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A Sanyukta Shrestha Ethical Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids in Rixo

Nov 15 2021
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Sanyukta Shrestha: 2022 Bridal Collection, ‘The Vegan Dream ‘

Oct 06 2021
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Win £1000 Towards a Sustainable, Eco, Vegan Friendly Wedding Dress With Ethical Bridal Designer Sanyukta Shrestha

Jul 31 2021
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Sanyukta Shrestha’s Ethical, Vegan, Luxury + Sustainable Wedding Dress Sale, for Lincolnshire + East Midlands Brides: 3rd – 18th July 2021

Jun 27 2021
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Nature Reclaiming The Environment: Dreamlike Elopement Inspiration at Dunglass Estate in Scotland with Victorian Gothic Influences

Dec 19 2020
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23 Bridal Boutiques Reopening After Lockdown (London, The South, Central & North): Book Your Wedding Dress Appointment

Jun 13 2020
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How Sanyukta Shrestha, Ethical Wedding Dress Designer, Is Making PPE Visor & Masks For NHS Staff Fighting COVID-19

Apr 20 2020
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Luxury Coloured Wedding Dresses by Eco Bridal Designer, Sanyukta Shrestha

Mar 07 2020
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Luxe-Eco Friendly Wedding Dresses, by Sanyukta Shrestha

Jan 28 2020
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Sanyukta Shrestha: 2020 Autumn Daydream Collection of Eco + Ethical Wedding Dresses

Nov 21 2019
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Ethical Silk + Peace Silk Wedding Dresses: Everything You Need To Know, by Eco-Friendly + Earth Conscious Bridal Fashion Designer, Sanyukta Shrestha

Oct 25 2019
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Ethical Wedding Dress Appointments – What To Expect, What to Wear + Who To Take With You, by Sanyukta Shrestha

Sep 09 2019