ByChenai Events: You Can Still Be Excited About Your Wedding Planning in a Pandemic


Yes, you read that right. Despite the unclear directives, ever changing guidelines, reduction in numbers, postponements, cancellations. You can still be excited about planning your wedding and you should be . I want to start by acknowledging how tough these past months have been for you.

I have felt this too with my clients, I have lost two weddings through cancellation which has been devastating on both sides. However I have continued to lead with optimism, despite having days when it feels like this is never ending and  we won’t see large gatherings again.

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No matter where you are on your wedding planning journey from newly engaged to organised planning pro who has perhaps already dealt with a postponement, I hope the following tips will help you get excited again. My advice is honest and  practical,  so you can hopefully navigate the next few months with little stress and more joy.

Joy is so integral to what I do and the love of joyful celebration is the reason why I  chose to specialise  in wedding planner…

1. Get Inspired

Immersing yourself in all things wedding via platforms  like blogs and social channels is a wonderful way to ignite or reignite excitement for your day. Bridal shows are still taking place virtually, the creativity of our industry has not been stifled by this pandemic so take advantage of all of these resources. It’s wonderful that one of outcomes of the global discussion on diversity is that more if us can see ourselves in the wedding media, long may that continue!

2. Start Planning a Budget

Have a conversation with your partner and really hone in on what your priorities are , be it guest numbers (would you consider a smaller affair if you were unable to have 100+) , entertainment, decor or food & drink.

Jot down a small list of five things that you absolutely must have which will also inevitably lead you to some things or traditions that you can leave out.Having your priorities set and a budget that reflects those priorities will ensure you can achieve the rip roaring dance party  or guarantee every last detail is beautifully personalised , with stunning decor if that’s what you want.

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3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help & Support

With all that’s going on in the world ( and there is A LOT) it really is ok to share the joy of wedding planning with your closest circle, get them involved!

Don’t feel like wedding planning is a trivial exercise against the backdrop of all the world’s challenges. Good friends and family would  love the opportunity to support you in this way or get professional planning support if you’d prefer to outsource the wedmin altogether!

4. Don’t Hesitate To Reach Out To Wedding Suppliers Right Now

We’re still here! Whether you’re making plans for late next year or 2022, our industry is full of the very best suppliers to suit your style and budget AND they’d love to hear from you.

It’s also prudent to check their availability particularly if you have your eye on a specific photographer for example, with the many changes and postponements to next year and beyond- they are getting booked up quite quickly!

In all conversations around services, be clear on the supplier’s policies on postponements and cancellations. In the UK , there are currently almost no wedding insurance policies available so it is important to read that small print.

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5. Stay Present

Enjoy the moment right now, don’t make decisions based on what you THINK might happen in three months time. I can’t stress this enough. My job to is to always have a plan B but second guessing government policy and the goings on of international political relations are outside my sphere of influence and I’m guessing yours too.

If you’re already on your planning journey unless your day is imminent, my advice would be to hold tight till the new year before making major shifts and date changes. If you’ve just started your planning, please don’t let the worry of “what if” stop you from enjoying what should be one of the exciting moments before your big day.

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