautiful little boy – is there anything you’d like to tell us about that might be of interest to other women, for example, around work/life balance?

“Well, the ‘juggle struggle’ is definitely real but it’s a privilege to be a mother and a business leader at the same time. The first few months have been quite a journey, Teddy joined me in all my meetings, photoshoots and press events for the first three months so it was lovely to have him with me although it required some serious planning!


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Hannah, you are simply brilliant and we can’t wait to see what comes next for you and what’s next for Needle & Thread.

Visit the Needle & Thread website to view the bridal collection and the ready to wear and bridesmaid collections too. I can guarantee that you’ll fall in love many times over


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