Nat Raybould Humanist Wedding Celebrant

Nat Raybould is a humanist wedding celebrant based in London, who leads stylish, intentional and witty weddings all over the UK and the world.

Educated at Oxford University and The Royal Academy of Music, Nat Raybould performed opera and contemporary music premiere performances at the highest level for over twenty years. She witnessed her very first humanist wedding ceremony in 2012 – she was the bride! – and, inspired to give other couples that same feeling of personal joy in their weddings too, Nat trained and accredited with Humanists UK to lead wedding ceremonies in early 2019.

Nat’s ceremonies are stylish and witty, with a judicious dab of audacity. They are painstakingly crafted, with every word coming from a thorough knowledge of her couples: their relationship, how they think, and what they value. Nat aims to surprise and delight her couples, and she makes sure they are looked after in every regard throughout the creation process and beyond. The lifelong friendships she builds with her couples is compulsory, she fears…!

The wedding ceremonies Nat creates are spectacular and highly entertaining, but the beating heart of every ceremony is a unique and authentic love and commitment, and that is never forgotten. Every Nat Raybould wedding ceremony prioritises elegance, meaning – and above all, love.

Nat lives in South London, but she is more than happy to travel all over the UK and further afield to marry amazing couples. She loves her packing cubes…!

Nat was quite literally the most perfect celebrant we could have asked for. My partner and I knew from the start that we wanted a humanist ceremony, and also wanted to intertwine elements from the different cultures we identified with in some way (Indian, British, Irish and French). What we didn't know was exactly how we were going to do that! Nat worked her magic wonderfully, guiding us, giving us ideas, and really learning everything about us to make it as uniquely us as possible, which it totally was! It ended up being our favourite part of the day, and we're so glad that we had Nat play such a key role in our wedding - she is an absolutely wonderful human, and now a great friend!

Lakshmi & Anthony

The beauty of a celebrant is the intimacy and weaving of personal stories into your ceremony. A celebrant makes your ceremony a celebration, not just a tick-box exercise. Nat does that x1000. It’s the little moments that Nat really considers. She spent a lot of time working with us to understand our relationship and what we really love about each other. For that, we are eternally grateful. She is eloquent, commands the room like no other, and genuinely loves her couples. It made for an unforgettable experience. If you want to make your ceremony personal, fun, and filled with those magical moments that make you remember weddings, then speak to Nat.

Elspeth & Jack

Nat Raybould is made to be a wedding celebrant! She is full of energy, enthusiasm and pure LOVE. My husband and I are so happy we chose Nat to marry us. She approached our wedding ceremony passionately from the beginning; deeply comprehending what my partner and I wrote about each other and our love and then beautifully articulated it into a charming, funny and romantic story. We had so many compliments from guests who said it was the most entertaining and enjoyable ceremony they'd been to! We are eternally grateful, Nat - thank you so much!

Ilan & Anetta

Nat is love and sunshine in human form. When my (now) husband, Michael and I were first planning our wedding, we were shocked to hear of the rigidity of standard non-humanist wedding. We decided to have a humanist wedding because we wanted to share our love story, in our own words, in our own time, with our own music, in our own order. Our fabulous wedding planners at One Curious Dream, connected us with Nat to do just that. We met online first for a consultation and knew immediately that Nat was 'the one' to marry us. She spent months getting to know us, reading our love letters, hearing our stories, and she worked on a script that blew us away. Nat touched our hearts by going even deeper with her own research and recommending an ancient rice ceremony to incorporate into the ceremony to honor my Filipino heritage. This is the type of person Nat is: She is love personified. She goes above and beyond because she hears your love, she feels your love, and she does and says what she can to share your love. My guests could not stop raving about Nat throughout the evening. They continuously remarked on how this ceremony was quite possibly the best they've ever experienced (aside from their own, of course ;) We laughed, we cried, and as Nat as our sunshine, we whole heartedly entered into our next chapter together.. as husband and wife. 10/10 would recommend Nat. She will love your love and she will carefully and honorably bring that love to life on your wedding day!

Joyce & Michael

Nat was the calm, steady centre around which our entire wedding ceremony revolved. She made sure that every aspect of the ceremony was in hand - from organising the friends and family who were taking part in the ceremony, to effortlessly leading everyone through laughs and tears throughout the service, to making sure no one messed up the confetti toss when it was time for photographs. She made my wife and I feel as though no detail for our wedding day was too big or too small. Even now, days after the wedding, we still have guests telling us how wonderful the ceremony was and how brightly Nat shone as the celebrant. Planning the wedding may have been a massive ordeal, but when the big day came, we were in excellent hands with Nat and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Ashleigh & Katy

We're so glad we got to work with Nat for our ceremony. She spent ages getting to know us, picking up on things about us that only really became apparent to us afterwards and crafting a beautiful ceremony. Nat manages to combine an amazing stage presence with a warm and joyous personality. So many of our guests said how unique and personal our ceremony was, and how great she was. She spent hours working with our friends on surprise elements to our day, and throughout was a calming, reassuring and helpful guide as we planned our day. Cannot recommend her highly enough!

Adam & Mike

Nat is incredible. We knew we wanted Nat to lead our ceremony before we'd finalised anything else. She was our first priority and we're so glad we made that choice. Not only was our ceremony incredibly special, personal and beautifully 'us', the process of working with Nat to create the ceremony was priceless. We both loved creating 'our stories' and exploring our relationship in more detail. It is such a wonderful thing to do with your partner in the run up to the wedding. Nat becomes a friend, which makes the ceremony so much more special. We could feel the love, support and emotion from Nat throughout our ceremony which made us completely comfortable and able to enjoy it all the more. We had so many comments from our guests about how beautiful the ceremony was and how it was so reflective of us. We will cherish the time we've spent with Nat forever. It allowed us to celebrate our love in the most personal, special and wonderful way. We feel very lucky to have had Nat as our celebrant.

Sophie & Connor

Nat is simply magical! As a fellow celebrant it was, of course, incredibly important to me (and my husband) that the ceremony was at the heart of our day and that is reflected our love, relationship and unique personalities. When it came to who would marry us, there was only one possible option for us. It had to be Nat. She is an OG of the celebrant world and hugely admired, for very very good reason! From our first in person meeting Nat was a joy and she felt like an old friend; we trusted her immediately and knew we were in incredibly safe, creative and supportive hands. Nat was able to offer my husband and I exactly what we individually wanted and needed without compromising the other; I wanted to be surprised and my husband wanted to be guided. She was able to support us both whilst ensuring we were equally excited about the process of building our ceremony. Nat created the most magical and authentic ceremony for us and it really was our perfect ceremony. It was full of surprises (for me!) and multiple moments of theatrical wonder and we could really feel all the love and warmth in the room - which was totally thanks to Nat! Every guest had the biggest smiles on their faces and a lot of happy tears were also shed. Nat has a beautiful lyricism to her writing (her vocabulary and handle of the English language is mind blowing!) and you can tell she really puts her heart into each individual script she writes. She really cares about each couple! Nat has this magical ability to make you truly feel like main characters in your very own Rom-Com. Thank you Nat - we love you!

India & George

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