Shropshire Petal Confetti - real natural confetti for weddings

Shropshire Petals produce natural, biodegradeable confetti from real petals that can be ordered online in any quantity and colour you like.

Here on the Shropshire Petals family farm, we grow biodegradable petal confetti to make your wedding day perfect.

Why buy confetti from Shropshire Petals? All our beautiful confetti is:

  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable – flower petals require much less energy than paper confetti
  • Natural
  • Colour-fast / dye-free – so no staining the dress!
  • Recommended by venues and real couples

Choose your confetti colours

Choose from a range of different petal colours to match or contrast your wedding theme. Or Pick and Mix your unique confetti mix to be as unique as you are.

When to order your wedding confetti?

Order your biodegradable confetti from Shropshire Petals are early as you like with our Delayed Delivery option. As soon as you know what you’d like, order online, tell us your wedding date and we will dispatch 1 month before the big day. So you have peace of mind, or don’t need to worry about a thing!

How much confetti do I need?

We find 1 litre of Shropshire Petals confetti is about 10-12 handfuls. We think all your guests deserve to shower you in petals on your big day, so make sure to provide enough for everyone (or at least half your guests).

  • 100 guests (all throwing confetti) = 10 Litres of confetti
  • 50 guests (all throwing confetti) = 5 Litres of confetti

How does your wedding confetti come packaged?

You can choose to order confetti in a sealed bag, or we have a range of display options, from personalised cones, sachets, cannons, pops, baskets, pails, and much more! Choose the display option you love the most.

Do you offer dried flowers?

We grow a large range of dried flowers too, so if you’re looking to get creative with some dried flower bunches, or would like us to make you a dried flower arrangement like, buttonholes, bouquets, or wreaths just order online.

Do I Really Need To Provide Confetti For My Guests?

Think back to the last wedding you attended, did you bring confetti? Probably not, so relying on your guests to bring confetti might be a big ask. By providing confetti for your guests, you know you are going to get your epic confetti photo! Leaving less to chance, and more to choice!

How Much Confetti Do I Need?

1 Litre of our Biodegradable Petals is enough for around 10-12 handfuls, so if you've got 50 guests, we'd recommend 5 litres of petals. Or if you've got 100 guests, 10 litres of petals would look amazing! We have a fantastic and easy to use online Confetti Calculator on our website you can use to find out how much confetti you need for your wedding. Try it today!

When Should I Order My Confetti?

With Shropshire Petals you can order as early as you like, we have a Delayed Delivery option on our website, so even if you're wedding is over 3 months away (or even a year or two away) you can order as normal, tell us your wedding date, and choose a dispatch date 3-6 weeks before your big day.

How Do You Make Biodegradable Petal Confetti?

During the Summer time we grow a variety of gorgeous British flowers and when they bloom we pick them by hand, dry them on our farm and ship them worldwide for weddings and events. All our petals are biodegradable, eco-friendly, natural, dye-free and beautiful! (Well, we might be biased about that last one).

What are the Best Petals for Throwing Confetti?

We find our delphinium and wildflower petals to be the best for throwing confetti as they give a shower effect, but don't hide your faces for your all important photos either. It's a win win! You can create a bespoke mix of petals on our website and add larger petals in there too. The larger petals like roses or hydrangeas are great for a pop of colour.

What Confetti Colours and Petals Should I Choose?

We have a wonderful Confetti Sample service on our website, you can choose up to 5 petal colours delivered straight to your door. Not only is it great to see the petals in real life, but it's also handy to take the petals to your next venue meeting to make sure they are happy with confetti being used. Once they know it's biodegradable the vast majority of venues love it!

How Should I Display My Confetti?

We have tonnes of display options for your confetti that you can buy together with your choice of confetti mix. From Cones, Pops, Sachets, Personalised items, Boxes, Bags, Cannons and Baskets. We have it all. Just take a look at our range on the Shropshire Petals website.

My Wedding Venue only allows Biodegradable Confetti

That's wonderful, that's all we offer! Our Confetti is made from real flower petals that we dry on our Shropshire farm. That's why Venues and Wedding Suppliers recommend our confetti!

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