Camille, The Spirit Collection: Handmade Pearl Accessories for Modern Brides

Camille bridal accessories

Designer Jayne Nevins founded the Camille accessories brand to offer modern brides chic, handmade accessories.

Inspired by the classic Hollywood film ‘Camille’, which captivated her with its era of glamour and stunning designs for women, the brand is Jayne’s tribute to that period’s elegance. This influence is evident in her commitment to crafting beautiful, unique pieces that resonate with brides who enjoy contemporary accessory style.

Below, Jayne shares her passion for what she does, alongside all the designs from her new collection.

Camille bridal accessories

From the moment I started designing bridal accessories I was hooked. Each piece is so special to me – every hand made piece is crafted with with the same love and care I experienced from the very start of my design journey.

My designs offer exceptional quality and customer care. I believe that brides who pay for beautifully designed and finished wedding gowns should expect to find the same level of finesse in the accessories they purchase.

I design and make bespoke pieces as well as more recently creating collections of pieces that I love. My collections have received such positive attention from brides that I will continue to develop these and add more exciting ranges in future. New designs are constantly popping into my head, I even take a notebook on holiday with me to be sure to capture any new ideas.

It is both my pleasure and my passion to design and make by hand headpieces and jewellery that meets the expectations of modern brides.

My philosophy has always been to evolve more traditional bridal hair accessory styles into chic contemporary designs. This led me to create crowns and tiaras that were fresh and innovative, yet remained elegant and effortlessly stylish for todays discerning brides.

In my debut collection I primarily focussed on headpiece designs and learnt a great deal from listening to brides about what they accessories they wanted to wear. I have since expanded my designs to include pearls and in addition to crowns have added more accessories such as earrings and chokers

However in my new ‘Spirit’ collection, I wanted to offer more than stand alone headpieces or earrings and designed sets that can be worn together or as individual pieces that include stackable headpieces, chokers and earrings.

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I continually refine and develop my techniques in order to ensure my hand crafted pieces represent the best in artisan craftsmanship. Skilled techniques combined with high quality materials achieves exquisite results that cannot be found in mass produced items. I like to think that the love and care devoted to making every piece adds that extra special sparkle.

From the beginning of the design process through to the packaging and dispatch of items, all processes are carried out with meticulous attention to detail.

This collection is inspired by my admiration for the women I know and who have a special place in my heart. I named the collection, ‘Spirit’, after the indomitable qualities they possess which encompasses the spirit of these women.

I had this in mind when creating each piece and named my designs to represent the qualities that inspired me such as the Radiant Crown – vibrant and unforgettable, Rebel – a quirky fashion forward design and Purity, a soft and dreamy design inspired by those with a pure heart.

I adore the symmetry found both in natural forms and man made design. I find my love of symmetrical designs suits my own design style which has strong influences from the Art Deco period. My Elegance set and individual pieces exemplify this type of influence.

A variety of different styles have been used in this collection where I have also incorporated my signature crown designs such as stacked and double halo crowns.

I usually start by sketching ideas which can be the seed of the design. However, when I start to make the pieces they often develop organically into something quite different and then I might decide to add a separate stacking piece or earrings to match, I tend to go with the flow rather than be too prescriptive.

My Spirit collection includes pieces that will work with bridal dress designs of 2024 and beyond. The versatile pieces will complement dresses with highly embellished fabrics studded with sequins and crystals as well as florals and more structured architectural and quirky designs.

When you buy one of my collection designs, it will take between 2-4 weeks to be crafted as each design is made to order. I regularly update the time it will take to be made on my website. If a bride requires a rush order then of course I will endeavour to accommodate this. There may be a small fee for express items but I keep this cost to a minimum.

If you order a bespoke item, then this will take a little longer because the design will need to be discussed and approved before the piece is made but generally this is no more than 6 weeks from beginning to end and I also offer an express service for bespoke pieces. The time frame will vary depending on the type of item required but I’m more than happy to take enquiries and discuss.

I think that the most important thing is for a bride to feel comfortable with what she wears as her choice.

I regularly adjust my designs to suit brides’ requests and welcome any enquiries to do so. I am happy to add or change materials to suit your needs. In my experience brides often find that if they keep an open mind as to what suits them, they are sometimes pleasantly surprised to discover designs they would never have considered work beautifully.

Even as a designer, I’m often surprised at how my designs look when they are eventually placed on a model’s head. My Fearless crown really came to life when worn by the model and it’s striking look was quite different to what I had envisaged.

During the Spirit photoshoot, the models wear a variety of wedding dress styles with the headpieces. I’ll be posting many images on Instagram and Pinterest which will help brides envisage how different dress styles will work with the collection.

Caring for your bridal accessories is straightforward. I recommend they are kept in the original box in a dark dry place.

I provide acid free tissue paper that will assist in keeping them pristine and of heirloom quality. Care cards are also included with purchases.

To work with women, enhance their femininity, share in their joy and to create beautiful things is beyond my wildest dreams. I adore helping brides to look their absolute best, feel their most wonderful selves and to assist them in taking their bridal look to the next level by adding stunning accessories.

I’m a fairly reserved quiet person and I remember feeling a little intimidated when talking to designers in the past. With this in mind, I go the extra mile to help brides feel comfortable when they ask me questions and work with me.

For me, no job is too small and no task insurmountable when working with a bride to ensure they are choosing the perfect bridal accessories. I feel that’s it’s a privilege to be selected as their chosen designer.

It’s not always the most flamboyant or detailed accessory that is the most stylish. Some of my petite headpieces have the same chic style as the larger pieces and are more affordable than their larger counterparts such as the petite stackable versions of the larger crowns I create. I’m always happy to adapt designs to create smaller pieces for brides.

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