THE LOVETTES (Kay) ~ Graduations, Gold And a Groom With A View

kay and sam graduate

Hi everyone, you have caught me in an exciting (and terrifying) part of my life this week, where I finish up my time at university and move back to London. Although this means that I will have to start work soon, a thought that strikes fear into every student’s heart, it does also mean that I will be able to see Kay more often than once every few months! We’ve been making the most of our last free summer by fitting in some holidays and festivals, but we both feel ready to embrace making the move back home. So for now we will have to say an emotional farewell to instant noodles, ready meals and mid-afternoon lie-ins.

Honestly though, it really has been three years of hard work, but it seems to have paid off as we are both graduating with first class honours degrees!


Clockwise from top left:  Etsy graduation cake-topper, Sam’s graduation (& again), Park Life Festifal (& again)

As it isn’t every day that a Lovette groom takes over a blog post, I wanted to share my experience of getting to this point. From quite an early stage in our relationship, both Kay and I knew that we would eventually want to spend the rest of our lives together, which I thought would make proposing to her a lot easier – I was wrong. Although I was pretty sure that she would say yes, it was still the most terrifying thing that I have done in my life! I guess the thing with proposing is, it is always easier to bury your head in the sand for another year than it is to buy a ring and propose, but when you know that she is the one, the pay-off is huge; now I get to go on this crazy adventure through life with Kay, and that is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Without wanting to wildly stereotype, I expect that a lot of girls think about their wedding day from an early age, and have an idea about their likes/dislikes and things that they definitely want to include on the big day. For myself as a groom, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, planning a wedding was uncharted territory, and something that had never really crossed my mind. However, probably because of my background in graphic design, I am embracing the experience of choosing themes and colours, and I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t enjoying it.

i do cufflinks

All Images sourced via Pinterest

I often wonder whether Kay secretly wishes I was less interested in the details so that she could have free reign, but she insists that she wouldn’t have it any other way. It would be interesting to hear how involved other Grooms have been in planning, do they prefer to stay out of it or get stuck right in?

We have scoured through endless Pinterest walls, wedding blogs and magazines together over the last few months, but we had hit a brick wall when it came to colours. But last week we had breakthrough and have decided that a subtle gold and white theme is the current front-runner. It seems obvious now as the colours are featured heavily in our venue, but we also like the fact that it can be elegant as well as not being too overbearing.

gold decor

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Unlike colours and themes, choosing our photographer and film-maker were probably the easiest decisions we have made so far. Having the day beautifully documented was our number one priority; opting for photos and a film wasn’t cheap but we were happy to compromise in other areas (hence a Monday wedding).

We would both rather get married in our pyjamas and see it in an awesome video, than get married in luxury but not be able to watch ourselves say our vows. We actually asked Danielle Benbow to shoot our wedding, and Reel Weddings to film it before we had decided on a venue! We are both massive fans of their work, and we were ecstatic when we got them on board.

Film Production by Reel Films

There is something special about Danielle’s photography, and the way she brings weddings to life through her work; we are very much looking forward to having an album of hers for ourselves. Also, if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching one of Reel Wedding’s films, then please stop reading this right away and watch one. They are really are artists; now I can only hope that my stumbling and stuttering groom’s speech on the day will do their filming justice.


The beautiful wedding of Emma & Jordan, photographed by Danielle Benbow.
See the full wedding here on Love My Dress®

Well, that just about wraps up the past few months for us, and my adventures to date as a Lovette’s groom. Now we have both finished University, the real planning can start, so I’m sure Kay will have plenty of details to share when she next blogs.

Until then, take care, and all the best,



Sam is the soon to be husband of Kay, one of our team of blogging brides, aka, ‘The Lovettes’

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6 thoughts on “THE LOVETTES (Kay) ~ Graduations, Gold And a Groom With A View

  1. I feel really really proud of you both! So many congratulations for graduating with such amazing results! I also LOVED reading through your post Sam. I’m genuinely so excited about sharing your wedding on these pages. Have a beautiful Summer both of you, love Annabel xxxx

  2. Massive congrats to you both on achieving such fantastic results. I know you will have a bright future filled with the very best of blessings.

  3. Ahh, massive congratulations to you both on getting firsts! You must be delighted ~ what an achievement! Also it’s lovely that both you and Kay will finally see a little more of each other after years of a long distance relationship! It’s great to hear your wedding photography and video are sorted – I was lucky enough to be at Emma & Jordan’s glorious wedding last year and Danielle was a wonderful photographer; I’m really looking forward to seeing you photos next year, the subtle gold and white theme sound divine! xx

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