Bridal Body Confidence With Designer Kate of Halfpenny London: Big Boobs, Petite Gowns & Size 8-18 Samples

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We are committed to supporting the bridal fashion industry as it takes it’s first tentative steps into reopening up boutiques after the pandemic lockdown period.

Did you catch this article we published on Saturday? It lists over 20 British bridal fashion and bridal designer boutiques and when/how they are reopening (across the months of June and July 2020). It included details from designer Halfpenny London, who has a flagship boutique in Bloomsbury, London.

We have a long standing relationship with the wonderful Halfpenny London – Kate was the first designer we ever blogged about on Love My Dress way back in January 2020! As a designer herself, Kate shares so many of our values too – particularly around the need to cater for as inclusive and diverse an audience of brides as possible. Size inclusivity is a particularly important issue to Kate and she illustrates this beautifully through these latest campaign images.

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I interviewed Kate very recently (you can access the full Zoomcast on Instagram here) and we talked about Kate’s approach to size inclusivity. Today, Kate shares more about the issue of body confidence and positivity – a matter so very close to her heart…

“If you caught my recent Instagram live Q&A, you might have noticed that I had a lot of questions on body shape and confidence; ‘What can I wear if I have big boobs?’, ‘ What if I want to hide my tummy?’, ‘Any advice for a size 18-20?’, ‘What will suit me if I’m petite?'”

“I’ve always said that you should aim to be the best version of yourself on your wedding day and make the dress work for you, not you work out for the dress but it was so interesting to hear so many voices who were concerned about the dress shopping experience.”

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“Don’t get me wrong, if you want to look a certain way or be a certain weight for whatever reason then that’s totally up to you!  But if you’re only doing it to look better on your wedding day then I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to worry because you will look fabulous exactly as you are.”

Another frequently asked question was ‘Do you have plus size samples in the store?’ Yes! We absolutely do.  This is something I’m really passionate about as I’m a curvy woman. Kate Halfpenny

“Trying a wedding dress should be a magical experience. It’s potentially the most special garment you’ll ever wear, an emotional investment, so you should enjoy every moment of it and I completely understand the stress of worrying nothing will fit.”

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Samples in Sizes 8 – 18

“I’m pleased to say we have a range of samples in store from a UK 8 to 18.  Don’t worry if you’re smaller than an 8 or bigger than an 18 because my wonderful team will still be able to fit these samples to your body and make you look and – more importantly – feel amazing.”

“It would be impossible and very expensive to have every sample in all sizes but we have a great range.  If there’s something specific you’d like to try on and want to find out if we have it in your size then just get in touch before your appointment and we can go from there.”

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Thoughts on ‘Curve Collections’

“I know some designers offer a ‘Curve collection’ and, while I admire the fact that they’re being inclusive, I wish it didn’t have a special name.”

“At Halfpenny London, there is no curve collection because every piece is available in every size which is super exciting as it means we can offer every bride-to-be the dress of her dreams, regardless of the size label.”

On Re-opening Her Boutique

Kate shared this Instagram live earlier today with Halfpenny London stylist Hannah…


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Book An Appointment at Halfpenny London

If you are looking for welcoming, comfortable bridal boutique experience with a team of stylists who understand all about the nuances of being female – our body hangups and of course, how to accentuate our body confidences, then I can’t recommend a visit to the Halfpenny London bridal boutique more – book your appointment here.

Kate’s team of stylists will look after you exceptionally and you won’t regret it.

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