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I sometimes have to pinch myself when I stop to consider, amidst the wonderful chaos that is running your own business whilst raising a small family, that seven years ago, weddings didn’t even register on my radar.  It fascinates me how much my life had changed since that day back on Christmas Eve, December 2007, when my husband proposed to me. And it amazes me how much the blogging scene has changed in the time since I hit the publish button on my very first blog post in 2009.

Back then of course, it was just me, sharing what I loved.  I recall the elation of achieving 400 page hits in a single day.  Let’s just say, things have changed rather a lot since then.  Quite astonishingly so.

Now, I find myself leading a successful, multi-award winning business with an international reputation and profile. My team has grown organically over time and now includes an Administrator, a number of writers, and a variety of expert contributors.  My husband joined Love My Dress as a Company Director earlier this year, and now supports me closely in managing the business and developing strategy – it’s kinda handy that he graduated in fashion design and is a pattern cutter as well. Knowing a thing or two about dresses in this job helps 🙂


I’m reminded of that phrase, ‘from tiny acorns’.  I’m so immensely proud of team Love My Dress – it feels like a family all working together – motivating, encouraging, respecting and being immensely supportive of one another.  Everything we do together as a team is done out of an absolute passion for inspiring others.  We believe with all our hearts in weddings, in love and in the industry that we promote on a daily basis.  Our content is authentic and engaging – it inspires, enables and empowers brides and those making purchasing decisions around a wedding.

We love what we do, and I am so proud that we get to do it through a beautifully designed, elegant and user friendly blog – one of the most highly regarded blogs in the world, a blog that readers visit in their thousands, every day, to seek inspiring content and to discover amazing suppliers.

As our profile and reputation has grown both in the UK and overseas, the demand to advertise and work with Love My Dress has increased. This has led us to establishing a portfolio of sponsors that we are exceptionally proud of and take pleasure in recommending to our readers.  These are the guys that make all this possible.  Without them, Love My Dress simply would not exist.  Our sponsors deserve the very best that we can provide in terms of support and great customer service.  This is the part where you come in.

The online world evolves with such speed, and our desire to do the best for our sponsors and readers grows at a similar pace. We can’t, and wouldn’t ever want to stand still. We have exciting plans in place – new services we’re set to launch, new targets we want to achieve, projects we want to get up and running and we want to be able to grasp new opportunities as they arise with both hands. To be able to do all of this and ensure we are delivering the best package, we are required to expand our team, so today we are opening up applications for our first Social Media Manager.

Interested in finding out more and potentially joining our team?

This is an important role, and our successful candidate will need to understand our readers, our sponsors and the wedding world as a whole.  There’s a lot to do and a lot to look after. With a combined following on social media of over 600,000, our Social Media Manager will need to develop and implement short-term campaigns and long term strategies both for our sponsors and for Love My Dress, whilst providing reports to the team and an engaging and approachable voice online. I am a huge social media geek and am looking for an individual who shares my passions and who really ‘gets’ Love My Dress.

Please download this Job Description and then complete the form below. We’ll be looking to see how well you understand us, our industry and the continual challenges that the ever-changing social media world presents.  There is plenty of information available about Love My Dress online, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if think we can provide some additional information that will be useful in your application.

A word of advice, please don’t be put off applying if you feel you have limited experience. While social marketing and social advertising are an integral part of our business strategy, at its heart, social media is about people, conversations and having the ability to develop trust and engagement. We view these as ‘people’, rather than technical/social media skills – and you might just be the right person that we are looking for.

**IMPORTANT**  Please note, it is not possible to save form progress to complete at another time, once you have started to complete the form, you will need to finish it.


I am genuinely so very excited about this opportunity and very much look forward to hearing from you.

Love Annabel x


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Founder of Love My Dress. Passionate Podcaster and Editor. Annabel lives in rural North Yorkshire with her husband and business partner Philip, their two daughters and menagerie of furry hounds. She loves photography, meditation, walking, being outdoors and star gazing. She is fierce when it comes to championing talent within the wedding industry and when she's not working on Love My Dress, she supports her husband Philip in the running of the family's sustainable flower farm and floral design business, Moonwind Flowers. In 2013, she became a published author.

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  1. Such an inspiring journey to success! Its fantastic being apart of such a wonderful team! Amazing achievement Annabel, may the coming years be even more successful and exciting for Love My Dress! x

  2. If the team ever need a PA I would jump at the opportunity. Feel I lack a personal social media presence to apply for this opportunity. Best of luck finding the right candidate!x

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