Podcast #5: Emma Marshall of Miss Bush, on Body Confidence & Size Diversity, Empowering Women Through Bridal Fashion & Feminism, and Success in Bridal Retail

Emma Marshall of Miss Bush bridal boutique wearing a bright orange and pink floral dress.

My guest in Episode #5 of The Love My Dress Podcast is Emma Marshall, Managing Director of Miss Bush, a leading bridal boutique located in the town of Ripley in Surrey in South East England.

This year, Miss Bush reached the incredible milestone of thirty five years in business – but don’t for a hot second think this means that Emma or her brand are in any way past their best. On the contrary, She is the OG of bridal fashion retail – a natural born leader, visionary and innovator who is constantly reinventing and forever re-imagining how she can evolve and enhance the experience for brides in finding their wedding day attire.

Thirty five years is an exceptional achievement for any small, independent, creative business, but a magnificent one for anyone working in the turbulent world of retail.

I met Emma in 2011 and fell instantly for her positive, bad ass attitude and desire to disrupt the bridal fashion scene. She is a proud feminist – and – I know she won’t mind me saying this –  both opinionated and somewhat outspoken on matters that she holds close to her heart.

Emma Marshall Miss Bush Bridal

Emma has never been one to sit back and let the media get away with their strange portrayal of a money-grabbing, soulless, wedding industry. Instead, her powerful, articulate and highly eloquent rants against accusations of a ‘wedding industrial complex’, help to dismantle outdated perceptions of the wedding industry, and serve as a rallying call to everyone who earns a creative living through weddings, to be proud of the impact they have on the lives of others. 

Emma is a mother, daughter, sister and wife and some one who is fiercely loyal to all those who orbit her world. Over the past 12 years, Emma has also become a dear friend of mine  – and someone who has influenced me on an extraordinary level, in my roles as a blogger and editor, digital influencer and creative entrepreneur. 

Emma is a trailblazer and true pioneer, a naturally talented and gifted stylist who is passionate about empowering other women. I am delighted to be able to introduce you to her today.



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